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Actress reveals the beauty inner Fiona the ogre

Jocelyn Pickett is a beautiful younger lady who reviewer Joanne Engelhardt said became “a showstopper” in “The Producers” at Broadway By The Bay in April. As Ulla, the tall Swedish siren, said Engelhardt, “Pickett fills the invoice as she fills her attire with slits as much as here and plunging necklines down there. The method is while she sings, ‘When you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ She does.”

But as Fiona in “Shrek The Musical” at Foothill Music Theatre, she doesn’t constantly flaunt it; alternatively, sometimes she covers it up with an inexperienced ogre gown. “It’s extremely good,” Pickett exulted throughout a recent smartphone interview. “I’m so excited about it!” Getting into the costume “is my favorite part of everything.

“The message of the entire display is about freaks. We’re all quirky and weird; we’re all a group of freaks. But splendor in at the inner.” The display, with the tune by Jeanine Tesori and e-book and lyrics by way of David Lindsay-Abaire, is based on the 2001 DreamWorks film, “Shrek,” and William Steig’s 1990 book, “Shrek!”

It’s the tale of an ogre who wants to be left by himself in his swamp, which is unexpectedly invaded by fairy tale creatures who’ve been pushed there at the orders of Lord Farquaad. So Rek cuts a deal to get his swamp back if he brings Farquaad a queen. Along the way, he alternatives up to a friend he doesn’t want — a donkey — however, he unearths Princess Fiona.

Enter Pickett as Fiona. Who turns out to additionally be an ogre. A lot of loopy stuff happens, and it’s all plenty of a laugh. Pickett has to transition back and forth between lovely Fiona and ogre Fiona more than once but says, “There may be a team of directors and artists behind the scenes to help. The rest is just natural magic. Theater magic!” Pickett, who got here to California with her husband in 2010 after graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson, then came to the Bay Area 4 years ago, said that she is having a first-rate time with the production.

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“Milissa Carey is an appropriate director,” Picket stated. “And the solid is terrific. It’s the first-rate revel in all around.” Pickett teaches drama at the Theatre Arts Academy at Broadway By The Bay in her day job, now on its second consultation.


What: “Shrek The Musical”

Produced with the aid of Foothill Music Theatre

Directed by: Milissa Carey

Featuring: Andrew Ross, Nick Kendrick, Jocelyn Pickett, Joey McDaniel, Jennifer Martinelli, Victor Velasquez, Vanessa Alvarez, Kyle Arrouzet, Christina Bologini, Seton Chang, Jorge Diaz, Nique Eagen, Ronald Feichtmeir, Gwyneth Forrester, Kayvon Korestani, Cameron Laird, Mylissa Malley, Katie Mazon, Sasha Motalygo, Sam Nachison, Jona Nicklin, Elena Panos, Tyler Pardini, Gwyneth Price, John Ramirez, Alea Selburn and Melina Smoker

Where: Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College, I-280 and El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills

Beauty Inside and Out

I came to North Carolina on a quest for beauty. My imaginative and prescient became beautifully cared-for groups with inexperienced bushes, sunshine, smooth streets, and warmth. Beauty, to me, supposed vibrancy, new, colorful, quiet exteriors, and manicured lawns. It additionally meant natural environments like bushes, parks, greenways, and glowing lakes. Things you can see, smell, and touch.

What is your cutting-edge imaginative and prescient of beauty?

I didn’t realize then that I would also be on a quest for inner beauty. The inner beauty I observed turned into my authenticity as a commercial enterprise owner in how I created and am now evolving my education business; beautiful friendships that emerged which hold to deliver me top-notch joy in the form of kind words, aid, and a laugh; and most significantly the energy inside to attempt new reports.

What ignites your inner beauty?

Though I discovered internal beauty, outside beauty still does play a huge function in my everyday lifestyle. For example, my temper is expanded while surrounded by beauty, improving my passion, power, and creativity. So my domestic (and domestic office) is packed with colors that energize and soothe me, furniture that fits me, the artwork of surroundings that move me, and windows overlooking my neighbor’s lovely gardens.

How does outside beauty flow to you?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – if we look for beauty in ourselves, others, and our lives, we can find it. TrSo try for these days, for a week, a month. Seek the beauty in all people you meet, in the whole thing you notice and enjoy each time you look within the reflection at your frame and inside your soul. The way the solar streaks inside the window, the smell of the air after a rain shower, a budding tree, a delicious meal placed before you, the colors and composition in a bit of art, the chair you like, a kind phrase or gesture.

The possibilities to look and feel beautiful are infinite.

One such possibility came up when Lisa Rivoli of Joule Salon and Makeover Center reached out to me to end up as one of their Partners in Beauty. Their group of girls professionals from their Partner In Beauty Network is committed to assisting girls in reworking their lives, taking the first steps to look and sense beauty. I am commemorated to be part of this new task.

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