Facebook Game – Castle Age Review

The name Castle Age isn’t always new to the Facebook network. With over 2 million gamers already gambling the sport, Castle Age is popular among fans that love fable RPG and has been around Facebook for a while now.

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The recreation tells a tale of a lone protagonist who arrived in a village that is being attacked by the forces of evil (equal old tale you hear whenever in RPG). Once you the hero “saved” the village you’ll be provided with your first general (out of the four heroes) and from there, your adventure begins within the land of Valeria. As you adventure in the direction of various lands on Valeria you will encounter numerous heroes who could be willing be a part of your reason and additionally the evil that has been threatening the once nonviolent land of yours.

The Storyline in this game is provided in a textual content base manner and as you progress at some stage in the game, small a part of the tale line will unveil to gamers. The game does not really give up once all the quests are completed. The story is ever evolving because the developers will launch a brand new chapter inside every few months to keep the sport ongoing.

The gameplay for Castle Age is as an alternative clean to learn and select up. For folks who played Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars will experience properly at domestic with Castle Age. Players whose really been playing Flash games on Facebook will experience that this sport is instead complex and dull in the beginning, but when you get the hang of it, this sport may be very addictive.

RPG factors presented in this sport is similar to any RPG that you may find inside the market as players may be provided with the basic ability set like degree, electricity, fitness, assault, and protection. Items like armor, guns, soldier devices, and heroes may also make their appearance and every one of those gadgets may have an effect on how you play it.

During the first few days, it will take new gamers a chunk of having used to the mechanics of the sport and how the questing is going, however when you get used to it. Things will flip up easy and gold appears to be alternatively without difficulty obtained once you throw your self into different additional project or battles.

Castle Age is represented in three sorts of gameplay for a player to pick from. Players can do either the following mode which is Questing, Siege war or Duel and each of these modes has its own reward and amusement.

First off we look into Questing. Nothing an awful lot may be stated as this is the maximum basic form of a component that is recognized by way of RPG video games. You get into a quest, entire it and get the reward from there you flow on to the next quest. Castle Age, however, throws in a few additional stuff into their quest as you need positive heroes to development on a certain quest. If you’re geared up with the wrong hero, the game will let you know that you want to pick the precise hero for the land before your questing bar can development, else you will be wasting your valuable energy on it. Once 4 quests are finished, a special quest might be unlocked on each land you visited and the drops depend upon the quest itself. It can be both unique equipment or a monster orb which you may later summon for an epic boss combat.

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This is a part of questing (Epic Boss fight) will involve extra than your self as you may be calling for pals and allies that will help you in defeating the boss and gain special reward after every fight.

Once you get uninterested in questing, you could then strive the struggle and dual mode gameplay. This is in which half of the fun is in playing Castle Age. For conflict and duel concerned specifically in deciding on the appropriate hero into the struggle, the proper equipment and additionally having an appropriate gadget. The battle is split into 2 bureaucracy, siege mode, and duel. In siege mode, you will have your friends that will help you. This is call navy, the more buddies you have playing Castle Age the greater effective you are in siege mode. As in someone with 50 pals can have more gain with toward a participant with only 45 buddies, this is wherein your maths comes in handy. No wonder my teacher used to jog my memory that math will store the arena in the future, Thanks Teach!

Dual mode but does not require a lot of navy participants as in this a part of recreation, having equipped an appropriate hero with the proper status and system could make you a powerful pressure to be reckoned with. No joke especially when you face off in opposition to an opponent this is nearly double your degree and you come back out kicking the poor fellow’s butt.

With all the one’s gameplay to keep you occupied, things do no longer truly end here as the developers for Castle Age will throw in special event and updates as soon as a month. The newest event that they held is Arena, much like Battle, but with better praise that is for restrained time handiest. The rewards are really worth making an investment into as some of the objects and units are ungodly powerful.

I could say that for a web-based MMORPG, Castle Age is one of the excellent looking games on Facebook. The artwork could be very nicely done and a number of the historical past is so precise which you may also be tempted to position it up as your wallpaper heritage.

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From heroes to villain and to the simple units, all the arts are nicely finished and with a mixture of east and west. Take for an instance; Hero unit like Lyra, her hero profile photograph is extra towards the eastern facet with the typical Japanese anime style form of art even as the Hero like Crom will have a more western appearance similar to Conan the barbarian. All in all the arts is reward as the artist placed plenty of attempt in growing them. However, I do notice that Castle Age heroes do have more girl than their male counterpart as a maximum of the heroes offered are women. I assume that is to attract most of the male gamers on Facebook.