LDA VC accuses clerk of fraud, property rip-off, fingers him to police

LUCKNOW: A FIR forgery, fraud and dishonest turned into lodged in opposition to a clerk, Mukteshwarnath Ojha of the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), at Gomtinagar police station on Wednesday. The action turned into taken on the complaint lodged through the LDA on the path of its vice president PN Singh.

SP (North) Anurag Vats confirmed a FIR has been registered. The clerk was given himself admitted to a neighborhood health facility within the night, complaining chest pain, stated police.
Singh advised TOI that he has been asking the clerk to submit one hundred fifty-bizarre documents for the beyond two months but he was not handing them over. Singh called the clerk to his office and gave him time till 10.30pm to put up files. When Ojha didn’t comply, the LDA lodged the criticism with the police.
Singh charged the clerk with disproportionate assets and fraud. “We came to understand that Ojha had registered a plot well worth approximately Rs 1.Five crores fraudulently in his wife’s call and had also added faux photocopies of files bearing a signature of former vice chairman. He did the equal for 3 different homes and changed into additionally pronounced to have performed foul in a registry of some of the plots in Gomtinagar Extension,” said Singh.
The clerk is in the belongings branch and has been concerned in numerous LDA projects for the closing many years. Singh accused Ojha of fraud worth about Rs three-four crore and said the priority turned into to get keep of the missing files to settle grievances of some of the victims of assets scam over the last a few years.

Police Written Exam – How To Think Like A Police Officer

Preparation for judgment/situational check questions about the police written take a look at may additionally appear daunting, but in fact, you want to seize best one issue — the mindset of a police officer.

Thinking like a police officer isn’t easy, but the elements that make up a law enforcement officials mindset are easy, sincere and help effective, correct movements and choices in situational dilemmas.

Preparing yourself to view situational questions with the attitude of a police officer includes establishing a solid analytical foundation based totally on 3 basics:



1. Common Sense

2. Police Priorities

three. Police Hierarchies

When these basics are blended and carried out to police situational questions, they emerge as an unmarried, skilled viewpoint that ensures the handiest and equitable actions and choices. Using those fundamentals as your number one records filters; you could technique any situational trouble and determine a powerful and suitable path of motion.

Common sense is expertise acquired through trial and blunders, experience and typically everyday animate and inanimate behaviors, and the laws of physics.

For example: Is it more secure to speak to a person involved in an auto accident in the street or at the sidewalk? Common feel indicates Sidewalk. If you’re knocking on a person’s door, might you stand in front of the door or off to the facet? Common experience suggests Side. If you are pursuing a traffic violator at a high rate of pace thru downtown site visitors, do you maintain the pursuit or let him cross? Common sense indicates: Let Him Go. The threat of injuring innocent human beings is just too excessive versus upholding the law with the aid of stopping a visitors violator.

Another example: What might you do if you saw a bear man walking down the street with handiest a mobile cell phone in his hand? Arrest him? If so, on what fee? You have to first ask questions and decide what occurred. He may be a sufferer of against the law, so don’t bounce to conclusions.

In police work, and in police situational take a look at questions, the usage of commonplace sense to assess the situation approach basing movements and selections on information this is typically commonplace to anyone, however, is taking place in a state of affairs that entails a wait for police action.

Common experience needs to mood your reactions, allowing you to control the urge to jump to conclusions earlier than gaining all of the available information. Often the set of instances seen at the beginning look appears to warrant a certain conclusion, but, not unusual experience allows us to peer wherein occasions virtually could not co-exist in certain situational conflicts.

Police Priorities are defined by every law enforcement branch in particular, but can also be recognized in preferred for the functions of getting ready for police situational check questions.

Assessing a state of affairs and the information touching on it requires relying on your commonplace sense and using Police Priorities to determine the handiest, appropriate route of action.

An essential Police Priorities will normally fall in this order:

1. Protect Others — Citizens, victims, fellow officials — help and guard those who are endangered.

2. Secure Public Order — Whether on your beat or at some point of an essential incident — maintain the peace.

Three. Uphold the Law — Enforce, arrest, check out, protect crime scenes, hold proof.

4. Provide Non-Emergency Assistance — To non-injured victims, the aged, overlooked youngsters, lost or stranded human beings, the mentally ill, the homeless — those in misery, however not drawing close danger.

Five. Maintain Order On Your Beat — Check your beat for suspicious activity. Investigate suspicious men and women, potential risks, and many others. Know your beat via becoming familiar with the streets, the homes and the human beings, especially the crook detail.

6. Maintain Traffic Flow — Report and ensure defective or broken traffic signals and signs are repaired or replaced — direct visitors competently and efficaciously till symptoms and signals are in a region.

Police work usually brings officers head to head with situations that may be fraught with conflicting values. Police priorities are set up to guide each officials decision-making abilities so actions are determined primarily based on everyday values and branch-targeted priorities.

To similarly guide every officer in making effective choices, each police branch has in the vicinity a well-described list of Police Hierarchy.

Police Hierarchy establishes importance almost about rank and authority. It will remind you of the Police Priorities listing, however, the feed gadget in the back of the Police Hierarchy involves the parameters of orders, regimens, guidelines, and regulations — and the way an officer operates and defines his choices for taking action within the one’s parameters.

Generally, a departments’ Police Hierarchy listing could be as follows:

1. Protect life and limb — Your first action should always be a response to those matters that pose a risk to anyone’s safety and nicely being: performing CPR, first resource, calling for an ambulance, and so on.

The casualties of the Enemy Property Act

Dr. Anisul Haq climbs the steep steps, each at least a foot high, cautioning us to be cautious. The steps lead to his workshop, situated just a few ft from his dental health center at Chandni Chowk’s Kucha Rehman Gali in Delhi. It’s a large ethereal room with numerous dentures lying scattered on the desk. But it is the documents, spilling out from every to be had corner and corner, that capture your eye. “Sab Jajah files hain, almirah holo, document girl has (there are documents anywhere, you open a cabinet and that they spill out),” he says whilst he rifles thru a pile.

He is attempting to find a specific judgment which he says he had top notch problem buying, however, is important to the case his family has been preventing against the Indian authorities because he was twenty years old. Haq is 60 now. “My father spent his lifestyles preventing. I was doing it for my whole life. But this will give up with me. My son will no longer combat this combat,” he says, with emphasis.

The residence that Haq has lived in, seeing that he changed into a baby, a property that became talented to his father Ameenul Haq via his sister Jehangir Begum, whose kids migrated to Pakistan, has been declared “Enemy Property” through the authorities of India. That manner Haq’s circle of relatives has no right over it. In truth, the property needs to be vested in the Custodian of Enemy Property, a government branch.

Haq’s is not a completely unique case. Different versions were gambling out across u. S . A . With a solid of characters as numerous as former royalty, a Bollywood-cricketing legacy circle of relatives and rankings of ordinary citizens.

In 1962, whilst war broke out between India and China, the Defence of India Rules have been rolled out. Modeled at the Defence of India Act 1915, which changed into an emergency regulation granting the government wide-ranging powers, the 1962 version allowed the government, amongst different privileges, to take over the residences of citizens of China.



This was issued again in 1965, relevant to homes in India of Pakistani residents when warfare broke out among India and Pakistan. The Defence of India Rules were suspended once hostilities ended, however in 1968 the government of India enacted a legislation known as the Enemy Property Act, which categorically defined enemy assets as homes of citizens of nations which might be considered an “enemy” with the aid of the Indian government; basically any united states of America that commits an act of aggression towards India.

Properties considered “enemy assets” had been not constrained to land belongings and blanketed property consisting of employer shares and jewelry. It was under this Act that the office of the Custodian of Enemy Property became hooked up.

Seizure of homes of citizens of adverse countries in struggle time was practiced during each World War I and World War II with a purpose to prevent enemies from the use of them. During World War II, Enemy Property within the UK was seized under the provisions of the Trading with the Enemy Act 1939 and covered two distinctive form of enemies—technical enemies (countries below career), and belligerent enemies (countries actively preventing the United Kingdom).

After the battle, the go back of property of technical enemies started out. According to a 1998 paper titled British coverage towards Enemy Property all through and after the Second World War, by using 1951, 90% of belongings of technical enemies held through the custodian has been released.

In India, but, the Act of 1968 became introduced in to offer for the ongoing vesting of enemy property with the Custodian of Enemy Property, which, given the renewed hostilities between India and Pakistan in 1971, might also have seemed propitious at that point.

The Act has persisted because then, completely taking on the lives of residents consisting of Haq. And, it gets worse. Forty-9 years later, on 14 March 2017, the Lok Sabha exceeded the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016, which retrospectively rewrote the powers vested with the workplace of the Custodian as well as elevated the definition of “enemy” underneath the Act.

The authentic Act described “enemy” as “…a person or use of a who or which turned into an enemy, an enemy problem or an enemy company, as the case can be… however, does not encompass a citizen of India”. This changed into a totally essential distinction, for the Act had ordinarily come to apply to folks that had left India for Pakistan in 1947. Families had, however, been torn asunder with many from the identical circle of relatives choosing distinctive aspects and for this reason, the distinction becomes critical. The new Act states, “…the expression ‘does now not consist of citizen of India’ shall exclude…those residents of India, who’re or had been criminal heir and successor of an ‘enemy’.”

In other words, the Act seeks to truly discriminate towards those Indian citizens whose forefathers or extended circle of relatives contributors migrated to Pakistan inside the resulting years after partition. The retrospective nature of the brand new Act additionally renders null and void any kind of transaction which could have taken the area of a disputed property.

“So, essentially, what the brand new invoice has achieved is that it created a one of a kind category of residents, those who’re Indians with the aid of delivery, stay right here, hold Indian passports, participate in Indian democratic strategies, however, are enemies in terms of the moves of their forefathers. According to the brand new invoice, the legal guidelines of succession will not observe to those residences. You are denying the court the right to interfere, these are all draconian measures,” says Aishwarya Pandit, assistant professor with Jindal Global Law School.

But what precipitated these amendments in the first place? The impetus for that may be traced to a 2005 Supreme Court judgement—Union of India & Another vs Raja Mohammed Amir Mohammad Khan. The gentleman in the query is the son of the erstwhile Raja of Mahmudabad, Uttar Pradesh, who had migrated to Pakistan and end up a citizen in 1957.

The assets of the royal own family, underneath the Defence of India Rules, had been consequently vested in the Custodian. This included among other matters, a background motel in Nainital and homes in Lucknow which includes the Butler Palace, Mahmudabad Mansion, Lawrie Building, Halwasia, Malka Zamania and Siddiqui Building. Apart from this, properties in Sitapur had been additionally taken over. Nearly all of these houses are prime real estate.

The present day Raja, who has also been a -time MLA from Mahmudabad, has been petitioning the authorities of India to go back his homes because 1979 (his father died in London in 1973) and in 2005, the Supreme Court got here down closely against the Custodian of Enemy Property, which antagonistic the go back of residences. Deciding the case in favor of the former royal, the apex courtroom judgment said: “After the demise of his father, the respondent who is a citizen of India inherited the belongings being the only heir and successor of his father. Can he be termed as enemy or enemy situation… can the assets of an Indian citizen be termed as enemy property… The answer is emphatic No.”

The judgment additionally without a doubt laid down simply what the role of the Custodian of Enemy Property was vis-a-vis the residences by means of pointing out that the vesting of the homes is “restrained to the extent of ownership, control and manipulate over the houses simplest. The right, title or hobby of the proprietor is not taken away.”

The judgment carried echoes of a 1975 judgment of Hamida Begum vs M.K. Rangachari, Custodian, and Others, wherein the court diagnosed the custodian as simply the protector of enemy property and now not its owner. Hamida Begum becomes the owner of Kishori Court, a bungalow that is located in Mumbai’s Worli Sea Face region, once more top actual estate.

According to an Indian Express file dated 2 April 2017, the residence was auctioned off inside the Nineteen Sixties by the tax department to recover municipal taxes. But the auction changed into reversed and the ownership surpassed again to the Custodian of Enemy Property. The modification surpassed via the authorities makes the Custodian the owner of enemy assets, retrospectively from 1968.

In 2010, it becomes the UPA government that had promulgated an ordinance rewriting the 1968 Act retrospectively. As quickly as this became finished, the Mahmudabad residences have been seized once more and stay with the Custodian despite the fact that the UPA allowed the ordinance to lapse. The NDA promulgated the ordinance four greater instances before the amendment was eventually surpassed this yr.

“There are numerous issues with the Act. The first is that you are classifying certain humans as residents but with an incapacity (regarding the clause of including prison heirs of an enemy problem despite the fact that Indian citizens) and for what purpose?” questions senior legal professional Anand Grover. In January this 12 months, Grover appeared for Congress Rajya Sabha MP Husain Dalwai, difficult the center’s selection to re-promulgate the ordinance for the fifth time.

Planning to promote your home? This is how GST will impact the deal

Are you planning to sell your home and are uncertain of the effect of the brand new Goods and Services Tax (GST) on it? What would be the impact of the tax on the sale transaction?

According to professionals, GST does no longer practice for resale residences which have acquired profession certificates. The supplier will, however, should pay stamp responsibility and registration costs that were in life even earlier than June 30. Both these prices range from state to country.

However, if a dealer wants to remove assets this is still below creation, with a view to appealing to GST. “The existing owner will not have to pay GST on the amount paid to the developer before June 30 but all payments made to the developer after July 1 will appeal to GST. All subsequent payments to be made to the builder via the new proprietor after July 1 will entice GST,” says MS Mani, accomplice, Deloitte Haskins Sells LLP.

The charge of GST for buyers looking to buy underneath-production and new initiatives has been constant at 12 percentage. Buyers of under-production tasks may be taxed at 12 percent on that portion of work that is completed after July 1. But levy of GST at 12 percentage by builders would also allow builders to avail enter tax credits on their purchases of goods and offerings that are used after July 1 and pass on the advantage to home buyers.

Your decision to promote assets ought to entirely rely on your financial requirement or different motives for which you wish to dispose of the assets. The choice to sell a property isn’t always influenced by GST however different elements along with the fee he’s getting for it. “If you are becoming a higher fee or are desperate to promote because you are in want of money, you should move beforehand. Otherwise, you should maintain on,” he advises.

“If the undertaking has obtained an occupation certificate, wait for people to transport in, you have to sell once the towers get 10 to twenty percent occupancy as that enables enhance pricing,” says Ankur Srivastava of GenReal Advisers.

“In any case, the time earlier than the second 1/2 of 2018 may be a terrific time to promote as after that the markets may go in for a political flux earlier than the general elections and no changes in prices are predicted, they are expected to stay more or much less stagnant,” he says.



“Just as a developer is pressured to promote a reduction in the modern market conditions, a homebuyer may also need to sell his property at a discounted rate. It is fairly unlikely that you may get a good feel now. So, sell handiest in case you are in brilliant misery and need the budget,” advises Gulam Zia, ED, Knight Frank (India).
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How to Deal With Car Accidents

A coincidence while riding can arise at any moment. You might also assume that because you’re a great motive force you’ll no longer have a coincidence. Wrong. Even the first-class motive force in the world may be hit with the aid of a rogue motive force. Not everybody on the street has a license to drive. Not anybody will be in a healthy state to pressure. And, worst of all, some people will intentionally motive an accident to assert injury reimbursement from YOUR coverage.

So what’s the best manner to address an accident?

1. Safety. Your first precedence is to make sure you and your passengers are not hurt in any way. If so, right now name the emergency services and provide them a specific place. If feasible, get help close by from someone who can be medically trained. Get yourself to an area of safety as soon as possible. Do no longer wander around a stay busy carriageway.

2. Witnesses. Get people who might also have stopped to look to provide you their recollection of what just passed off. Then ask them for their names and smartphone numbers. If you can, write down THEIR vehicle registration (if they were in one) as this could prove useful if they’ve given a wrong cell phone number through mistake.

Three. Photographs. Take pics of harm for your automobile. The other man or woman’s car and some other belongings broken. Even an image of the region may be useful because it will help when going via the insurance corporation. Street places signage indicating priorities and weather can be useful whilst insurers need to investigate a claim. If you’ve got in-car CCTV make certain it has locked the photos. Take pics of any injuries (if appropriate) and… The absolutely beneficial one… Take a picture (I suggest subtly) of the opposite driving force as scammers might also faux details in a while. Some humans can also supply fake names to make bogus claims. Some humans can even upload extra passengers of their vehicle (on their coverage claim) to say personal accidents for extra people than have been surely there.

PropUrban ventures into ”Property and Rental Management” services

New Delhi: In its enterprise to emerge as a one-forestall answer for whatever that is `Real Estate,` PropUrban, the online-to-offline funding advisory firm, has widened its horizon by way of lately venturing into Property and Rental Management Services (PRMS).

Under the PRMS version, the organization goals to offer trouble-unfastened belongings portfolio control to all discerning customers and offer end-to-stop solutions which include assets preservation, restore, and, remaining but not the least, tenant control. Alternately, we can also assist tenants in scouting for apartment residences and hand-preserve them through the complete circulate-in and documentation procedure.

Currently, the Indian condominium residential market is pegged at USD 20 billion together with USD 13.Five billion in city areas, USD zero.Eight billion in rural, and USD five.7 billion across vacant NRI assets brokerage.These numbers are developing at a quick pace with more and more Indians opting to rent an area rather than shopping for. As such, PropUrban plans to be a critical part of this increase story in the rental markets.

Under PRMS, the agency will assist both proprietors and tenants right from scouting for the right houses/tenants to belongings inspection to any repair work to the signing of the rental agreement to the tenant pass-in procedure.That`s not all! The business enterprise offers the plethora of services submits settlement closure as well. For example, there might be devoted dating managers to assist in assets renovation and preserving a vigilance at the belongings even once the tenant moves in.So, what units PRMS apart from the opposite gamers within the market: -PropUrban will pay proprietors the monthly lease on time, even if the tenant defaults.

Thus, ensuring regular coins go with the flow-Owners want not signal the rent receipts-Security deposit is paid to the owner by PropUrban and each time a tenant vacates the assets, the proprietor wants now not go back the deposit so long as the settlement is valid-We restore, paint and smooth the residence as soon as tenant moves out-Owners are loose from coping with unprofessional plumbers, electricians, and painters.

PropUrban has empanelled expert and certified companies to make sure fine care of homes. Thus, thru the powerful use of generation, we plan to address the developing concerns inside the residential condominium space and provide an everlasting revel in for all tenants and owners alike through cost-powerful measures.At the onset, the PRMS model is operational in Bangalore with 250 gadgets already on board within a fortnight of its operations.



The Silicon Valley can be observed through Pune in which we intend to start operations within the month of August 2017.Continuing its growth pressure, the PRMS group of PropUrban is concentrated on to have on board nearly four,000 devices in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai by the FY 2017-18.Our PRMS model on my own will help make a contribution as a lot as 15 percent of the full revenue target of PropUrban in the present day fiscal.

Getting the Most From Property Rental Management!

Commercial belongings are luxurious to shop for and high-priced to preserve. Ideally, the industrial landlord will search for great assets at the proper charge, spend just what is wanted to appear after it and shield its value and then placed within the proper tenant and the proper commercial hire. It sounds simple, so why is not all people doing it. Well, that is because some distance from being a license to print money it is really a completely excessive hazard area of enterprise that calls for getting entry to capital to go into and a persevering with delivering of money to preserve one’s role within the marketplace.

To live to tell the tale inside the industrial assets enterprise and to expand a successful belongings condo portfolio a commercial landlord wishes to realize exactly what is occurring to money shifting in and out of the enterprise in each the quick term and the long term. This is a knowledge that the industrial landlord can collect via investing in and using a very good first-rate tenant software bundle.

Tenant software has many advantages for the professional landlord and maximum landlords are the use of it. It reduces the extent of office work and saves time on repetitive and mundane obligations. With a piece of education everyone can input the required statistics into the device and as soon as this has been achieved its miles safe and secure and equipped to be looked at in a variety of approaches within the shape of flexible and precious management reports. Just think of the things which you need to recognize about your tenants and your houses so that you can manage your houses and cash flow. There are reviews to help you with this records.
To make certain that you get an appropriate product for your property enterprise there are some floor regulations that you ought to don’t forget and rent earlier than committing to a assets condo control software bundle.

KKR’s Rosenberg Says London Property Prices Could Fall 10%

The price of exceptional residences in London ought to fall by using as a great deal as 10 percent because the U.K.’s selection to go away the European Union affects the economic system, said Ralph Rosenberg, head of real estate for KKR & Co.

“I wouldn’t be amazed to peer London reprice” approximately 5 percentage to 10 percentage “for middle-type property” because Britain’s planned go out from the EU isn’t completely contemplated in real property values, Rosenberg stated in a Bloomberg Television interview Wednesday. He became regarding each business and residential belongings. Prices for the first-class London real property surged right after remaining 12 months’ vote as outside investors took gain of the decline inside the pound to shop for.

Commercial belongings within the U.K. Capital is in flux, with the fee of workplace homes inside the main monetary district growing even as rents fall. By contrast, belongings with a risk of emptiness or that require improvement have declined in fee as investors avoid riskier residences following the Brexit vote. Prime London workplace values might also fall as a lot as 20 percent this year, Deutsche Bank AG’s asset-management unit stated in March.

In the U.S., supply and demand in industrial actual property are usually in “equilibrium,” Rosenberg said. There are funding opportunities wherein the dynamic isn’t in balance, such as New York luxurious condominiums and motels, he stated. The latter has been hurt with the aid of extra delivery and decrease global inbound call for due to the sturdy dollar.



High-end residences in U.S. Downtowns are prone to oversupply, Rosenberg stated. By assessment, leases for middle-income and decrease-profits tenants and student housing keep to peer “tailwinds,” he stated.

Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t going away, said Rosenberg, whose firm has invested in shopping malls in places consisting of Illinois and Kansas.

Chinese Clampdown

Global call for actual estate remains sturdy regardless of a Chinese clampdown on danger-taking, Rosenberg said. Investors from South Korea and someplace else, including U.S. Pension funds and sovereign wealth price range, are actively bidding for the property, he stated. The reduction of Chinese capital has taken away the “outlier bid” for trophy houses in gateway cities together with New York and London.

KKR on Monday named Scott Nuttall and Joe Bae as co-presidents and co-chief operating officers, to likely succeed founders Henry Kravis and George Roberts, who will now cognizance on strategic issues, relationship-building and mentoring. The trade gained it has an effect on the manner the firm does enterprise, Rosenberg stated.

KKR’s real estate division has invested or devoted approximately $4 billion globally in extra than 60 transactions, in line with the firm. Rosenberg said he oversees about fifty-five human beings.

A drop in remarkable-prime domestic values in London is rippling down the luxurious-property marketplace.

Sales values in step with the rectangular foot for homes priced among 2 million pounds ($2.6 million) and five million kilos fell by way of 8.Four percentage within the 2d zone from 12 months earlier as political uncertainty deterred potential buyers, in keeping with statistics compiled through researcher Londres. Selling expenses for top notch-high homes — the ones over five million kilos — fell 3.2 percent.

“The very top stop fell first and toughest on better stamp-duty expenses and the Brexit vote,” Marcus Dixon, head of studies and information analysis, stated in a cell phone interview. “Now, with similarly political uncertainty, we’re beginning to see falls clear out down into high critical London’s lower fee bands.”

Sales-tax will increase and the U.K.’s selection to go away the European Union roiled London’s high-quit luxury-belongings market closing year. A bid through Prime Minister Theresa May to reinforce her hand in EU negotiations backfired ultimate month and price her a parliamentary majority following a snap election, adding to uncertainty dealing with shoppers on the decrease give up of the luxurious-homes marketplace.

“There is a lack of urgency within the marketplace which, blended with substantial buying prices, the way many that would have transacted have stayed at their present day houses rather,” Dixon said. While sales across the prime vital London market are similar to 2016, they’re down forty percent from three years in the past, he said.

Savills Plc expects prime relevant London property values to stagnate this year and next before growing via 8 percent in 2019. Values fell 2.1 percentage in the first 1/2 and are down 14.4 percentage from their 2014 height, in step with the company’s estimates.

A Raja’s forty three-year struggle to reclaim ancestral property

At the doorway of Muqeem Manzil, the sprawling essential corridor of Mahmudabad Qila (fortress), stands a guest table on that’s perched a beautiful antique international calendar bearing the Mahmudabad crest, lions flanking a crown. The date card reads twenty-third but none of my partners, nearby Waqf board contributors and the secretary to the prevailing Raja, can inform me what the day, month or maybe a year is. In many approaches the vintage international calendar caught on a specific date is an apt metaphor for the current kingdom of the kingdom whose crest it bears.

Since 1974, Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan, higher called the Raja of Mahmudabad, has been petitioning the authorities for the go back of his residences however aside from a brief respite in 2005, the Raja’s history, unfold throughout components of Lucknow, Sitapur, and Nainital, has been mired in litigation with him difficult the highest authority in India; the Indian authorities itself. It is a historical past that may be traced again to the 16th century and Emperor Akbar’s patronage, however, nowadays Khan has to warfare to no longer be labeled an enemy.

In 1962 when war broke out in India and China, the authorities confiscated what it referred to as “enemy residences”, specifically properties that belonged to someone or a rustic who or which was an enemy. This covered not simply Indian residents of Chinese ethnicity however also individuals who had migrated to Pakistan for the duration of the partition. The identical act changed into applicable all through the 1965 India-Pakistan struggle. One of the humans emigrates become a sure Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan who had left India in 1947 but for Iraq. He ultimately took Pakistani citizenship in 1957. This changed into the previous Raja of Mahmudabad, father of Mohammad Khan, and by way of all debts a near accomplice of Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

“I had simply arrived in Cambridge to start my undergraduate degree when our houses were taken over below the Defence of India Rules in 1965. In those days it took a while for information to tour from right here to there and subsequently I learned about it most effective per week after it had genuinely passed off,” the Raja tells us.



A stylish guy with only a trace of a British accessory, the Raja peppers his conversation with costs from classical Indian poetry to Western philosophers. Every query posed to him is an opportunity to proportion an anecdote from his circle of relatives’ wealthy history which now days overlapped quite a chunk with the delivery of the nation.

He tells us the way it was his uncle, his father’s more youthful brother, Maharaj Mohammed Amir Haider Khan, a barrister at law who practised in Bombay inside the chambers of Sir Jamshedji Kanga, who explained just what the label enemy property supposed, and why a large chunk of his father’s inheritance was taken over by the government. Interestingly both the Raja’s uncle, Haider Khan and his mother, Rani Kaniz Abid of Bilhera choose to stay on in India after partition and were Indian citizens.

The seized homes blanketed Butler Palace, Mahmudabad Mansion, Lawrie Building and court docket in Lucknow’s Hazratganj. All these are top real estate holdings, the court, in particular, is a sprawling market unfold over 2 hundred,000 square feet.

Apart from these, the Mahmudabad estate’s holdings have been spread over Sitapur, Nainital and of course in Mahmudabad itself. While a few houses like the ones in commercial regions already had tenants staying, others were transformed into government offices. In truth, Butler Palace located smack bang in the center of considered one of Lucknow’s toniest government colonies used to the residence the Indian Institute of Philosophical Research. “But it was the taking over of the Qila at Mahmudabad, the ancestral house, that’s the venue of all our nonsecular observances at some point of the year for the complete network, in which my mother without a doubt lived and that becomes a massive surprise to me,” recalls the Raja.

The Qila in the query isn’t always simply the own family’s ancestral seat but also the spiritual and cultural hub of Mahmudabad, home to a large Shia network. Muharram, the primary month of the Islamic calendar whilst the martyrdom of Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet, befell, is determined in all its solemnity by way of the network with the Qila and the shrines constructed by means of the Raja’s family because of the focal venues.

“It is a totally critical center for Mahmudabad both culturally and socially. We have students who come from a long way and huge to evangelize, all local groups, no matter their faiths are concerned whilst Muharram is discovered. This has been the way of life right here for years and nothing can alternate it,” Ali Mohammad, the Raja’s secretary, explains to us as we walk across the Qila. It is a stunning structure with colonnaded arches where many rooms still retain their unique furnishings right down to the beautiful expansive Persian carpets. The Mahmudabad crest suggests up anywhere even as portions of the Qila continue to be locked up, slowly crumbling under the weight of neglect.

The Qila become certainly taken over by using the authorities in 1965 however on the grounds that it’s far beneath the Waqf board, below an order of the courtroom it turned into spread out once more in eight months. “During the ones 8 months, my mom, my father’s brother and his wife, who turned into also my mother’s sister, together with all of the retainers, lived in the verandah, enduring what had come to bypass. The government knew that sizable parts of the Qila are under the Waqf board and our observances were taking location for hundreds of years. A place like this will no longer be used towards the downside of u. S . A .,” reminisces the Raja.

It continues to be viable to catch a glimpse of ways existence would have been at the citadel when the dominion became at its height. The range of households who stay here has significantly faded however they have got all been in the carrier of the royal circle of relatives for generations.

Muqeem Manzil, the entrance hall, ends in a library stacked with classics certain to make any e book lover’s coronary heart beat quicker.

In Mahal Sarah, the women phase of the castle, a set of girls still sits regular and painstakingly create lovely chikan clothes under the label Qilasaaz which Vijaya Khan, Rani of Mahmudabad, overseas.

The Raja’s father died in London in 1973 wherein he moved quickly after he took Pakistani citizenship, disenchanted as he changed into together with his level in there.

Sandigan affirms forfeiture of ex-Customs exec’s property

The Sandiganbayan has affirmed a Manila court docket ruling allowing the authorities to seize the suspected sick-gotten belongings of a retired Bureau of Customs legit.
In a 28-web page selection dated July 18, the court’s Third Division denied the appeal of former Customs Operation Officer Manuel Valencia on the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 37’s Sept. 15, 2015, order in favor of the Office of the Ombudsman.
The 2015 courtroom order granted on appeal the Ombudsman’s forfeiture petition covering 5 contiguous parcels of land in Parañaque City received in 1988 for P1,225,070.00 in spite of Valencia best earning an
annual fundamental earnings of P47,622.00 at the time.

The Sandiganbayan stated the Manila RTC correctly dominated that the purchase of the land become “glaringly out of percentage” to Valencia’s revenue. It brought that he didn’t gift evidence to conquer the presumption of the anomaly.
“All informed, shop for his bare allegations, respondent-appellant has did not provide any adequate substantiation to his alleged other lawful assets of profits,” the decision examine.

Although Valencia claimed he was able to use the proceeds of the 1977 sale of his family’s property in upscale Dasmariñas Village in Makati City, the courtroom referred to that the canceled title did no longer comprise any
an indication as to the value of the sale.
Valencia argued that the court need to have taken the judicial word of the truth that the high residences within the area were highly-priced, but the selection said that “courts cannot take pleasure in guesswork.”
The court additionally talked about that even though the Dasmariñas assets changed into offered for a sizable sum, it’s nevertheless unlikely for him to preserve all that quantity for the subsequent 11 years before shopping for the Parañaque plenty.
“The daily prices of life might have certainly whittled away from said amount,” study the decision. “On the opposite hand, had such a quantity certainly remained intact or placed to work in lawful trade or
deposit, the identical might have been easily installed by even the barest of documentary evidence.”
The anti-graft court docket also rejected Valencia’s argument that the forfeiture proceedings need to now not have come about underneath the res judicata doctrine, which has barred the relitigation of an already settled count number.



Valencia tried to cite the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court’s June 2008 and April 2011 decisions to set aside the Ombudsman’s administrative ruling finding him responsible of dishonesty and disregarding him from the authorities carrier.

However, the Sandiganbayan cited that the executive ruling tackled the issue of dishonesty, not his potential as a public officer to buy the real houses. SFM
Property Managers Owe Fiduciary Duties to Their Clients at Minimum

“Fiduciary” is largely described by using Black’s Law Dictionary as a time period derived from Roman regulation which means that, as a noun, someone or legal entity, holding the character of a trustee, with admire to the belief and confidence involved as scrupulous appropriate-religion and candor in the direction of another’s affairs. A fiduciary additionally has responsibilities which can be described as regarding top-faith, belief, special confidence, and candor toward any other’s interests. Typical fiduciary duties are imposed on and encompass such relationships as executor, administrator, trustee, actual property agents, attorneys, and, of direction, assets managers. An individual or organization who manages cash or assets, i.E., the supervisor, for other humans must exercise a preferred of care in that the hobbies of the money or belongings owners are positioned above and beyond those of the property manager. In a few states, like California for example, a assets manager is statutorily defined as a person or entity which has the same obligations as a trustee, i.E., a fiduciary.

The way I always provide an explanation for it to clients, using my hands to illustrate, is that my hobbies quit at the pinnacle of my head (one hand on the crown of my head), however the purchaser’s hobby upward thrust above and beyond my head and take precedence over my own (maintaining both of my fingers above my head in a clasped role). Most people understand the gesture and realize that as a property supervisor and a legal professional my pastimes are an awful lot decrease than those of the clients in our relationship.

Common Fiduciary Duties Owed by way of Property Managers

Since a belongings supervisor is a fiduciary they should act with the highest top-faith and honest dealing with recognize to the owner’s asset, divulge all material records that may have an effect on the proprietors decision-making with admire to that asset, and can’t in any manner, form or form act adversely to the owner’s hobbies. This may additionally sound easy, but there are conditions that stand up that tempt even the great property managers to once in a while no longer act of their customer’s pleasant hobbies to fit their very own self-interested convenience. Unfortunate as which can sound it takes place regularly.

The following is a short listing of some commonplace experience obligations, rights, and wrongs when a fiduciary courting exists between a supervisor and a proprietor.

A supervisor must have a written agreement with their customers and may even be legally entitled to make the most of the offerings for which they provide to the proprietor, however, a manager might not secretly profit from this relationship. For instance, a manager might also price and 8 percentage markup on materials and offerings provided with the aid of carriers to the owner’s assets. This is the prison and suitably provided that the settlement between the events is in concert with the markup. If this markup turned into now not in the settlement than the regulation requires a belongings supervisor to disgorge or relinquish any and all mystery profits derived from the connection. There are so many possible examples of this, but a not unusual one is a supervisor creating a percent income on work and offerings supplied to their clients but not disclosed; like a brand new roof, bathroom remodels, maintenance to indoors walls, and many others.

Jeff Sessions Treads at the Property Rights of Americans

Earlier this yr, Justice Clarence Thomas, perhaps the most conservative jurist on the Supreme Court, attacked a central authority abuse that shocks many Americans when they first find out about it. In scores of towns and towns, regulation enforcement honestly takes property from residents, then sells or keeps it. They say that the property is related to a criminal offense. But no one desires to prove that the belongings owner broke any regulation. Indeed, there are cases where every body consents she or he is harmless. And nonetheless, the stuff is taken!

“This system—where police can capture assets with limited judicial oversight and hold it for their very own use— has brought about egregious and nicely-chronicled abuses,” Thomas wrote:

According to at least one nationally publicized document, for instance, police within the town of Tenaha, Texas, often seized the property of out-of-city drivers passing via and collaborated with the district lawyer to coerce them into signing waivers of their assets rights. In one case, nearby officials threatened to record unsubstantiated felony charges in opposition to a Latino motive force and his female friend and to place their youngsters in foster care until they signed a waiver. In any other, they seized a black plant employee’s car and all his property (along with coins he deliberate to apply for dental work), jailed him for an evening, compelled him to sign away his property, and then released him at the side of the road with out a smartphone or money. He turned into compelled to walk to a Wal-Mart, wherein he borrowed a stranger’s smartphone to call his mom.
This was toll road robbery perpetrated in opposition to American citizens through their personal government. The official euphemism for the practice: “Civil-asset forfeiture.” And egregious abuses have occurred in each region of the united states. Over the closing fifteen years, I have heard those abuses criticized via people from nearly every a part of the political proper. The problem United conservatives at National Review and the Claremont Institute with Cato Institute libertarians and right-wing populists at Breitbart.

“Let’s be clear on this one point: Civil-asset forfeiture is an evil,” a writer declared in March on the conservative op-ed page of the Washington Examiner, at the same time as Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Tim Walberg introduced reform rules. “It’s no longer a seasoned-police application; it’s a constitutional evil. It gives regulation enforcement the right to strip Americans who’ve now not been convicted of any crime—and in many instances, not even officially charged—of their properties, consisting of cash, cars, homes, airplanes, boats, and so forth.”



It certainly is that terrible. (And some states have exceeded reforms because of this.)

Yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions just pledged to extend it. “Sessions stated the Justice Department will difficulty new directives to boom the federal government’s use of civil-asset forfeiture,” C.J. Ciaramella reviews at Reason. “Speaking at a National District Attorneys Association convention in Minneapolis Monday, Sessions stated state and local regulation enforcement could count on changes from U.S. Attorneys in several regions: accelerated prosecution of gun crimes, immigration offenses, gang interest, and prescription drug abuse, as well as extended asset seizure.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder had imposed new limits at the federal government’s role in civil-asset forfeiture. Those reforms did now not pass ways sufficient. Now, despite the fact that the particulars of the new policy have not begun to be fleshed out, even the ones insufficient Obama-era protections for belongings proprietors are in all likelihood to be undone.

Sessions justified his role by means of maintaining, “No criminal need to be allowed to hold the proceeds in their crime.” But nobody items to that principle. As the Institute for Justice, a libertarian public interest regulation firm that has represented several sufferers of civil-asset forfeiture abuse, argued in its sensible name for reform, “law enforcement should be required to convict people earlier than taking their belongings. Law enforcement organizations should still prosecute criminals and forfeit their sick-gotten possessions—but the rights of harmless belongings owners could be protected.”

When President Obama appointed Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General, Marco Rubio declared, “I adversarial Loretta Lynch’s nomination because of her failure to identify any limitations on the president’s potential to disregard the legal guidelines passed with the aid of Congress as well as her apparent enthusiasm for civil-asset forfeiture, that may deprive harmless people in their assets rights with out due manner.”

Senator Rand Paul said, “People who are victims of civil forfeiture are frequently negative, African American or Hispanic, and people who can’t manage to pay for an attorney to attempt to get the money that’s taken from them by the authorities,” and Breitbart ran his argument it as a one-of-a-kind. The Heritage Foundation become pro-reform. The American Enterprise Institute too. Earlier this year, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner added reform regulation.

If all the conservatives who’ve previously expounded at the unjustness of civil-asset forfeiture fought to collect a coalition to prevent Attorney General Sessions, they may very probably be triumphant. After all, lots of ACLU liberals and elected Democrats want federal reforms as nicely. I haven’t stated that till now due to the fact within the era of Donald Trump, a faction on the proper appears to hate something liberals prefer more than they prefer liberty, and some other faction seems willing to guard whatever the Trump Administration does as long as the click is criticizing it.

Can the GOP nevertheless marshal sufficient strength and integrity to do what a lot of its contributors lengthy insisted changed into morally right even if Trump’s crew pushes what is incorrect? Civil-assert forfeiture is a check. If the right fails it, the authorities will violate the assets rights of extra innocents in years in advance. That would be deplorable.

I-T dept to track assets deals in Mumbai well worth over Rs 1 cr executed in remaining decade

The Income Tax (IT) branch has reportedly despatched phrase to all sub-registrars and tehsildars to disclose the details of assets deals in Mumbai worth Rs 1 crore or extra inside the past 10 years. This will help the government seize preserve of the unaccounted price range under such houses.

Benami residences are the ones wherein the real beneficiary isn’t the only in whose call an asset is purchased and the sale or purchase is done with the intention of averting assets tax. According to the Act, if the belongings are showed to be benami, it may be seized via the authorities.

Experts advised the Business Standard there could be as a minimum 5,00,000 property agreements in Mumbai summing up to a crore or greater within the beyond the decade.

Dhruva Advisors LLP CEO Dinesh Kanabar said actual estate is one of the “number one locations for unaccounted money”.

Under Section 21(1) of the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act (1988), the IT branch has the right to are seeking for facts on properties registered between April 2007 and June 2017. Last yr, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) added in this change on October 25.

The department has requested the sub-registrars to provide information on all registrations, in an effort to make certain that obligatory assets transfers are covered.

Development agreements, tenancy transfers, certificates of income, flat/office/commercial premise income, amalgamations-demergers, change of houses, transfer of lease, presents, rent agreements (with deposit over Rs 1 crore), mortgages, power of lawyers, give up/walls of properties/rights, release deeds, transfer of hire, and works contracts – are the details required with the aid of the IT branch.

Along with the listing of the belongings transfers, the sub-registrars, and the tehsildars are requested for their names, cope with, agreements’ cost with its corresponding market cost, belongings details and PAN numbers of the dealers and buyers.



The data disclosed to the IT department could be used with analytics to become aware of suspected benami holders and can be despatched notices, sources informed Business Standard.

Dinesh Kanabar pointed out that it’s miles vital for the IT branch to broaden a “comply with-up mechanism to take the questions to a logical conclusion,” which became missing within the beyond.

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Mumbai

One of the biggest questions about making an investment in residential or commercial properties is to unmarried out the region wherein you need to invest. While many cities across India are growing hastily, Mumbai nevertheless manages to maintain the interest of investors inside the actual estate market. Although, the soaring property prices within the metropolis is a warm topic, this mega city of desires is constantly under the radar of this region drawing extra traders with its metropolis-wide redevelopment schemes and ideas.

Here we take a brief have a look at some motives to put money into Mumbai.

Financial Capital
Mumbai certainly remains the financial hub of the united states contributing fairly to the GDP of the kingdom and additionally throughout South Asia. As in line with Wikipedia, the town presently money owed for 10% of the country’s manufacturing facility employment and contributes 6.16% of India’s GDP, 40% of foreign exchange and 70% of the foremost transactions happening across the city. Mumbai is headquartering to some of the monetary institutions, large corporate firms and agencies and even foreign institutions. The town is domestic to countrywide and multinational banks offering mortgage schemes and financial funding alternatives to investors wanting to invest in real estate in Mumbai.

The exceptional of infrastructure subjects with regards to making city real property funding selections. Mumbai has an incredible network of roads and flyovers, suburban train network, Mumbai Metro, and bus transportation system to get you from one part of the city to any other in brief time. It also has reliable and cheap electricity, brilliant telecommunications machine including the high-speed net. Secondly, Mumbai also has some of the pleasant colleges inside the united states offering to school in diverse fields. The town also boasts of some of the pinnacle hospitals throughout India supplying excessive fine medical and fitness care 24X7 to locals and international sufferers. The night time lifestyles in Mumbai is always bustling and throbbing with a number of the exceptional eating places, bars, cafes, and inns available in extraordinary vicinities throughout the city. If you choose to have a lively, city and cutting-edge way of life making an investment in Mumbai is worth

The presence of Bollywood within the city honestly makes Mumbai a warm spot for property investors. This area’s market in the town is always at the upward thrust as many B-town celebs make investments throughout the city splurging their money in excessive-give up residential and business houses. Mumbai, the glamor capital of India is likewise the ‘most desired region of funding’ for buyers from across the united states of America and globally.


BBMP says Airports Authority of India is a business established order and cites rules from 1876 annoying it pay property tax from 1997 onwards

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) owes the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) over Rs 8 crore in belongings tax, claims the civic employer. If you concept government businesses and departments are exempt from belongings tax, the BBMP has pulled out a rule from the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1876, according to which “lands belonging to the Central Government and State Government used for the purposes of Government and now not used or supposed for use for residential or business purposes, handiest are exempted from paying property tax.” Since AAI is an industrial establishment, it cannot be exempted from paying tax, BBMP said.

Tax not paid for 21 years

The AAI owes Rs 8,20,09,325 to the BBMP in form of assets tax from the 12 months 1996-ninety seven. The civic employer claims that the taxes are due from the last 21 years. In 1995-ninety six, however, the AAI paid assets tax after the BBMP raised a demand observe. However, it determined to task it. The appeals it has filed are nevertheless pending before a standing committee of the BBMP.

Meanwhile, AAI approached the excessive courtroom searching for a path to the BBMP status committee on appeals to determine the problem which is pending considering September 2016. The closing demand notice through the BBMP became raised on August 20, 2016. The claim for Rs eight.2 crore includes penalty at the unpaid belongings tax because 1997-98. Of the 8.2 crores, Rs 2.9 crore is the penalty and Rs 1.1 core is less.

Justice Vineet Kothari said that there has been postponing in the difficulty and the standing committee ought to come to an end at the earliest.

Giving four weeks to the committee to determine on the difficulty, the HC order said, “Since the enchantment is pending before the cable authority respondent No 1 – the status Committee on Appeals, BBMP, Bengaluru – this Court might no longer like to explicit any opinion at the deserves of the contentions raised inside the be counted which the stated status committee is meant to determine in accordance with the regulation. However, considering that huge length has already been lost due to the pendency of the prevailing petition, respondent No.1 is directed to determine the appeal within a duration of 4 weeks from today and no extension of time for that cause will be allowed by using this courtroom.”



Common Questions When It Comes to Real Property Tax within the Philippines

Do you own a piece of actual estate belongings inside the Philippines? Whether you’ve got a vacant lot simply ready to have a residence constructed on it, a townhouse inside the metropolis of Manila you’re renting out, or an industrial establishment in the province, you ought to be paying your actual property tax.

Q: What is real property tax?

It is the tax levied on Philippine Real estate belongings. The relevant fee relies upon at the place. A city or municipality in Metro Manila might also impose 1 percentage whilst cities and municipalities out of doors Metro Manila may additionally levy the tax at the price now not exceeding 2 percentage. The owner of the actual property property in the Philippines has the choice to pay the tax in four identical installments on or before the final day of each calendar sector.

Q: Payment of Real Property Tax

Payment is made on the Municipal hall of the region your private home is placed. If you have a assets in Ayala Alabang, by means of all way, go to the beautiful Municipal corridor of Muntinlupa in which they have made it clear to pay your actual property tax – by means of way of a nice, secure constructing, and signs and symptoms/guidelines everywhere so you may not wander off. Add to that the friendly personnel geared up to help you.

Q: Is there any bargain?

Normally, cities deliver discounts to early players. For instance, if you plan to pay for the whole due for the subsequent year, you could pay as early as November-December of the current 12 months so you’ll get a reduction. This does no longer keep for all cities – so go to your municipal hall to make certain.

Q: Do I need to pay if I haven’t any identity and but im occupying the assets already?

Yes, you have to pay the actual belongings tax from the time you moved in to-date or almost three hundred and sixty-five days. With or with out identity.

Q: If my assets are below the name of my husband who’s a foreigner, does he still ought to pay the actual belongings tax?

Yes! Even if the belongings is the call of your foreigner husband, actual belongings tax continues to be imposed and should truly be paid to the nearby authorities wherein the property is placed.

Q: I simply bought an actual property asset from the auction and found out the owner has 3 years really worth of unpaid real assets tax! Do I pay it?

Most homes from the auction are on an “As is wherein is the basis”, which means that you ought to have done due diligence. Investigated the historical past of the belongings earlier than you dove in. In different phrases, sure, you may have to pay except you made the prior association with the auctioneer earlier than bidding at the assets.

Q: Yikes I did not get to pay my real belongings tax closing year, what may want to happen?

The tax payer is a problem to pay hobby at the charge of two percent in keeping with month but no longer to exceed 36 months.