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Dear Sky’: New e-book places lens on Air Koryo, North Korea’s best industrial airline

North Korea’s aviation industry has long been a source of intrigue and fascination for tourists from around the arena, even if you. S. A . ‘s diplomatic hostilities aren’t in the information.
This curiosity is focused on Air Koryo, the nation-owned national airline of the communist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It’s the United States’ best commercial airline and most effective flies to simply international destinations — China and Russia. Tours devoted to North Korean aviation that set up charter flights on some of Air Koryo’s planes quickly refill, the hazard to fly in its uncommon Soviet-era plane — a few courting back to the 1960s — too tempting for plane spotters to miss.

Among the ones fascinated by Air Koryo’s fleet of classic Antonovs, Ilyushins, and Tupolevs is photographer Arthur Mebius. After becoming a member of an aviation-focused North Korean excursion that allowed him to experience some of those places, he decided to assemble an e-book on the airline, known as “Dear Sky — The Planes and People of North Korea’s Airline.” Its capabilities pics were taken for the duration of 3 North Korean visits.
We interviewed Mebius to discover more about his experiences creating this book.

CNN: What inspired you to create ‘Dear Sky’?

Mebius: I am an aviation lover and a professional photographer. I continually try to position this love for aviation in a photographic challenge. When I determined that in North Korea, there is a fleet of active classic Russian jetliners, I decided to go there with my camera to shoot a chain. After a couple of days of flying and shooting, it became clear to me I wanted to capture the story in a picture e-book. I lowered back two extra instances to North Korea to finish the collection.

North Korea


Due to global sanctions and environmental regulations, this fleet of older Russian jetliners of Air Koryo rarely flies abroad. Nevertheless, those plane and their crews are stored and equipped for operation. Occasional home flights are crucial for flight attendants and pilots to practice and maintain their know-how and abilities. It became the willpower and pleasure of the crew that caught my hobby for the series.

Tell us a piece about Air Koryo’s fleet.

The fleet of Air Koryo has a total of, I trust, 15 airplanes. 4 of them are more recent planes (from the ’90s and more youthful). These 4 — Tupolev 204s and Antonov 148s — are used for regular international flights. The more recent planes are more modern than the background ones and equivalent to what Western Airways flies these days.
What are some of the most sudden stuff you located about the airline?

Given its Skytrax “one celebrity” score and the background fleet activated for fanatic charters, humans assume poor providers and vintage planes. In reality, on an everyday flight from Beijing, the plane is a brand new-build Tupolev or Antonov, indistinguishable from a modern Airbus or Boeing. Even though the flight is 90 minutes, a complimentary meal is served alongside hot and bloodless beverages (and the first taste of tremendous North Korean beer) using an exceptionally polite and polished cabin group.

There are a few eccentric touches, consisting of displaying a range of stage performances of North Korean musical bands, whole with a backdrop of army maneuvers, with the soundtrack playing through the aircraft PA. The crossing of the Yalu River into North Korean airspace is introduced over the PA.

Why are aviation lovers so intrigued by using Air Koryo?

North Korea is an unusual u. S. This is fascinating to many human beings, and I assume humans are curious to see what an airline might seem like in such a bizarre context.
Also, it’s miles famous for being the earlier mentioned “one-star airline,” mainly because it doesn’t qualify for a rating with many key criteria, including a common flier application not fulfilled. It has nothing to do with the carrier or safety file; each is of a completely high general.

How did you gain permission to take the images?

During my flights in the DPRK, I became part of a set of travelers with a commonplace interest in planes. We have been allowed to take pix of the aircraft. I took this opportunity cautiously to take pictures of the pilots and flight attendants nicely.

Have you received a reaction from North Korea?

No phrase from North Korea. The book is not supposed to be terrible in any way. It’s a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to what they may be used to, so it isn’t easy to recognize what they will make of it. I showed it to a person who works as an excursion manual there. They stated the North Korean authorities would ask, “Why aren’t the humans searching the digicam? Why is the flight attendant so blurry?”

On mild occasions, critics say travelers are taking a massive hazard by heading to North Korea. Thoughts?

My experience is the North Koreans want you to come back and see what they want you to see, have an excellent time, spend a few euros, and leave with a high-quality impression in their u. S. They are very touchy, approximately how the world sees them. Visitors are briefed earlier than the trip about do’s and don’ts, like do not take photos of locals without asking first, do not take pics of squaddies, and don’t make amusing of the leaders.

As it’s nominal as a minimum, a communist u. S ., there is no advertising and marketing or international manufacturers. The towns are easy and uncongested. For the vacationer, the shortage of Internet and speak-signal method, the institution forms a good bond, without distractions from social media and smart telephones humming at the desk. The locals I met are very kind and curious, and due to a lack of different enjoyment alternatives, they all play music and sing. It’s a unique vacation spot, and I hope to move back.

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