Use digital devices cautiously, woman college students cautioned

Chairperson of the Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission Nannapaneni Rajakumari on Friday suggested women use digital gadgets in a prudent way and warned of lurking risks that could break their life.

Speaking at a two-day country wide seminar on ‘Women empowerment — media, cinema and theater potentialities and challenges’ at KBN College here, she advised girls to desist from taking presents from unknown persons, leading unsavory incidents affecting their man or woman.

“Taking films and photos to harm them has become a manner of lifestyles. Girls must be cautious,” she warned.

Ms. Rajakumari asked woman students no longer to misuse their freedom “Women are within the leading edge in every thing, however they were given to be careful even as attempting to find their identity in a male-ruled society,” she said.

She remembered numerous ladies leaders together with former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, former Sri Lankan President Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Pakistan former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Union Minister Sushma Swaraj and others for their accomplishments.“Women are facing troubles both from own family and society even in nicely-civilised international locations. Women are running at the side of guys and attacks on them are increasing” she felt.

Ms. Rajakumari advised women to take the great things from cinemas and TV serials which would help of their improvement. “Students should deal with training. They need to set goals and paintings difficult to reap them,” she counseled.

Veteran actor Vanisree stated that united states of America and downs were common in everyone’s lifestyles, but one has to not lose the focus. “Everyone needs to try to acquire some popularity in society”.

She shared her film industry existence and cautioned students to undertake one or economically backward students and assist them to settle for their life.

Surabi Nataka Kala Parishad convenor and actor Jamuna Rayulu, Krishna University Vice-chancellor Prof. S. Rama Krishna Rao, S.V. University Directorate of Women Empowerment Dean Prof. D. Usha Rani, Doordarshan Kendram director M. Vijay Bhagavan, KBN College predominant Dr. V. Narayana Rao, SKPVV Hindu Educational Society representatives Ch. Mallikharjuna Rao and others participated.



UGC – Women’s Studies Centre of KBN College and Krishna University are collectively organizing the seminar.

The Desolate Woman – A Biblical Perspective on Rape

A large country in a remote land, a beloved king with a lovely daughter, and a good-looking prince who’s inheritor to the throne-the tale has all of the makings of an adorable fairy tale, yet it’s far a horror story. The kingdom became Israel underneath the guideline of King David and the good-looking prince became David’s oldest son, Amnon, who just so passed off to be in love together with his half of-sister, Tamar. Found in 2 Samuel 13, smack dab among David’s affair with Bathsheba and the revolt of David’s sons towards their father is the passage about the rape of Princess Tamar.Nathan the prophet told David that “the sword will never go away your family” only some chapters in advance and mentioned the turmoil that might erupt inside the king’s circle of relatives resulting from his sin. The unraveling of the dominion began with this rape.

It all started out while Amnon has become lovesick over his sister, Tamar. He lamented to his cousin, Jonadab, that he could not do something to her due to the fact she becomes a virgin. Jonadab concocted a terrible plan, which Amnon performed. Jonadab recommended Amnon to feign infection and request Tamar’s presence from the king. King David did not deny his firstborn anything, so evidently, Amnon’s request becomes granted.

Tamar, being the dutiful daughter, got her to her brother’s residence to prepare him a meal, which he refused to eat. Instead, he told all his servants to go away and then said, “Tamar, why don’t you bring the meals right here to me in my bed room? I’m too weak to eat by myself so I want your assistance.” Tamar brought the meals into his bed room. All of a surprising, Amnon grabbed Tamar and demanded that she be a part of him in bed.

Aghast, Tamar refused his provide begging, “Don’t pressure me, my brother! Such a component isn’t achieved in Israel. Don’t do that wicked factor. What approximately me? Where ought to I do away with my disgrace? And what about you, you would be like one of the depraved fools in Israel. Please speak to the king: he’ll not preserve me from being married to you” (13:12-thirteen, NIV.) Tamar’s plea fell on deaf ears. And because Amnon is “more potent than she”, he raped her (18:14.)

There are some interesting things that may be pulled from Tamar’s emotional announcement. When Tamar stated that things like this are not finished in Israel, she was speaker of the regulation which forbade a man to have sexual family members with his sister. (Lev. 18: nine, 11) Disgraced, she could have been both positioned to demise for having any such dating or considered “unmarriageable” due to the fact she was no longer a virgin. However, Tamar then said that the king could permit Amnon to marry her, which was also forbidden via law (Lev. 20:17; Deut. 27:22.) Perhaps Tamar was hoping this will dissuade Amnon for the moment so she should break out or she concept David could bend the law for his youngsters. Whatever the motive, Tamar’s statement was unnoticed.

Tamar’s plea cuts to the heart of any lady or female who has been sexually assaulted. Please don’t do that to me; do now not take this from me. Yet regularly due to the fact a person is stronger than a girl, he takes violently what is not his to take. The lady is frequently