UIDAI Launches mead hear, An App That Lets You Carry Aadhaar On Mobile

Travel in the Indian Subcontinent can be daunting to those who are not used to the sheer size and diversity of the country. Everywhere, the traveler encounters milling masses of people in a constant state of motion. India has a varied topography across its spread and the Indian Railways do a superb job of linking the country.

The efficiency of Indian Railways has been a subject of considerable debate – but when one considers the statistics involved 115000 km of tracks, daily traffic of 30 million passengers and 3 million freight, 16 geographical zones, 1.5 million employees and over 8000 stations the undeniable fact is that the Railways are India’s lifeline.

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation IRCTC has developed a website irctc.co.in for the benefit of rail passengers. The website provides updated information about trains, major stations, running time, distances and passenger amenities on trains. The traveler can from the comfort of his armchair, plan his travel, book, modify or cancel tickets and even avail of the IRCTC package tours along popular tourist destinations. The website provides detailed time tables, the distance between stations and passenger fares at the click of a mouse.

FAQS Regarding ticketing

1. What are the acceptable proofs of Identity to be carried at the time of traveling on an e-ticket?

Acceptable IDs are Voter’s ID, PAN card, Passport, Aadhar card, Driving License or ID cards issued to State or Central Government employees

2. Is the printed copy of ticket mandatory?

As per amended regulations, the screen dump of the e- ticket reservation on a laptop, mobile or I Pad is admissible.



3. What document should be carried by passengers in case of partial cancellation?

In a case of partial cancellation of multiple booking, the passengers continuing their travel should carry the fresh copy of ERS.

4. Will I get a refund in case I cancel a TATKAL reservation?

There are no refunds in case of cancellation against a TATKAL reservation.

5. Can I book an e-ticket if I am staying abroad?

It is possible to book a rail ticket from outside India. The foreign currency equivalent of ticket charges will be charged to the passenger.

6. How do I cancel a ticket booked by an agent?

Tickets booked by agents should be canceled through the agent

7. Are there any special tour packages for foreign tourists?

Indian Railways operates train tours like the Palace of Wheels, Buddhist Circuit Tours, and Golden Triangle tours exclusively for foreign tourists.

Biometric Revolution In Indian Banking

More so regularly Indian bankers are confronted with a puzzling question that whether someone transacting is their actual customer or a fraudster. And this trouble can better and correctly be responded by means of biometrics science most effective. The concept of biometrics banking has revolutionized the entire Indian banking gadget. And the quantity of revolution is such that humans are excited to update their banking PINs with their fingerprints. Accessibility to biometrics facts is of first rate use on the subject of recognizing who precisely is transacting with the banks. It relieves the doubt and works toward the prevention of fraud and facilitates the secure and seamless transaction.

The biometric machines are simple but specific, and that is the purpose they are gaining a reputation amongst Indian bankers. And banks throughout the USA are of their stride to set-up ATMs empowered with biometric generation. The era is considerably contributing toward tapping the potential of a promising rural market.Biometric ATMs are looked upon as one of the maximum feasible options for the geographical region, considering the illiteracy winning there. Though these machines are expensive to install, they provide excessive security and permitting banks to make bigger their scope rapidly.

A biometric era has a great potential to play a specific function within the banking industry about convenience, safety, and performance. It has an extremely good angle in terms of online cellular banking and bills. It offers secure and at ease verification of the identification of customers whilst unbundling of bills. Biometric authentication adds to the ease and consequently changing different hamstring authentication strategies. The device is green enough to come back the fall over lower back systems which include lack of the password or resets a password. Further, the banks are in a function to outline the role, usage, and characteristic of the era relying on the threat associated and consumer recognition.

Now, humans in India have an online biometric identification in the shape of an Aadhaar card. Banks throughout the USA have connected the accounts with Aadhaar to get the biometric information of the account holders. An Aadhaar card offers online verification and authentication by way of the use of fingerprints and other biometric information at any time and from everywhere. It has not simplest allowed the government to switch the benefits in their schemes directly to all the ones humans for whom plans are drawn and avoid the function of middleman and forestall corruption. Banks also are in a first rate function to verify the account holder and have secure transactions.

Biometric banking has drastically changed the manner humans have looked at the services provided by the banks. Now, a tribal girl from a faraway village in India can get her old age pension from an Aadhaar enabled ATM simply by using pressing her finger. The use of biometric era has opened doorways of monetary equality for all folks who are lagging at the back of just because of the obstacles of illiteracy and regional language. It more suitable the protection of the transaction and simplified the authentication of customers. It has converted the commercial enterprise model of banks and allowed them to bring various reforms in order that banking services are within attained of the greatest populace of u . S . A ..