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Zytronic touch tech updates pizza vending machines

Zytronic contact sensors had been used to convert the consumer interface of the ADIAL PIZZADOOR, a self-provider merchandising system retailing excessive great pizzas to French customers. DIAL has had synthetic pizza merchandising machines since 2002, and its original design used mechanical choice buttons alongside a color LCD screen to offer attractive product photographs. However, Vincent Le Gouic, President of ADIAL, observed that customers had increasingly sought to contact the displays while choosing a pizza.

“PIZZADOOR is cautiously designed to supply the best first-class product,” stated Le Gouic. “We need to be up to date in phrases the purchaser enjoys, particularly as nearly all our clients now have capsules and smartphones. Consequently, they assume to interact with different displays in precisely the same manner. Therefore, we contacted Eurocomposant on the way to imparting a touch screen-enabled version of PIZZADOOR.”

Delphine Hatton of Eurocomposant explained the tough nature of the utility: “ADIAL required an exceedingly big touchscreen, of 31.5in diagonal, which had to function reliably, regardless of the excessive stages of wear and tear that self-provider systems deployed in unattended outside places are subjected to. The pleasantness of the contact’s overall performance and the dependability of the screens had to be very excessive, as snack meals and pizzas can often be impulse purchases, and clients will walk away if the interaction with the machine is unreliable or tough. Furthermore, even though ADIAL is a frontrunner in this marketplace, the portions of merchandising machines built are shallow.”


Zytronic ticked all of the bins for ADIAL; Hatton defined: “Zytronic provides a notable solution for this sort of self-service software. We have had the good-sized experience of using its touch screens outside, in public places, uncovered to the weather, severe temperatures, and the chance of vandalism and abuse. The quality of its touch performance is likewise top-notch – they, in reality, provide a pill-like overall performance, even on a huge layout touchscreen. Zytronic’s flexible production method also lets ADIAL reserve contact sensors as required inside the volumes had to fulfill orders as received. As a result, ADIAL is overjoyed with the result.”

Le Golic endured: “The touchscreen-enabled version of PIZZADOOR has proved extraordinarily famous, and now bills for the general public of the machines sold. Demand turned into such that we ran out of touchscreens at one factor. Fortunately, Zytronic turned into able to respond quickly and allowed us to fulfill orders without a severe put-off.” Zytronic furnished a 31.5-inch diagonal, twin-contact ZYBRID touch sensor presenting a durable 6mm thick anti-glare glass with a custom-revealed black border. Zytronic also laminates UV blockading and IR blocking off filters to the rear of the touchscreens for the mere doors version of the pizza merchandising system, improving the safety of the LCD at the back.


PIZZADOOR is designed for setting up rest areas, truck stops, confined carrier motels, hospitals, places of work, and railway stations. It is likewise broadly used by pizza restaurants in smaller municipalities in France, which can’t justify extended opening hours. The product is saved in a cooling unit, which keeps it in top condition for the maximum term, and punctiliously dispenses in order of age to minimize wastage.

Customers can select a warm pizza to consume without delay or cook dinner and devour it at home. Cooked pizzas are heated in a pulsed heat air oven, delivering brown and crunchy pizzas in only three minutes, and are provided in a hygienic, food-grade cardboard box. As a result of the success of the touchscreen-enabled PIZZADOOR vending system, ADL’s revenue has grown by over 30%, consistent with annum during the last four years.

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