Stormzy induced chaos after his tweet became featured on ‘Love Island

Stormzy inadvertently caused chaos on remaining night time’s episode of ITV display Love Island after the grime big name formerly tweeted about two contestants inside the display.

The South London megastar, who’s a self-confessed fan of the truth display, previously tweeted “Chris, you’re too desirable for her mate” after a row broke out among contestants Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood.

But on closing night’s episode, all hell broke unfastened after the tweet was featured in a sport that blanked out Chris’ call and asked other contestants to bet who it cited.

After Chris’ call turned into revealed, Olivia turned into without delay less than inspired, no matter him guffawing it off.

College Campuses Featured in Movies

Cinema has a totally specific manner of creating us suspend disbelief, and we find it irresistible or even name it enjoyment. Movies about university mainly may additionally appear to test our suspension of disbelief because of all of the loopy antics that show up in ordinary college movies. In any case, numerous of these films approximately attending a university usually function a selected campus. There are some universities that have been featured more regularly than others, for one cause or another.

University of Toronto

This university campus has been featured in a ton of films. The placing for extra popular movies like Time Traveler’s Wife, Mean Girls, Tommy Boy, Good Will Hunting, and The Bride of Chucky, the University of Toronto tends to emerge as featured in the movie theater quite a chunk. There are also several films that aren’t as famous, including Shadowland, Take the Lead, The Prince and Me, and Paper Chase, which had scenes take vicinity at this famous college.

University of British Columbia

It seems that Canada’s colleges are used as movie units a lot because the University of British Columbia turned into the site for such films as Good Luck Chuck, She’s the Man, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Butterfly Effect, Perfect Score, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Several television shows were additionally filmed there, including the Smallville collection and Battlestar Galactica.

Harvard University

Something you can not recognize approximately Harvard is that its miles the oldest instructional group within the United States, based in 1636. This historical web site lent itself to movie units for films like Love Story and The Great Debaters, however, that turned into the remaining film filmed on Harvard’s real campus due to the fact the college prohibited filming on its grounds. Movies looking to portray Harvard were simplest allowed to shoot in appearance-alike places in place of on campus. Legally Blonde and Across the Universe were just a few of the movies now not allowed to record their scenes on campus.

University of Southern California

Everyone is aware of that the University of Southern California, better known as USC, always ends up portrayed in movies. However, the college does no longer usually “play” itself; some movies painting the college as Oxford or the aforementioned Harvard. Being John Malkovich, Forrest Gump, Young Frankenstein, and What Women Want have been all filmed at the USC campus.



University of California, Los Angeles

Of direction, the University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA, would be the concern of many films. In fact, this college is the pinnacle of the listing when it comes to being featured in the most films. Since it’s far located so close to Hollywood, the usage of UCLA for a college film makes an experience. Films like Erin Brockovich, American Pie, Old School, The Nutty Professor, and How High all feature UCLA as its campus. Several television indicates additionally use UCLA for their sets, like Alias, The O.C., and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Columbia University

Not to be pressured with the aforementioned University of British Columbia, this campus has been featured in numerous films, which includes August Rush, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Mona Lisa Smile, Anger Management, Hitch, and Malcolm X.