Earn Money by Downloading Apps

Money is something that every person needs these days. There are several and thousands of ways in which you can make money easily. Today in this brief guide I am going to tell you some of the best ways in which you can make quick bucks easily. Did you ever know that you can get paid to watch TV or exercise or even take photos? If you know this then you are in the right place. There are plenty of ways in which you can use your phone and there are Android apps that pay you money. So, simply by using such applications, you can make the money easily. Also, they will help you to get rich quickly.


Now, in the Android apps that pay you money 2017, Mistplay is one of them. This application began in the year 2017 and is a video gaming platform. It is a kind of loyalty program which is specially created for the players. The players can use Mistplay and earn several points after which you can redeem those points for getting prizes in the future. It is one of the best application through which you can win plenty of prizes and reward points. In the prizes section, a gift card is also included.


Free Application –

You can easily earn credit and know more. There is one condition/rule in this game and that is the longer the player will play this game or the games that are provided, the more they have chances to earn points, and what’s more? One of the best parts of this platform of gaming is that it is a free gaming platform. So, the rewards and the points that you will earn through this android app that pays will be pure profit. There are no chances of losses. You will get prizes, rewards, points, etc. which you can easily redeem.

Download the Game & Earn –

Now, to earn points you must either download the game in the app or play the video game in the app. So, this is one of the biggest reasons why the majority of the youngster crowd is glued with their mobile phones. It’s not always PUBG, but there are also some good apps Android apps that pay you money like Mistplay through which you can earn quick bucks in the form of gift cards and much more, isn’t it amazing that you get a gift card worth thousands of rupees and you can redeem it at any shop or buy clothes and accessories and much more?

Points for Sign Up –

In the Mistplay app, you will have to sign in into the app using Google or Facebook. And guess what? You will get simply 15 points for signing up with them. And all that you have to do is start following the instructions for Android apps that pay you money 2018 and do as it’s instructed, then only you will be able to earn points. Now, let’s focus on the games. Some games require you some amount of time to play the game. Say the number of minutes you played per game, and also there are more specific rules which are there to earn more points.

Earning Points –

While playing these games you will or you can earn points 20 to 200, and once you have earned 1500 points you will $5 for the 1500 points. So this amazing and you can earn plenty of free money/dollars per game. There are also referral points in the game which you get. If you prefer the game to your friend and they log in to play that specific game, then you will get 50 points extra. Wow, now this something so cool. Imagine you referred to 5 friends so you will get 250 points + 15 points for signing up.

S’More App –

S’more is an application Android game apps that pay you money which is specially created for android devices which assists the advertisers to get the word about the products and services. Now, in this, the users can get 10 cents for having the application installed in your device. You get 50 points for installing the application. And in this to cash out, the users need only 500 points. So, this is also a very cool application. You can take the surveys in the app interacting with the lock screen, and complete the offers, see the videos, etc. Referral points are 25 per friend.

Final Words –

So, this way many best android apps pay you money, some of them are swag bucks, fetch rewards, lucktastic, Ibotta, Symposium, Pact, Viggle, Scoopshot, etc. Now, through these applications, you can earn money from your android phones. If you have spare time, you can use these applications and make more money. There are plenty of ways in which you can earn money and it completely depends on your skills as to what extent you use it to earn more points, rewards, gift cards, cash prizes, and much more.

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