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Consider The Terrorist Threat To U.S. Markets & Your Portfolio

There has been much speculation and discussion regarding the danger of terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction in opposition to Israel, Western Europe, and the United States. If terrorist companies have guns of mass destruction, we need to make a goal to examine all of the ability targets of the possibility for an assault and the supply of these guns.

The conventional news media and our political leaders were less than coming near in this issue to avoid a public panic or at the authorities’ direction. Nevertheless, this query still has to be requested. The 11th of September terrorist assaults on Washington and New York became an operation that took years of planning and became no longer a one-time strike on America. Although Washington’s big reaction in Afghanistan and Iraq and opposition to terrorist cells around the arena seem to have stuck our enemies off protection, this reprieve will not always be ultimate. Eventually, they may react with a big counter-assault designed for maximum public effect, U.S. Humiliation, and financial destruction.

To determine the target, we should first discover the probable dreams of the anti-Western gamers in this battle. While they cannot desire to spoil the United States as the sector’s best remaining superpower, they are glaringly interested in changing all the prevailing “moderate” Arab governments with fundamentalist Islamic regimes. Their long-term goal is to topple the present governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Turkey and replace them with fundamentalist Islamic governments that can be anti-American and cooperate in destroying the Kingdom of Israel.


Neither Israel Nor Most of Europe Is A Probable Target

The Islamic fundamentalist intends to unite the Muslim world. Therefore, they might not likely pursue a nuclear, organic, or chemical assault on Israel. There was some issue: Saddam might launch isolated attacks against Israel while invading the U.S… However, this did not occur. Our intelligence turned out to be incorrect regarding his military competencies. Still, I believe there is little risk of a mass, unilateral attack in opposition to Israel by Arab terrorists for the following motives:

When they acquire the capability, a weapon of mass destruction attack against Israel might kill hundreds of thousands of Palestinians using its very nature. This would harm the guide for their purpose from other Arab nations and peoples. Moreover, an assault right here might, in all likelihood, damage or render the Muslim holy websites in Jerusalem and at the West Bank unusable. Killing a large variety of Jews in Israel and the Palestinians is too excessive of a fee to be paid for the instant destruction of Israel.

Plus, an assault opposing Israel would be counter-efficient due to Israel’s nuclear arsenal and stated intentions. Every Arab terrorist chief is aware that if guns of mass destruction are used against Israel, and they go through a big lack of lives or are even defeated, then no country inside the Middle East will avoid a final Doomsday attack with total annihilation and final destruction with the aid of nuclear weapons.

The opportune terrorist goal truely isn’t always Western Europe, apart from the U.K. and the other few closing European supporters of American foreign policy. Most of Europe is at the sidelines in cutting-edge warfare, and due to oil or geo-political issues, often facet with the Arab states concerning America’s Middle East guidelines. Therefore, except for London, I no longer sense Europe is at risk of a terrorist weapon of mass destruction assault.

Washington, DC Is Not the Prime Target

The primary target of possibility isn’t always Washington D.C. Both. However, home to many army installations and instructions, national intelligence, and hundreds of heaps of politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats, America’s military might and abilities are a long way too vast around the sector for an attack on Washington to cripple our military. Suppose they had the manner to hit two goals in the U.S. At the same time, with weapons of mass destruction, Washington may be the shared goal, but that is not likely.

The navy electricity of the United States military is such that terrorists may have little effect on our functionality to wage war and retribution in the event of an attack. Yes, they could target Washington. Yes, they might ruin a plane provider venture force. And yes, they could conceivably deliver a short-term tactical defeat in opposition to us if we continue to occupy extra countries inside the Middle East. However, they can not desire to defeat us as an army power. As the Japanese learned about the Pearl Harbor attack, and bin Laden found out after 9-11, it isn’t always a smart way to provoke America while we can target the enemy.

It is time to discuss a taboo topic in the status quo press. What is the next probable goal of Osama bin Laden or other Islamic militant terrorists inside the United States? We have repeatedly heard that they targeted the World Trade Center because it became the symbol of American electricity, pleasure, and capitalism.

Why the World Trade Center in New York City, and now not the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty? What approximately the U.S. Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Super Dome packed with spectators, or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge? Also, why did they not look ahead to the Salt Lake City Olympics broadcast on international TV or bide their time to a national political conference wherein they could have taken out half of the leading politicians of the Democrat or Republican Parties?

Why did Muslim terrorists twice target the World Trade Center? Surprisingly, with all of the news articles, T.V. speakme heads at the nightly applications, and pronouncements from politicians, there was little dialogue on why this particular target changed especially others. Have you considered a reason for the code of silence and blackout on all such discussions?

What if our legislators, Wall Street, and the media fear the real reason for the terrorist targeting of the World Trade Center Towers? However, our status quo has decided not to move public and divulge the danger for fear of public and economic panic. Shouldn’t we know that the residents of New York City, specifically those operating within the financial district, can choose any destiny risk for themselves? What approximately American investors? Is the fear of a marketplace panic or a wholesale withdrawal from the U.S. Markets and the greenback by using overseas traders another cause of the hazard’s lack of press coverage?

I fear the actual goal of both earlier attacks turned into Wall Street and our monetary machine – not just some tall homes. Could the terrorists attempt both times to sincerely convey down the World Trade Center towers on the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street? The answer may be yes. One issue is that they were trying to disrupt the U.S. Monetary device and find our countermeasures towards this assault.

William J. McGoldrick
William J. McGoldrick
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