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ASM software program improve is ready for Brexit

Agency Sector Management (ASM) has launched a primary improvement in its Sequoia software, supplying a complete freight management device. My General. The software program company for the UK forwarding industry stated that the release offers customers an unmarried utility. Statistics are shared across all functions, task costing and producing documentation, and the Customs assertion procedure.

The unmarried software, stated ASM, avoids waiting for information to be re-keyed, saving time and price and lowering errors. “Productivity and compliance are essential to our customers,” said Simon Adams, program supervisor at ASM. “This improvement will further aid them in staying compliant with the evolving legislative landscape and allow them to complete tle freight control process in a single software.”

The new launch of Sequoia integrates into the current ASM software program without bringing the cost to form part of the middle functionality, disposing of the want for separate invoicing, income management, or activity costing software. ASM chairman Peter MacSwiney stated: “As Brexit negotiations broaden, we’re sure to see more pressure on Customs structures and policies, which might be anyhow old and in the technique of being replaced.

“ASM clients want a bendy and adaptable method to upward thrust to those challenges, and the brand new release will guide them to do simply that as well as bringing time and cost savings using handing over a one-stop store for the complete freight control process.” Sequoia is the evolution of over 20 years of software development from ASM, which started with introducing CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight).

Added MacSwiney: “The new software program’s flexibility and adaptation capability will support customers in staying compliant with Customs requirements broaden, and the Brexit procedure evolves.”


ATM ADA Compliance: Are Your ATMs Ready?

The Department of Justice has passed new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, which may impact one or all of your ATMs. These recent changes set enforceable accessibility requirements of speech output, top & attain and discernable consumer entry controls. These modifications may be as easy as a software program replacement or as complete as an entire system replacement.

Important Dates

March 15, 2011- ADA Compliance Effective Date


• All newly deployed ATMs have to be compliant with the new 2010 requirements
Any current ATM installed or altered before this date can comply with the 1991 ADA standards and the new 2010 requirements until March 15, 2012. March 15, 2012- Final ADA Compliance Date
• All terminals have to be compliant with the 2010 requirements

What are the New Standards?

The new 2010 ADA requirements include both bodily accessibility as well as communication necessities.

Physical Accessibility:

1. Height & Reach

2. Accessible Path & Floor Space

Communication Requirements:

3. Voice guidance

4. Discernable input controls five. Braille commands

1. Height & Reach

All usable elements of the ATM can not exceed 48″ in height and need not be decreased to 15″ above the ground. ATMs formerly installed following the 1991 ADA Accessibility Standards qualify for “safe harbor” and need not be adjusted for the 2010 ADA requirements. The safe harbor does not observe communique requirements.

2. Accessible Path & Floor Space

A clean and available course, either in a parallel or ahead method, must be 30″ by forty-eight” minimal.

3. Voice Guidance

ATMs must have a headphone jack and software that provides voice steerage for all ATM functions. This is a huge trade that can also affect your ATM. These modifications might be as simple as a software program replacement or as thorough as a whole-device alternative.

4. Discernable enter controls

The 2010 ADA requirements mandate tactilely discernible entry controls wherein the keypad is raised from the encircling gadget surface.

5. Braille Instructions

Braille commands for headphone voice guidance have to be the gift.

Who does this impact?

These new standards affect each ATM to be had for public use.

Are There Exemptions?

Drive-up ATMs- no peak and attain requirements; however, they will comply with the rest of the policies.

Multiple ATMs- Each setup is considered a separate region if a financial institution offers indoor and exterior ATMs. Accessible ATMs and those with speech and people who are within access of individuals who use wheelchairs must provide all of the capabilities supplied to customers in that region. For instance, it’s unacceptable for the available ATM handiest to offer cash withdrawals, while inaccessible ATMs also promote theater tickets.

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