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Korean Beauty Hacks: Everything you need to know

Korean Beauty Hacks: Everything you want to understand
Korean Beauty hacks have always been hype and it is for all the right motives and their extremely good results. Many main beauty manufacturers have even delivered K-splendor products at their levels.

Korean Beauty Hacks

In summer, our pores and skin become prone to many skin conditions, including pigmentation and pimples, because the summer sun can be harsh and brutal. The warm months make tanning inevitable, and our obsession with DIY remedies started offevolved grow. Here, we strive to list out a number of the fine K-splendor home remedies to attend to your skin this summer season:
Yogurt Face Mask

We all are pretty much privy to the herbal moisturizing houses of yogurt. The residences of yogurt that make it a staple food in most Korean kitchens is its probiotic nature, which makes it a preferred component for skin care. care.-Mix tablespoons of yogurt with honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice

-Apply the aggregate throughout your pores and skin and permit it to settle down for 15-20 minutes

-Wash it off and follow the soothing moisturizer

Lemon and Strawberry Face Pack

Lemon and honey are key elements used in K-splendor

Lemon is an antioxidant that incorporates Vitamin C. Vitamin C enables the reduction of skin harm and premature aging. Strawberry is a robust astringent with anti-inflammatory houses that can guard our skin from UV rays and treat acne.

-Mix two drops of lemon juice with three strawberries mashed to a pulp

-Add two tablespoons of yogurt to present a thick consistency

-Apply the percent in your pores and skin and permit it to sit for half-hour

-Wash it off with heated water

-Repeat the method twice every week

Rice Water Mist

Rice water is among the most popular substances in many Korean splendor treatments and beauty merchandise. Rice water is known for its pores and skin brightening and anti-aging residences, which help get clear and sparkling skin.

-Soak easy rice in water for around 30 minutes

-Pour the water into a sprig bottle

-Add a few clean aloe vera gel inside the bottle

-Shake it up and use it as a mist on the tanned areas of your skin

Green Tea Mist

Green Tea is broadly used as a key factor in Korean skin care. Women use green tea as a facial rinse to clean glass skin. Green tea no longer best hydrates the pores and skin; it also acts as a great toner for pores and skin.

-Boil a few inexperienced tea leaves

-Let it cool

-Strain the inexperienced tea

-Pour the inexperienced tea water into a spray bottle

-Use it as a face mist for 1-2 instances in an afternoon

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