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Board Meeting Deck Templates For Seed-Stage Startups

You’ve raised the budget, and formality has all started. This manner month-to-month or quarterly conferences with your Board and your newly appointed contributors from buyers. In line with their facts rights, they need updates from you. Darn. Another component to do! I’ve prepared a Board deck template to lighten the weight of attending a board meeting to assist you.

Why do you want a Board deck?

Starting up is hard, and you don’t constantly have the solutions. Fortunately, a good Board is handy to invite the hard questions and offer a sounding Board as nicely with a bit of luck precious perception.


As an early-stage startup, you’re possibly going to have conferences with the Board monthly, so there may be no hiding. It’s anticipated that you’ll prepare fabric beforehand. I’m not going to write down a load of boring stuff, approximately what a Board assembly is, why you need them, and so forth. (People like Steve Blank cool these things to numerous ranges). So, take my phrase: you may have Board conferences, and having a nice template to kick matters off may be accessible! Let’s get into the pragmatic stuff.


General Advice For Board Material

Don’t spend too much time making the whole thing idea until you are a public corporation with a thousand teams of workers. You want to build your startup. Oli Samwer freaks out at MDs if the slides are pretty. Use my template, and the whole thing will look decent and based. Slides should be simple and use bullet factors. They are speaking factors – this isn’t always an essay. The meeting is for discussion.

It’s ideal to use a consistent structure for every meeting so human beings recognize what is coming. Only change it while you attain an exclusive factor to your organization that warrants it, including transferring from attempting to find the product-marketplace suit to scaling. Targets and deliverables want to be specific, and someone has to be chargeable for handing over every account factor.

Don’t use jargon until every person is aware of it. Make it truly clear how the Board can assist. Ask in particular and directly! Don’t ask for recruiting assistance; ask for a specific role and preferably have a JD handy. You need to ‘report’ information; however, definitely useful conferences are forward-focused on what you need to do. This is where your future is, more valuable than the day earlier!

Best Practice Before A Board Meeting

Send the deck 3/four days earlier, at least 24 hours, and inform the Board to be organized. If administrators have remarked, update your patio with their feedback. Make the assembly and fabric dynamic rather than purely in one direction. Including difficult questions to be discussed permits administrators to ruminate over them and come to meetings organized with insight. If you have all of your financials and KPIs blanketed, you don’t want to run via numbers line by way of the line, which gives you time for price upload activities. Schedule the meeting per week earlier at the minimum. Ensure it’s miles in each person’s calendar. Send an ordinary calendar invite and check human beings take delivery of your invite.

Ensure all and sundry is a settlement at the frequency and duration of conferences. Once a month is beneficial for early corporations. For the later stage, organizations’ meetings can be quarterly. The panels have to be 2-three hours long. As Brad Feld says, “I suppose hours is just too short. But more than 3 hours of excessive dialogue will flip most brains to mush. So, you can’t cross on too long either.”

If you need to discuss something, arguably, discuss this with each Board member before the meeting. You don’t need to surprise all and sundry with a name. No one likes surprises. There is a motive that McKinsey displays rub: ber stamp meetings. Everyone is aware of what they are going to mention. Think significantly about the timetable and your elected “cognizance consultation.” Whenever the Board assembly runs over time, it’s miles you, the CEO’s fault. If you introduce too many statistics and talking factors, nothing will get done, and anybody will walk away feeling like nothing is resolved.

Best Practice Running A Board Meeting

Don’t stand in front of anyone like you are offering. Sit on the table next to anyone else. The Board is there to help you, so don’t stage the state of affairs you are on show, and they may be there to decide for you. Standing doesn’t put you on top of things; it puts you on the shielding. Make certain anyone is prepared. If a director is unprepared at the assembly, pause at the beginning and supply them 10 minutes to read the update to be in a higher function to contribute. But it’s far worth being aware that the maximum incriminatory thing that could appear to a Board member is realizing that everyone in their friends organized for the assembly and that they didn’t.

Assuming everybody is prepared, you could ask if anybody is familiar with the template stuff like financials so that you don’t need to spend time on them. If there are any points human beings want to discuss, you may think about them for a while, allocating time to every subject matter. On the other hand, you don’t should spend time on every slide, so you don’t need to act as you do. So, if you are satisfied with the allocation of your alternative grants, ask, “Does everybody have a problem with the furnish? No, adequate, allow’s approve it then.” The same is going for financials and KPIs.

Immediately employ a Secretary who takes notes. Ideally, you ought to have a template to fill out to make things less complicated. The Secretary must flow into the letters, which must be agreed upon at the subsequent meeting. Save all the notes in a folder– you may want to provide them to buyers at some point of due diligence at your next fundraiser. Also, even as you’re at it, store each Board deck so you can easily offer them, too. Get awful information out of the manner first. Pull the band-aid off. Neither the Board nor you must attend in suspense for horrific news to drop.

It’s good enough to be vulnerable and say while you want to assist. The Board is there to help and, in all likelihood, is aware of those points already. Trying to cover your weaknesses is dangerous and will bring about you getting an ‘advisor role’ in your organization. The first-class CEOs began knowing nothing. However, they learned rapidly. Tell the Board prematurely for your CEO advent what the main thing you need out of the assembly is and how the Board can help. That way, you can ensure it is addressed. It doesn’t need to be the first issue you speak about, but make it recognized.

Don’t examine the deck like a schoolroom presentation to the elegance. Assume you’re speaking to vivid human beings who could 1/ study quicker than you could communicate and a couple of/ are ready to offer perception. What’s the point of scheduling an assembly with ~5 human beings to listen to a deck they might examine on their schedule? The group is for discussion. Board meetings need shape but no longer an excessive amount of stifling verbal exchange. It’s good enough to allow conversations to deviate from the agreed-upon structure where it’s far warranted. Your Board conferences are about attacking hard subjects, not completing them on time, or following your system.

You can determine what you need to talk about. If individuals convey topics you don’t want to speak about along with doing an hour-length review of cohorts or your landing page, it’s good enough to take manipulate and say outright that you don’t need to use the Board time on that. You can invite them to come back to the workplace and take a seat with the advertising team and talk product advertising and so forth.

Bring your key professionals to the assembly/call in case you are having a focal point consultation. YFor example, your VP of income can speak pipeline, the CTO the technical trends, and the CFO the cash situation. It additionally allows your leadership team to polish and encourages them to be properly organized. Talking to the Board is formidable to each person, so leverage it. It additionally suggests transparency, and you are glad to give them credit.

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