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Law within the time of era

The omnipresent pressure is not good. However, Google, a member of the Madras Bar Association, declared. That is wherein Technology Laws Decoded steps in. Written by advocate NS Nappinai, the ebook was released in Chennai using Chief Justice Indira Banerjee at the Madras High Court.

The book offers the diverse factors of cyber regulation, and in step with Nappinai, it is written in an easy-to-study manner while ultimately scholarly. “When I started, the idea note turned into intended for lawyers. But my publishers recommended I write it to suit anybody,” she says.

She believes that during today’s international, no felony element could escape cyber. “We’ve all had to migrate to a virtual globe and are heavily dependent on the Digital Natives millennials born into a digital global. It is a role reversal of types, from when we depended on our elders for records to when we depended on the younger lot to be technologically savvy.”


But what quite a few of us don’t recognize are the pitfalls. Nappanee cites the use of loose WiFi. “Free is our favorite four-letter F word, despite everything. But how many of us have virtually read the Terms and Conditions before clicking on ‘I Agree’? We don’t have the time to go through this nitty-gritty. We use the era without questioning twice about what it brings with it or the truth that each piece of information is being monitored with the aid of a 3rd party. Then, malware, piracy, and similar issues plague the cyber international. This book breaks down the laws surrounding these aspects,” she explains.


The idea for the ebook stemmed from Nappanee’s very own lectures on the concern and her over 17 years of revel in the field. “People would ask me to write an ebook on cyber regulation because I made it easy to recognize. The ebook, therefore, is an easy way to explain cyber regulation. But, unfortunately, it took me a year to complete the book,” says the suggest-author, who began writing it in the quiet of 2015. “In reality, I persisted in replacing the cases I checked within the ebook until January 2017, while it went to print.”

She loved the method of writing and controlled to find time for it, notwithstanding her busy agenda combating court docket cases and coaching instructions. “Even holidays meant greater writing. But honestly, I agree with Parkinson’s Law, which states that paintings expand to fill the time available for their crowning glory. And I like to complete things, so there was always time for me to write.”

According to Justice Banerjee, the book is anything, however, a “drab law ebook.” “She has quoted the entirety from John Lennon to Tagore and associated them to instances and laws,” she says. “I love movies, animation, meals, and gaming, and I’ve drawn from those pastimes even as writing the ebook. There’s additionally Shakespeare’s Hamlet. So it’s a mirrored image of me and my varied pursuits,” says Nappinai.

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