This Is What Liberated the Power of the Internet, and Why It Matters

The earliest net became constructed by way of the navy, designed to assist scientists across the kingdom gain in getting right of entry to those uncommon room-sized computer systems positioned at MIT, Stanford, and a few key establishments.

Use of the early ARPAnet become gradual, cumbersome, and awkward—this is until Marc Andreessen created Mosaic, the first widely-reachable internet browser.

When Mosaic launched in 1993, there have been most effective 26 web sites.

In 1994, there have been 10,000.

By 1998, there had been thousands and thousands.

Mosaic (later Netscape) changed into a “person interface moment.”

A person interface second is the instant whilst an era goes viral—while simple interface lets in surprising users to construct revenue-generating tactics on the pinnacle of a formerly convoluted, inaccessible device (e.G., the early internet).

In this video, I spotlight user interface moments and the way to capitalize on them as an entrepreneur.

Other User Interface Moments

As mentioned, Mosaic wasn’t the best important consumer interface moment in recent history.

Fortran, one of the first programming languages, allowed common users to apply complex IBM computer systems.

The iPhone’s app saves allowed individuals to write down programs which can instantly down load into the hands of masses of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Since simply 2008, a few three hundred,000 builders have written over two million apps that have been downloaded over a hundred and forty billion times.

Developers at the Apple app save generated over $20 billion in revenue in 2016 on my own.



As an exponential entrepreneur, it’s miles your task to have a look at the exponential roadmap beforehand and perceive person interface moments.

If you’re now not building them, learn to apprehend them, so you can capitalize on them when the moment affords.

Quickly Turning Away From Pornography and Why It Matters

As someone who has killed the deep maintains pornography may have on the existence of an individual, I recognize the acute level of misery, pain, and frustration caused by this substance. I can attest to the overpowering hold close it could have on someone, to the factor in which it lowers their self-self assurance, inhibits their choice and potential to engage with others, stunts their pursuit of faith, and opens the door to signs and symptoms of hysteria, guilt, disgrace, and depression.

However, I can also say that pornography isn’t always something that has to bind the heart, mind or life of a character in any of those methods, and if we are extreme about handling this phenomenon as a whole, we should understand the proper place to begin of such an enterprise, and it’s no longer with pornography.


It would be clean to view the production and distribution of pornography because the number one problem we should be focusing on, especially as it relates to putting a cease to each, and but by using doing so I assume we’d omit the most vital area for us to begin.

There is a mile more private and meaningful starting point: guarding our coronary heart.

Scripture addresses this matter sincerely:

“Keep your coronary heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the troubles of lifestyles.” – Proverbs 4:23 (NKJV)

This verse is completely relevant for our day, for with the advent of cell technologies and the net, pornography and other types of sexual exploitation aren’t simplest easily accessible, they’re literally placed before us when we are not looking for them. If we are blind to how our hearts are being shaped and prompted by means of this inflow of advertised sexuality, we can effortlessly fall prey to the enticements that comply with. However, we are able to keep away from that pitfall by using ultimate aware about those impacts and making selections in step with diligently guarding our hearts against them.


This is another purpose why it is pivotal that we replicate upon how our worldview, assumptions, and behaviors are being fashioned by way of dangerous cultural messages related to human sexuality. This type of reflection lets us to assess how we are honestly dwelling our lives, and apprehend whether we’ve got fallen prey to those stereotypes. If we have, we can need to start doing the work essential to shift our recognition onto seeing, treating and respecting people as people, and no longer as gadgets to be had for our personal gratification. Ultimately, we need to decide in our hearts that we can now not take part in any manner with the exploitation of every other’s sexuality. Such a choice stands in stark contrast to present day cultural trends and demanding situations us to maintain a view of sexuality as sacred.


It only takes seconds for someone to actually trade the route of their life via clicking on a sexually pushed advertisement or a hyperlink to a pornographic internet site. Some of you might imagine I am exaggerating this point, however, I assure you I am not. It is impossible to completely deliver the intensity of pain I see individuals and couples experiencing due to the fact they opened the door in their heart to pornography. They did not are aware of it could sooner or later regulate the course of their relationships and their lives.

So, what does staying or turning into freed from pornography seem like?

It looks like at once shut the door to every temptation luring you into the sexual exploitation of any other human being.

The immediate shutting of that door reflects, for each individual, an announcement of liberty within the face of a culture of darkness. It is likewise an act of empowerment, a desire, wherein we carefully determine how our hearts and minds may be influenced. These declarations and empowerments are lovely, important, and accomplished with the assist of the Lord who allows us to do what is right.

U.S. Decide rejects magnificence movements over Internet tune charges

– A Manhattan federal choose on Tuesday stated consumers accusing numerous huge song groups of conspiring to inflate prices of tune offered over the Internet and on compact discs cannot pursue their claims in magnificence actions.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska’s 89-page decision is a victory for Sony Corp, Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and numerous associates inside the eleven-12 months-old lawsuit, which the choose stated have been not on time through large disputes over evidence.

Consumers accused the defendants of taking the unfair gain in their eighty percent share of the U.S. Market for an online song, and that via making such track “much less attractive” to shop for have been able to force up CD charges.

But the judge said man or woman questions would “quickly overwhelm” troubles common to the ability tens of millions of those who may be represented in a nationwide magnificence motion.

She stated this was mainly authentic given the probability that a “massive percentage” of ability elegance members might have “unclean arms” because they downloaded a song illegally.

“As defendants have stated succinctly throughout this litigation, ‘a plaintiff might not bitch that one hand is being overcharged while the alternative hand is robbing the shop,'” Preska wrote.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs did not without delay reply to requests for comment.

Class movements let plaintiffs pursue claims in businesses and doubtlessly obtain larger recoveries than in the event that they were forced to sue individually, that may show too pricey.



The decide additionally refused to certify nine separate damages training for customers from 8 U.S. States and the District of Columbia, pronouncing differences amongst states’ laws might make magnificence motion litigation “unmanageable.”

Preska additionally largely rejected an effort to exclude testimony from antitrust professionals retained via the plaintiffs and rejected an attempt to exclude testimony from a laptop forensics professional retained by using the defendants.Compare Apple iPod Prices at the Internet Before You Buy One

The case is In re Digital Music Antitrust Litigation, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 06-md-01780.
Compare Apple iPod Prices on the Internet Before You Buy One
Music is meals for the soul and has been gaining great popularity from populaces all over the globe. People are visible hooked to their iPods every hour of the day. From podcasts to distinct genres, the tune may be very addictive and can be your first-rate friend in your lonely times. Apple has a sturdy preserve over the iPod marketplace and to search approximately pertaining Apple iPod expenses, you need to go to iPod shops to make certain that you are laying your palms on the cheapest iPod which proffers complete price to your money.

Music additionally assists you to relax and can be your trustworthy partner whilst you are visiting by myself. There are assortments of reasons why iPods have gained a reputation over these years. The very fact that it gratifies parents want to hold their music anyplace they need and that too with excessive ease is what made those Apple products extra legendary. iPod costs vary from vicinity to location; for e.G. iPod costs UK and USA might not be the same and iPod stores may also confirm this. Some of the maxima in demand Apple iPods are iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod touch and iPod traditional.

If you need to buy reasonably-priced iPods, you ought to do a bit of elaborate research on the World Wide Web and go to iPod shops. These iPods got here into the marketplace in 2001 or even after a decade their recognition does not appear to be lessening at the opposite an increasing number of people are chipping in for these to put their fingers on some top notch song. From their inception, there were predominant changes to the fees and their structure too. They are now laced with the Kingdom of the art technologies such as HD digicam and other recording functions, which makes them simply the greater eye-catching and rewarding.

If you need to encounter cheap iPods on the market, you ought to do your homework properly and take pleasure in iPod charges contrast from each on hand useful resource. In such milieus, the net permit you to in more ways than one as you do not should visit one of a kind web portals to lay your hands on satisfactory iPod costs as there are a plethora of internet portals that allows you to endow you with assessment equipment to Compare Apple iPod Prices of various segments and types. Apart from music, present day iPods also can play films and even record them. They also have longer battery existence and user pleasant functions.

How China tames dissent on the Internet

Chinese authorities leaders, diffused masters of propaganda, seem to have discovered a Sun Tzu formula for taming dissent on the Internet: The satisfactory method might not be to confront critics directly but to lull or distract them with a tide of correct news.

This interesting argument is recommended through a current article within the American Political Science Review titled “How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument.” With complex information, it helps an easy thesis about lifestyles in the Internet age: Arguing the records regularly doesn’t paintings; often, confrontation just makes human beings withstand tougher.

The study analyzes China, however, its implications are applicable for America inside the age of Donald Trump. As I referred to in a column ultimate August, Trump’s supporters every so often impervious to truth-primarily based argument. Trump’s base has in the main stayed dependable on account that his inauguration, no matter his loss of legislative achievements and his impulsive, arguably unethical moves. Why is this so? Read on.

The Chinese case examines the same conundrum explored by Christopher Graves, an Ogilvy Public Relations govt-became-behavioral scientist. He summed up the constraints of factual argument in an October 2016 article in Harvard Business Review, “When Saying Something Nice Is the Only Way to Change Someone’s Mind.” That’s a lesson Trump critics haven’t discovered. Trump makes inflammatory statements, opponents howl in outrage, and his middle supporters applaud. The deadlock maintains.

Let’s get again to China. That country provides an Internet puzzle that became tested through Gary King of Harvard University, Jennifer Pan of Stanford University and Margaret Roberts of the University of California at San Diego. (Their paintings changed into highlighted for me by means of Eileen Donahoe of Stanford.) The paradox is that China probably has the most prolific social-media hobby within the international, however, its authoritarian government additionally fears opposition. So how does Beijing preserve control?

The three American researchers desired to test the widely held concept that the Chinese authorities mobilize a military of more than one million Internet commentators to fight criticism of the regime. This supposed cadre of idea police is regularly defined as “Fifty Cent,” because analysts notion they have been paid a small amount for every publish that recommended the party line and rebutted foreign critics.



To check how the device definitely labored, the researchers studied a cache of 43,797 Fifty Cent posts that became leaked in 2014 from the Internet Propaganda Office of Zhanggong District in Jiangxi province in southeast China. Nearly all had been from folks who labored at authorities corporations (and there has been no proof they were paid whatever, let alone 50 cents a put up). Their missives spiked sharply on anniversaries of protests and other days when there might be public dissent, making clean they were well-prepared

The Marvel turned into that the posts weren’t argumentative. Instead, they had been bland birthday party pabulum. About 80 percent of the posts were “cheerleading” about authorities sports, 14 percent have been non-argumentative reward or tips, and almost none have been outright assaults. Other Internet samples yielded similar findings.

The Chinese precept, concluded the American researchers, was “do not interact on controversial problems.” Only when there was a risk of collective motion would the government intrude at once. It became as though the birthday celebration propagandists have been adapting the famous admonition of Sun Tzu, the revered 6th-century B.C. Strategist: “The ideal art of warfare is to subdue the enemy with out combating.”

The researchers supplied a concluding notion that’s relevant in this period, whilst statistics operations have emerged as a site of covert action (as verified via the Russian authorities’ hacking of the 2016 election) in addition to home manipulate: “Letting a controversy die, or changing the challenge, generally works tons better than selecting an issue and getting someone’s returned up.”

What happens when we ignore this principle and assault our political adversaries head-on? The 2016 election and its aftermath can be an object lesson. Evidence of wrongdoing may additionally seem overwhelming if it confirms your pre-existing ideas, however not if it demanding situations those middle biases. Graves noted this “backfire effect,” as explained in a 2011 essay through journalist David McRaney: “When your private convictions are challenged via contradictory evidence, your ideas get stronger.”

The lesson of this social-science studies? If a political narrative is repeated frequently sufficient, sponsored by using a refrain of cheerleaders, it’s very hard to rebut immediately. Quiet persuasion may be extra powerful than shouting; the sluggish accretion of data may additionally have a greater effect than a barrage. To quote Sun Tzu once more: “The rule is, now not to besiege walled towns if it may in all likelihood be averted.”

California takes on Trump again – on internet privateness regulations

California lawmakers want to head their personal way after the Trump administration determined to loosen up privacy regulations for net provider vendors, consisting of Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T.

That decision allows net and cellular businesses to market non-public information harvested from their clients with out getting permission.

Assembly Bill 375, by using Assemblyman Ed Chau, D-Arcadia, could position California at odds with the brand new federal administration simply months into the Donald Trump presidency. It would force internet carriers to get permission to promote or proportion non-public statistics which includes a customer’s net browsing history and private identifying facts with 1/3 parties, that could use the records for focused ads and different advertising and marketing efforts.

Internet providers music the site’s clients visit and the way lengthy they live. They additionally understand what apps their clients use and on what gadgets they use them. That may want to doubtlessly allow net carriers to associate with insurers to decide risk based totally on a patron’s surfing conduct. Also, credit card corporations ought to group up with companies to discover how probably someone is to pay their bills based on the web buying websites they browse.

“We’re looking to supply the client a choice,” Chau stated. “Before ISPs use or proportion info with others they need to ask the client first.”

Websites that do not offer internet carrier, which includes Bing, Amazon, and Netflix, aren’t confined through Chau’s invoice.

“In maximum markets, you handiest have multiple picks,” stated Consumer Federation of California Executive Director Richard Holober, explaining why carrier carriers aren’t afforded the same privilege as web sites. “There’s now not an awful lot of a preference in the event that they (ISPs) will maximize their profits by way of using your statistics.”

ISPs and their advocates counter that the bill is an overreach, and they do no longer use customers’ statistics without permission now.

The Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee take up Chau’s bill this morning at 9 a.M., Room 3191.

Welcome to the AM Alert, your morning rundown on California policy and politics. To acquire it regularly, please sign on right here.



WORTH REPEATING: “Passing this invoice on a bipartisan foundation is something on which Ronald Reagan … Would be proud.” – George Shultz, former secretary of the country under Reagan, on the climate trade payments.

CARCINOGENS IN THE WATER: The State Water Resources Control Board nowadays will keep in mind putting a most contaminant level in drinking water substances of 5 parts in line with trillion for 1,2,three-trichloro propane, a chemical used in pesticides. The chemical, which has been identified as in all likelihood carcinogenic to people, can flow to groundwater aquifers through the soil and has been detected in wells.

If the board approves the drinking water popular, it’ll then be reviewed by way of the Office of Administrative Law, according to Andrew DiLuccia, public statistics officer for the board. Once approved there, the sampling of water for 1,2,3-Trichloropropane is projected to start in January 2018.

Today’s assembly is open to the public and starts off evolved at nine:30 a.M. At the Cal/EPA Building’s Coastal Hearing Room in Sacramento. It will also be live-streamed.

READY AND ABLE: The California ABLE Act Board will take comments from the public today at 10 a.M. About how satisfactory to regulate the California ABLE Program Trust, a financial savings tool for eligible humans with disabilities. It allows them to keep up to $one hundred,000 within the consider even as nonetheless receiving SSI and country-funded public benefits, and up to $475,000 and still maintain federal and partly federally funded advantages.

With State Treasurer John Chiang as chair, the board invites proposals for regulations on account enrollment, limitations on contributions and different provisions related to this system at the State Treasurer’s Office, Room 587.

MUST READ: Did Madera County supervisors break the law with the aid of secretly ordering jail cooperation with ICE?

THE FUTURE OF ENERGY: UC Davis researchers Amy Jaffe and Joan Ogden will speak nowadays approximately the California’s low-carbon gasoline popular, inside the Cal/EPA Building’s Sierra Hearing Room. Jaffe, the govt director for Energy and Sustainability at UC Davis, and Ogden, professor of environmental technological know-how and founding director of the Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways Program at UC Davis, will talk the cap-and-change technique and the future of opportunity fuels starting at 10 a.M.

DROUGHT RESILIENCE: The Public Policy Institute of California’s Water Policy Center is sponsoring a panel on the drought’s impacts on Bay Area towns. Regional leaders will discuss improving drought resilience within the Bay Area, and the Bay Area’s position in regional water management and innovation.

Event speakers will consist of Alexander Coate, standard supervisor for the East Bay Municipal Utility District; Ken Jenkins, director of drought control and conservation from California Water Service; and John Marchand, mayor of Livermore. Register right here for the occasion, which starts off evolved at 11:30 a.M. On the Bechtel Conference Center at PPIC in San Francisco.

Frequent Internet Bans Are Slowly Choking Kashmir’s Online Businesses

Srinagar: For Zeeshan Mir, a young entrepreneur who runs an internet advertising and marketing startup that offers images and image solutions to other commercial enterprise gadgets, frequent net shutdowns has hit his enterprise, that’s dependent on uninterrupted on-line connectivity.

“Shutting down of cell net limits me to an insignificant fraction of the target market that I typically have on days when cellular facts work,” says Mir. “It’s a disgrace how in those instances of technological advancement, we are disadvantaged of the even primary internet get entry to that’s essential for our organizations to live to tell the tale.”

Iqra Ahmad, another young entrepreneur, and owner of Tulpalav, an online garb shop, is likewise stricken by the common net bans, which has closely disrupted her on-line business begin-up.

“While the relaxation of the states have advanced extraordinarily inside the remaining couple of many years, from 2G to 3G to 4G high-speed internet, we’re deprived of even simple net facilities right here,” she says with disappointment, including that her entire business, which runs on line, revolves around uninterrupted internet connectivity. “From product show to product query to charge and transport info, all of that occurs on-line through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram,” she says. “Smooth net connection is very essential for my online commercial enterprise paintings.”

Ahmad says common net blockades no longer best impact her commercial enterprise, stopping her from attaining out to clients, however it also traces her small group of workers who find themselves out of labor each time on line connectivity is snapped through the government. “This unpredictability and uncertainty of routine internet bans gets me again to square one aside from different enterprise losses,” she says. “It makes me worry about my livelihood and that of my employees.”

“Whenever there’s a web ban, my sales move down via 50% as our clients can’t order food thru our online utility,” says Furqan Qureshi, some other younger entrepreneur who runs KartFood, an online home delivery application that has tied up with many restaurants and rapid food joints in Srinagar as a home shipping answer. “Because of those frequent bans I have now not been capable of extending and rent more transport boys,” he says. “My begin-up is struggling.”



Co-working spaces have additionally been hit. Tabish Habib, a 27-yr-old entrepreneur who runs ThinkPad, Kashmir’s first and simplest co-working space and enterprise incubator, says whilst organizations throughout the globe are transferring toward digitized revolution, Kashmir goes backward given the regularly enforced net blockades that bog down ventures like hers. “In a global full of digital conversation modules, enforcing a virtual blackout doesn’t make the experience,” she says. “Students, businesses people, tourists, and tourists – all of them go through because of those frequent internet blackouts.”

She says the internet is the spine of IT businesses, e-trade websites and individuals running remotely. “For a co-working area, net connectivity is not bested the first preference for advertising and communication however also as a service to people who take spaces for his or her workplaces here,” she says. “As it’s miles the financial resources are bleak in Kashmir and this digital blackout is going to make it worse with every passing day.”

39 net shutdowns and counting

Following Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani’s killing in July final yr, internet offerings have been snapped for approximately four months in Kashmir, which meant “over 2,920 hours with out getting entry to,” consistent with the website internet shutdowns.In, which tracks incidents of net shutdowns across India.

According to the figures compiled by the internet site, net offerings in Jammu and Kashmir were close down for a total of 39 times from 2012 until gift. Online connectivity changed into snapped 3 instances in 2012, 5 instances every in 2013, 2014 and 2015, ten times in 2016 and, to this point, 11 times this yr. For over 5 months, from July nine to November 19, 2016, cellular net turned into also banned, and pre-paid cellular services had been suspended until January 27.

Both cell and broadband network services had been close down ten instances from April to July thirteen alone. The ultra-modern net ban became enforced in the Valley by using the government on July 12 while cellular internet changed into reducing following the killing of three militants in Redbug in Budgam district.

Earlier in May, a month after government blocked 22 social media sites and mobile records services in the nation, David Kaye, the United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, and Michel Forst, the unique rapporteur on human rights defenders, condemned the regulations on the net and social media services in Jammu and Kashmir. “The regulations had a disproportionate impact on the fundamental rights of absolutely everyone in Kashmir,” he said, including that the restrictions had the “individual of collective punishment.”

According to a record with the aid of Brookings Institution, India has recorded extra days of the net shutdown than Iraq or Pakistan. The document also estimates Rs 6,458 crore business losses to India because of the internet shutdowns over the past yr or so, which is the very best damage precipitated to 1 united states of America globally because of internet shutdowns.

“Most of these disruptions are being executed via state authorities corporations, often under the phrases of extensive criminal powers — which includes Section one hundred forty four of the Code of Criminal Procedure — derived from nineteenth century British Raj technology provisions supposed to empower police units and district administration officers to enforce curfew and confiscate belongings,” wrote Apar Gupta, a lawyer, and Raman Jit Singh Chima, Policy Director with Access Now, in an Indian Express column closing yr, including that the trend of shutdown orders by way of state government organizations undermines the division of electricity among the union and the states. “When responding to protests or different public developments, many police officers and district administrators across India are making it a part of their standard operating technique to use this indistinct criminal provision to trouble orders to telecom companies to droop cellular net get entry to across districts, and sometimes the entire state.”

Business losses

“Banning of the internet has a large impact on our paintings,” says Farooq Kuthoo, the secretary well known of Travel Agents Association of Kashmir. “These days our whole paintings is dependent on a net and when the authorities block the net, our commercial enterprise suffers a hundred% losses.”

Kuthoo says he himself works on a business-to-enterprise version as they make bookings on-line from other travel organizations, resorts, and commercial enterprise institutions. “When the internet is blocked we in no way get to understand what came about to our bookings and other dealings,” he says. “And there’s no alternative to knowing approximately the status as everything is on-line.” He says maximum in their clients outdoor the nation prefers to e-book their tickets online, that is easiest for them. “But whilst we can’t get entry to our website whilst internet is banned, all bookings get canceled which results into losses for us.”

Kuthoo says if net blockades remain enforced more regularly, their enterprise would possibly as properly shutdown. “About a 1000 registered journey marketers paintings in this field in Kashmir and plenty of extra work in unorganised zone. If internet continues to be banned regularly like it has been, we are going to absolutely lose our business,” he says, including that they have got also delivered their issues over common net bans to the awareness of the government but nothing has been achieved to deal with their issues. “Of late we feel the authorities is helpless and least stricken approximately our losses because of those internet shutdowns,” he says. “How can we do commercial enterprise when internet is close down ten times in per week?”

Last year, according to a report published in a nearby day by day, out of the 14,000 local youngsters employed in the IT sector in the Valley, an anticipated 7,000 people misplaced their jobs because of the common internet shutdowns imposed after Wani’s killing.

The Supreme Court considers the internet get admission to a simple proper that government is trampling with every passing day in Kashmir, says propose Maroof Khan. “Here in our kingdom, this proper is denied once in a while as the authorities put a gag on the internet get right of entry to in the call of safety.”

“The net works right here in line with the will and whims of government,” says Khan, adding that it’s miles extraordinary that the authorities at times permit internet access in one vicinity and block it in other regions. “It has additionally been found right here that sometimes the net is gagged in a single district and the different district is allowed to have internet access. These frequent internet gag orders border on hooliganism.”

“How can the authorities year after 12 months cite ‘security motives’ to gag net?” he asks. “They received paintings towards enhancing the security state of affairs here but they will retain to gag net.”

Historic Triangle loses the net amid national outrage

If you’re suffering through spotty internet connectivity, you’re no longer on my own.

Internet outages from Williamsburg to New Orleans and Los Angeles left sizable swaths of America with out internet offerings Tuesday afternoon.

The large outage began at 2:08 p.M., consistent with DownDetector. Cox Communications suffered outages throughout its whole provider region, which spans 19 states, along with Virginia, consistent with the website.

“We are conscious that there’s a carrier outage in Hampton Roads, and we’re working to resolve it,” stated Cox spokeswoman Jessica Dawley. She became unable to offer any information on what brought about the outage and the way long it might take for a carrier to be restored.

While Tuesday’s outage influences big regions of the united states of America, issues with net — in particular with internet service issuer Cox — are not anything new for Historic Triangle citizens. In James City County by myself, there were greater lawsuits filed about Cox offerings than tax increases.

According to facts obtained in a Freedom of Information Act Request, there were 31 court cases approximately Cox internet and television services among Jan. 1, 2015 and April 7, 2017, compared to the 30 court cases about the James City County Board of Supervisor’s selection to growth taxes in 2015.

Sheryl Bristow Sulouff of Williamsburg stated she has been operating on deadline to purchase marketing from media businesses — referred to as media buys — for work Tuesday. Sulouff owns Paraclete Marketing Group, LLC, an advertising business enterprise in Williamsburg.

She said if the spotty internet persists, she will be able to miss “massive cut-off dates” for Wednesday. Sulouff is traveling in another country this weekend, and has “lots to do” earlier than she leaves, she stated.



Kaitlyn O’Connor, 25, the latest graduate of William & Mary Law School, stated the net outage has affected her reading for the Virginia Bar Exam.

O’Connor selected to live in Williamsburg for the summer to take a look at, she stated, however, hopes to transport to Richmond soon.

“I am currently reading for the Virginia Bar Exam, that is in one week, and I am unable to connect with my online route to get admission to substances and exercise questions,” O’Connor wrote to WYDaily. “Incredibly demanding and irritating.”

National Defense Is a Rock-Solid Investment

I attended grade faculty in the rolling hills of rural Kentucky close to the Ohio River. Recently, one among my earliest memories of the ones early life resurfaced, prodded with the aid of renewed U.S. Tensions with an increasingly militant Russia and a heated escalation of rhetoric with North Korea. Both nations are nuclear successful.

As with all early childhood recollections, the info is sort of fuzzy, but I do not forget sirens, and instructors calmly ordering us to get under our desks, face far away from the windows, and “duck and cowl.” I don’t bear in mind being advised lots approximately the reasons why we were hiding underneath our desks, simply that we had to guard ourselves.

Some of our more veteran readers will take into account the exercise of “duck and cowl” nicely. It becomes a technique the government promoted all through the Cold War for protecting one’s self in opposition to a nuclear attack, based on the perception that status upright and exposed at some point of an attack became possible to purpose severe damage or death. The practice died out in most of the USA by the overdue ’70s, however vintage behavior and customs die difficult in rural America, so I stuck the returned cease of this Cold War-era exercise in grade college.

I failed to suppose tons of “duck and cowl” at the time. After all, it turned into very much like our month-to-month twister drills, with the exception that we were given to play under our desks for approximately 5 mins in preference to filing down into the cinderblock-covered basement hallways. In hindsight, however, the exercise seems much less approximately real safety and greater about supplying reassuring sentiment for a worried populace.

The sentiment is something traders can understand well, and plenty of have grown to become to duck-and-cover-fashion habits amid the cutting-edge geopolitical scenario. But, as with the one’s old grade-college drills, such practices may want to emerge as doing extra harm than proper for your portfolio. Instead of hunkering down to your investment fall out refuge, an energetic investment in a main protection region corporation may want to allow you to cross on the offense this time around.

And there may be one protection area company this is already embroiled in the thick of things.

You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Baby

With a marketplace capitalization of more than $forty-five billion, Raytheon Co. (NYSE: RTN) is among the largest U.S. Protection contractors. The company has its hand in almost each factor of U.S. Military defense, with divisions that specialize in incorporated defense structures; intelligence, records and offerings; missile systems; and space and airborne structures.

Raytheon is likewise the fourth-largest contractor in phrases of U.S. Protection spending, with the company accounting for more or less $thirteen billion in obligated dollars from the Department of Defense (DoD) in 2015.