Konshens Addresses Conventional Standards of Beauty

With the current release of his unmarried “Beautiful”, recording artist Konshens currently defined stereotypical male view factors by means of addressing the problem of conventional general of beauty that plague ladies of all ages, races, and creeds.

From magazines to movies, to the growing “Social media models” that constantly set an unrealistic and mentally dangerous splendor blue print, society income from self-doubts, and liking yourself is a rebellious act. Aware that himself as an artist performs a component at the equation with the aid of the lovely women displayed in his films, Konshens recognition as a committed father to two young impressionable youngsters, and to his fans takes heed of the burden of his words, and for this, the reggae and dancehall celebrity placed pen to paper to supply inspirational words.

A 21st Hapilos Production, “Beautiful” is a reminder that beauty is indeed in the attention of the beholder and begins from the interior. “Not because you’re not an IG version, and your snaps dem no longer on fleek, nuh make dem make you feel you small up and make it seem like you’re incomplete, change what you need to alternate up, get dressed the way you need and placed on your make up, as long as a day a need, not just what all of us need female…”

Contrary to some remarks from naysayers, the songs aren’t towards plastic surgical treatment, or embellishments, weaves or makeup, on the opposite, the mode is for empowerment. Konshens currently explained, “Beautiful is a music for each girl to be reminded splendor starts from the inside, now not described by using the opinion of strangers or social media.”

Social Media: Does Social Media Create Impossible Standards Of Beauty?

For many years now, the mainstream media has been criticized for modifying snap shots, and this is because of the effect this has on women. When they see these snap shots, they’re regularly ignorant of what has been done, and they are able to come to consider that what they see is every day.

If they were able to see the photographs and to understand what has taken a region, this would not be the case. This would then allow them to see that the snap shots don’t really replicate reality, and this would prevent them from experiencing the same quantity of strain.




A female’s look plays a big position in how she feels approximately herself, and that is why it is so important for them to see photos that reflect the truth. All the time they’re seeing snap shots that have nothing to do with what ‘real’ women look like, it’s far going to motive them to go through.

Yet, irrespective of what a woman looks as if, she is not going to fit up with a photograph that has been severely edited. As an end result of this, they can grow to be feeling as though they’re not enough.


It is then no longer going to be feasible for her to just accept herself as she is, and she may want to grow to be feeling hopeless. This isn’t to say that she will forget about her look; as she might also do the whole lot she will be able to try to look ideal.

Her moves are going to be stimulated via her want to be sufficient instead of her wanting to take care of her appearance. And even supposing the humans around her display their approval, it won’t be possible for her to just accept it, and that is due to the truth that she is hiding who she truly is.

A Normal Image

If the pix in the media have been now not edited, it would make it easier for ladies to simply accept their appearance. They would come to the peer that perfection would not exist, and even as the pics they see within the media could still have an impact, it wouldn’t be identical.

The pix they see could be used as the concept, but they no longer always going to come back to the belief that they are lacking something. And if they evaluate their look with the humans they see, it’s to have the same effect on their shallowness.


One reason for that is that they will be comparing themselves with individuals who reflect truth in preference to individuals who represent an illusion. This will permit them to see that even though they appear distinct to the humans inside the snap shots, it isn’t due to the fact the humans inside the snap shots are perfect.

It absolutely comes all the way down to the truth that they have a unique appearance, and this may make it less complicated for them to embrace their very own distinctiveness. And if the photographs have been now not edited, it might also give a person the chance to peer that there are numerous exclusive appears.

Celebrating Diversity

Whereas, while a person handiest sees pix that have been edited, it will likely be normal for them to believe that there is simplest a positive range of seems which might be perfect. Being distinctive is then not some thing to be celebrated, it is some thing to be embarrassed about.

When being extraordinary is celebrated, it is going to be loads easier for someone to post who they are, and their need to shop for matters in an effort to alternate their look could also start to lower. And when humans do give them approval, they could recognize it is for who they are instead of the person they’re trying to be.