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5 Easy Tips to Plan the Best Wedding Ever

So, finally, wedding bells are ringing for you, and you cannot wait to celebrate the love between you and the person you’re about to marry. But wait; there is another goal at hand – planning a grand party that your family and friends will remember for years to come. So now you must be thinking about how to make your big day so special that it stands out amongst the plethora of weddings your guests have ever witnessed. Well, there are many standard ways to create great impressions; here are some less thought-about tips that can enhance the wedding experience for you and your loved ones as a whole.

Set your Budget Straight

Your budget is the biggest driving factor for the majority of your wedding decisions. So, don’t spend anything until you have clarity on the amount you can spend on the entire arrangement, including all the minor details. Then, consider all the additional costs like dress alterations, gifts, and beauty expenses and decide on a realistic budget that doesn’t stretch you too far.

Plan a Brief Ceremony

While all your near and dear peeps are excited for your long-awaited communion with the love of your life, sitting for long hours of ceremony and watching you endlessly is certainly not their idea of celebration. Instead, your guests travel to spend quality time with you; thus, ensure that you plan your proceedings for the shortest time possible. This way, you will be able to dedicate a major part of your time to the special ones and make them feel important.


Greet your Guests with Welcome Baskets

If you plan a destination wedding or have a large chunk of guests traveling to your hometown, then go ahead and appreciate them with welcome bags. You may include a few handy snacks, water bottles, and a list of nearest cafes and other attractions. This will not only increase their comfort and convenience but also give them a complete vacation feel.

Choose a Beautiful Wedding Venue

You have to agree that first impressions are indeed the last ones. The first thing that the guests visiting any party or wedding reception notice is the venue. Hence, you must spend a good amount of time with your fiancé searching for a good wedding venue. The Bluestone is a 120-year-old church in Columbus that boasts three diverse levels, seven bars, soaring stained glass windows, and a gracious outdoor patio. The cathedral ceilings and soulful acoustics offer an unparalleled and unique experience for a wedding ceremony.

Always have an Alternative Plan.

No one wants any delays, catering issues, or other kinds of nuisance happening on their wedding day. However, life is uncertain, and anything could go wrong on the day despite all the labor you put in for months. Therefore, to save yourself from end-moment hassle and stress, it is always best to have a Plan B for each scenario and deviation from the actual plan.

William J. McGoldrick
William J. McGoldrick
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