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Do you find jewelry and accessories to be awe-inspiring? Are you seeking products that are stylish, chic, and economical at the same time? If you answered yes, you’ve most likely visited Ossare.com.

Have you not? It’s an online jewelry store that caters to both men and women from around the globe. However, you should be aware of it because countless reviews on Ossare discuss it.

There’s no need to be concerned because we’re here to help and provide you with all the necessary information regarding this website. Read further to know more!



The Ossare jewelry store, located at ossare.com, is currently all the craze online due to its coupon code ‘XYZ333,’ which provides customers a 100% discount on all purchases.

Unfortunately, Ossare, like 310Drip, Kagura, and other similar jewelry stores we’ve previously evaluated, is not a legitimate jewelry store. During our research, we noticed the following disadvantages:

  • The store claims to have opened in 2017, yet this is not the case. The website was only registered on September 17, 2021, and has only been operational for a few months.
  • There is no return address provided.
  • There is no link to an active social media presence.


Oscar is an online and freshly developed retail mall that sells rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces for men and women. You may get first-hand information on the best prices, new goods, and more.

They don’t have a physical site or office and are solely available online. They guarantee to be extremely accommodating to their consumers. They even have state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture the perfect piece for its consumers.

Keep reading and following us to discover if Ossare is real or a hoax.


  • WEBSITE- Ossare.com
  • ossare.com’s email address is info@ossare.com.
  • https://ossare.com is the website address.
  • The jewelry industry, Jewellery industry, Jewellery industry, Jewellery industry, Jewellery industry, Jeweller
  • The creation date is September 24, 2021, at midnight on a Friday. Aged two months.
  • No phone number was provided.
  • HTTPS Connection Address with Valid Certification They exist only on the Internet.
  • Not found on the blocklist.
  • There is no return policy for social media handles.
  • Thirty days after the purchase, the item will be available.
  • Policies on refunds are accessible for the next day.
  • Amex Discover, MasterCard, and Facebook Pay are among the payment choices, as are Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, PayPal, and Visa.
  • Web Page Popularity is 0 out of 100, which is incredibly low.
  • Oscar Reviews is also available, but this service is currently unavailable.

We’ve also included some advantages and disadvantages to assist you in making your decision. The main points are listed below.


  • The website uses a secure HTTPS connection.
  • A blocklisting device could not inspect the web page.
  • Refund and return policies are flexible.


Scroll down to see more useful and valid arrows to assist you further.

Other reasons to avoid shopping at ossare.com include:

A lack of originality

Ossare.com features a website structure and layout similar to a jewelry business we recently looked at. It sells high-end jewelry at a discounted price. Regrettably, online testing indicates that the jewelry is of not-so-good quality.

The jewelry isn’t particularly distinctive. They’re also not worth the $200+ listed on the website.


Even though the shipment time is 2-4 weeks, it takes over a month. This is due to the package’s origin in China. The tracking information indicates that the delivery has not yet left the warehouse despite the purchase being made for roughly a week.

Policy on Returns

The refund policy at this store is a farce. In reality, you’d have to pay a shipping fee that could be half the jewelry’s cost.


The existence of social platforms is another. We discovered that it is a new, untrustworthy, and unproven website that is only two months old. It lacks social media control, making it rarely appear legitimate.

Our research has a low trust index of 5.8% out of 100 and low popularity.

According to our study, the connection is a valid HTTPS connection that no backlisting engine recognizes.

In consumer journalism, consumer publications are quite important, and no Ossare Reviews are available on any website. According to our investigation, they attempt to conceal their most critical details, such as their contact phone number and address.

According to our investigation, the website contains plagiarised content with fictitious graphics. In terms of refunds and return policies, that is completely false. Based on the website’s dubious image, we cannot receive our full return from them. There is no cash-on-delivery option, and only credit cards are accepted. Based on our research, this is not a well-grounded decision.


Both willingly and unintentionally, customer reviews contribute to the integrity of digital platforms. They assist in attracting favorable sales, increasing orders, and encouraging clients to select the best quality for themselves. Others can use surveys to gain insight into the quality of a product, service, or credibility, among other things.

We were, however, unable to discover any Ossare.com comments on any website. It was practically impossible to uncover reviews that doubted the product’s credibility. According to our research analysis, this isn’t an appropriate sign of a website that doesn’t contain a survey.


Ossare.com appears to be a trustworthy internet jewelry retailer. Customers may delay receiving their orders, but they will surely receive them.

If you don’t want to wait months for your padlock chain, consider buying from one of the following Amazon sellers. The delivery is prompt, and the response is accurate.

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