Benefits of High-Security Lock and Key Systems

Any property you possess, whether it is a home or a commercial area, it needs to be protected from burglars and thieves who wait for the simplest opportunity to invade it. This is why people tend to use the safest means of security systems that include door locks and keys.

But can you rely on a simple set of locks and keys and believe that they are enough to keep your property safe? Locks can get broken and keys can be duplicated. Therefore, where these general purpose traditional systems are used for locking and unlocking, using high security keys and locking systems can provide an extra level of protection.

There is no need to deploy other expensive and costly security systems if you have opted for high security locks and keys since it includes restricted keys, master keys and hitched locks that are complex to operate. Therefore, here are some benefits of relying on high security keys and locks-

Key Systems - mortise locks, cylindrical locks, exit devices, key ...

1) Complex to Duplicate- 

You may have seen keys that comes with ” do not duplicate” stamped on them, this basically means that these keys could be easily duplicated at any hardware store. On the contrary, the restricted keys are designed with the intricate and patent patterns that limit them to be framed by your average hardware store. However, these keys can only be duplicated by a professional locksmith. If you have moved into a new house or just want to upgrade the locks and keys of your existing home, hire a professional locksmith for re-keying them.

2) Tampered Proof Locks- 

Locks that are old and made with traditional approach can be easily picked using material readily available in the market or online. Keys that are made with new technology and robust materials are impossible to pick. The reason behind is that they correspond to the specific locking pattern and a particular pin on your high security key. They could only be reopened with the help of a locksmith if you lose that key.

3) Ability to Control Access-

For the safety of the business, the master keys can help you limit access to specific areas in the building. It allows only authorized employees into the pre-approved areas. Apart from restricting unauthorized personnel to enter the restricted zones, it reduces employee theft.

In homes, it could be used to allow workers to enter the house using the master key at a specified time and day while restricting it on the others.

4) Re-keyable Locks allows to Reset Locks-

Sometimes it becomes difficult for everyone to keep the keys; therefore, anyone can lose it. You cannot just keep on changing locks if somebody dropped a key. Yes, that is the thing of the past. Re-keyable locks can be easily reset when a key gets lost or stolen so that anyone who tries to open the lock using the stolen key is denied access. Meanwhile, other keys can be upgraded to the new pattern of the lock. This ensures the guarantee of security.


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