Oklahoma’s Ditch Witch Featured At ‘Made In America’ Event At White House

WASHINGTON – The White House celebrated “Made in America Week” on Monday with a show from businesses placed in all 50 states.
Ditch Witch, placed in Perry turned into the corporation represented from Oklahoma.

President Trump says the intention turned into to show off merchandise from the states with hopes to boom domestic manufacturing.

“You construct and harvest the goods that fill our homes, feed our families, and guard our kingdom, and improve our lives. I need to make a pledge to each one among you: No longer are we going to permit different countries to interrupt the policies, steal our jobs and drain our wealth—and it’s been drained,” said President Donald Trump.

Ditch Witch and others had been an installation at the south garden of the White House.

Diversity & Inclusion – Will Donald Trump Erode The Gains Made?

Right from the time he declared his intention for the senior maximum political function inside the USA, to its cognizance, many (or as a minimum because the media made us trust) kept questioning he was the most important funny story of the century. Then he gained and changed into sworn in as POTUS. The entire world is now watching and listening pensively each other hour for the most unpredictable “breaking news” from the White house. Bills are being signed and the impact of some is sort of instant.

The worldwide workplace is already feeling the “arms-on effect” or rather the presidential “touchdown force” of Donald John Trump.

His campaigns were plagued by statements, actions and scandalous stuff that indicated POTUS had little regard for all mankind besides if not positive creeds. “Diversity and inclusion” became a foreign ideology which he didn’t have and nevertheless has no time for. He didn’t shy from making it acknowledged that he had a disliking for the Muslim community, the Mexicans immigrants and in preferred anyone, he was taken into consideration non-American. He shot from the hip and any competition turned into treated thus.

A quick contrast with his predecessor and you can quickly inform those are two guys from exclusive planets. While Obama carried along all and sundry or even led the range marketing campaign globally, Trump has given the strongest hint that he isn’t always just about to healthy within the identical shoes. The maximum recent payments he has signed have triggered international jitters with immigrants and foreign citizens operating in American finding themselves stranded (a few being aliens: Read Mo Farah’s tweet message) on u. S . A .’s entry points.

While the US has constantly led the diversity & inclusion discussion, it stays to be visible how this exquisite place of work agenda could be advanced in 2017 and past in mild of Trump’s presidency.

Obama’s administration advanced the time table with a heavy inclination on institutionalizing the LGBT community. However it is imperative to keep in mind that Diversity is bigger than sexual orientation and in sure continents, the sexual orientation is a non-issue. Religious and race/ethnicity topics



take the center stage.

While it is able to be too early to make a concrete decision on positive matters, the LGBT community has already raised worries at the deletion of its page from the white residence internet site. They experience this can be Trump’s subtle manner of watering down the profits and recognition they were given from the preceding authorities. His vice president, Mike Pence, has expressed staunch competition to homosexual rights as having some of the President’s current cabinet selections.

I might dare say that Trump has thrown stones inside the hives of three kingpins of Diversity; sexual orientation countrywide beginning, and religion. The LGBT community feel their identity and freedom is an actual threat, non-Americans are day by day waking up to the uncertainty of their being within the US and the worldwide Muslim community is enraged for being tagged as dangerous (if not terrorists) to America’s peace.