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How to Use AMP with WordPress

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) venture has been launched on 24 February 2016. With this launch, lots of builders became lively participants in the undertaking. Countless websites now have AMP versions of pages, and many builders are studying to use AMP – in this situation, mastering applying AMP with WordPress.

Google takes AMP very seriously. It is one of their search engine ranking standards as well. In that manner, Google is making AMP nearly a need for plenty of websites. In this article, I will offer you distinct information about approximately Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project. This consists of the steps for invoking it for your WordPress website.

What is AMP?

Some developers won’t be all that familiar with AMP, but. It is a cell-friendly framework that allows rapid loading of your net web page on cellular browsers. It is an open-source generation designed to empower website publishers to effectively enhance the speed and user experience of loading content material pages on cellular devices. And all of this enhancement occurs with zero effect on advertisement sales.

If you’re a skilled developer, you may gain a comparable form of enhancement through complete web page loading optimizations. However, Accelerated Mobile Pages make those optimizations smooth without spending much time and energy on mobile layout.


For websites already operating double time for their search engine marketing rankings, this adds extra obligations to their to-do listing of the path because AMP pages can also decorate your website’s search engine marketing ranking. That is, possibly, the primary reason big companies are also adopting AMP.


AMP presents a constrained amount of JavaScript for mobile net pages. An important element to bear in thoughts about JS in AMP is that the third birthday celebration JavaScript isn’t allowed with AMP.

AMP Cache

The Google AMP Cache is a CDN for the delivery of AMP pages. You all understand the central characteristic of Content Delivery Networks – they distribute resource loading to servers nearer to your website’s viewers. For an AMP web page, this CDN will allow for minimal loading time due to distance latency. This is feasible.


The Relevance of the AMP Sign for SEO

In 2016, while Google was launching AMP, AdAge.Com published an interview with Google’s senior director of news and social products, Richard Gingras. In that interview, he stated that AMP usage would no longer directly correlate with your search ranking because it isn’t always a direct aspect. He then brought up, “All of the other (search engine ranking) signals need to be satisfied properly.”

However, after this explanation, the entirety will become extra clean. He said, “If we had articles that form a signaling angle scored identical in all other traits but for speed, then sure, we can emphasize the only with velocity because that is what customers discover compelling.”

Even Google doesn’t deny the relevance of AMP internet sites for SEO. Speed is always an influencing component of SEO. If an AMP web page receives more clicks and much less jump fee because of faster loading, Google will, without a doubt, rank the website better because of the higher person’s enjoyment.

How Can One AMP Their Website?

It would help if you held variations of an editorial web page on an internet site. The original article page is for the default web user and an AMP model for capability cell users. Also, AMP doesn’t permit shape factors and 0.33 birthday celebration JavaScript. In this approach, you can not put a touch form or on-web page remarks in a fashionable implementation, as AMP is mainly for the shipping of content.

I suggest rewriting the complete website template to cope with the regulations. For instance, the CSS of an AMP web page needs to be in line, and the page size is less than 50 kb. Also, due to the fast loading of fonts, they must be loaded with the assistance of the amp-font extension, a good way to load the web page effectively.

It is counseled that multimedia needs to be handled with unique care. For pictures, you want to use the element and exceptional width and peak. Also, in case your pix are GIFs, then you may want to apply the separate amp-anim prolonged factor. For films, there are two alternatives. There is a custom tag for embedded videos called amp-video. However, if you need to embed a YouTube video, there may be a tag called amp-youtube.

For embedding slideshows, you may use an amp carousel. In addition to that, you want to add a picture lightbox; you could use an amp-photograph-lightbox. For embedding social media systems such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine, you can use each respective factor. This factor may be essential. Now, as soon as the whole lot is about and you’re equipped to go together with your AMP web page, you need to allow Google to understand your AMP internet site. You ought to upload a tag on your principal post page with facts about your AMP web page <link rel=” map HTML” href=” http://www.Yourblog.Com/blog-post/amp/”> as well as a canonical tag on the AMP web page with statistics about the principle web page <link rel= “canonical” href= “http://www.Yourblog.Com/blog-post/”>.

You can examine more about AMP tags and Schema.Org metadata for AMP here. Schema.Org metadata “is a requirement to make your content eligible to appear within the demo of the Google Search news carousel.” So, if you wish to attain success via Google AMP, you have to get your schema proper.

Do Google Analytics paintings on AMP?

Yes, of the path, Analytics works on AMP. Analytics on AMP is pretty smart, as well. To prevent a website from slowing down because of a couple of analytics trackers, they paint at the core philosophy of “Measure Once, Report to Many.” Generally, there are two paths to enable Analytics with AMP on your website.

The amp-pixel element: It is a simple tag to remember some of the page perspectives (further to a tracking pixel) by using a GET request. The amp-analytics prolonged element: This element is superior to the amp-pixel. You can use it to the degree of any hobby on an AMP web page. It allows you to specify JSON config, which affords information for what to degree and send the report.

How to Use AMP with WordPress Websites

One of the best approaches to applying AMP is to put it into effect on your WordPress internet site. You can use the legit plugin developed via Automattic/WordPress.

Step One: Install the WordPress Plugin

Let’s start the installation! Download the plugin from the above link and install the plugin for your WordPress website. After the installation, you want to append “/amp/” to an article page. If you don’t have pretty permalinks enabled, you may try.Amp=1.

Step Two: Validate & Tweak

Google seeks console choices up to the AMP version of your article page from the meta tag, a good way to be appended by the plugin. However, the hassle arises as it generally takes days to locate those sorts of adjustments.

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