Petition Calls for Sony to Drop R. Kelly From the Label

It’s been a wild week in the media for R. Kelly, as the singer is currently being accused of protecting ladies in a “cult” against their will. While the info is still coming forward on the research, as well as responses from ladies who have been former residents, a petition has been created calling for Sony Records to drop the songwriter from their label.
The Care2 petition has garnered over 10,000 signatures up to now, and needs the file label to drop Kellz, pointing out their desire to “turn R. Kelly into a symbol for victim’s rights.” They even say that the Black Panties singer has “preyed on ladies for the past 25 years,” citing his debatable marriage to a 15-yr-antique Aaliyah in 1994.
“We have to no longer permit routine abusers to glide above justice clearly because they are wealthy and famous,” the petition states. “Let’s paintings together to turn R. Kelly into an image for sufferer’s rights, reminding abusers everywhere that no one is untouchable.”
The petition additionally mentions their moves inside the beyond to attempt to shed mild on other “sexual predators” inclusive of Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, and Dr. Luke. They’re urging the label to release R. Kelly from his settlement a good way to make an announcement to abusers about who society “offers a pass to.”
The petition is currently developing in signatures, however, set Signed to Jive Records
o some distance, Sony has now not responded to it.
If you don’t forget, BuzzFeed launched a thorough investigative piece this week, which special disturbing alleged bills of parents and previous entourage participants who declare R. Kelly is preserving a couple of women in an intercourse cult. The file claims the singer controls their each pass, offers them confined get entry to the outdoor communique, and is said to punish them if they destroy his strict guidelines. One of the girls spoke out in a video this week, rejecting the claims.
Kellz’s attorney has denied the accusations towards him, mentioning that he “will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”



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