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S.Koreans wowed by means of Grandma’s Diary of online makeup suggestions, life talents

ONGOING, South Korea, July 16 (Reuters) – She offers tutorials on applying makeup to resemble Amy Winehouse, amongst others. She posts movies of attempts to attempt new sports, including kayaking, all spiced with a hint of humor. The Haze

Meet South Korea’s Park Mak-rye, an energetic 70-year-old whose YouTube channel “Grandma’s Diary” has made her a social media sensation, drawing over 277,000 subscribers. Park made her YouTube debut in January, while her granddaughter’s video travelogue of their experience to Cairns in northeast Australia went viral.

It showed Park touching a kangaroo, diving at the Great Barrier Reef in a helmet that permits her to walk underwater, and splashing through the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon in a Santa Claus cap. “One day, my granddaughter filmed me in some movies, and he or she should have uploaded them,” Park instructed Reuters at her home in Yongin, on the capital’s outskirts, Seoul.

“About 20 days later, she tells me, ‘Granny, we hit the jackpot!'” Park’s granddaughter, who requested not to be identified, uploaded the video to help teach her a new talent and speak online. Its surging recognition helped persuade Park to add more of her tales.

Park’s most famous video, “Going to the dentist and marketplace makeup appearance,” wherein she dons black eyeliner and purple lipstick, has drawn more than 1.8 million views. She has 43 videos on her YouTube channel, with more than 108,000 followers on Instagram. Fans have across the United States to visit Park at the restaurant she has run for more than four decades, and she has reconnected with antique pals.



Internet penetration in South Korea is 89 percent, a 2017 record, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism indicates. But simply below a quarter of those in their 70s understand how to use the internet, a 2016 ballot with the aid of a central authority organization showed.

Park’s story gives proof of her clean rent on lifestyles. Hundreds of lovers flocked to her first live makeup show in Seoul on Sunday, cheering her as she waved smilingly back. “I thought I might emerge as living in the shadow for my entire lifestyle without ever seeing the light. However, it’s miles at the end, complete with light,” she said. (Additional reporting via Nayoun Choi; Editing via Karishma Singh and Clarence Fernandez)

Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success

Network advertising and marketing are probably the easiest and most popular ways to begin a home-based total enterprise. It requires notably much less preliminary outlay than traditional brick-and-mortar commercial enterprise and has historically created many millionaires in the past, present, and future.

Although it is straightforward to see the earnings capacity in these forms of home-based companies, in some way, while human beings realize what is involved in constructing a downline and growing a group, the preliminary enthusiasm dwindles. They get overwhelmed using the mission at hand.

Although your success is 100% reliant on you, here are some important suggestions to help you ensure that you at least provide it with your nice shot and are organized to make the dedication required to secure your network advertising business a large achievement.

1. You are going to want preference. If you trust that you are destined to work for a chairperson you typically hate, paintings longer and longer hours at the back of a desk, or the manufacturing facility ground being paid appreciably less than your worth, then go ahead and wait for the golden handshake, and desire your pension fund makes it thru the next stock market crash. Desire is gas for never giving up on the freedom to select the entrepreneurial course and taking the road much less traveled.

2. The right business model and a real understanding of how your dream profits will seem to your bank account. Know your numbers, understand your advertising records, and research the lifestyle time fee of a customer on your enterprise. No other commercial enterprise model can pay you residual earnings each month, and this is where the liberal lies.

3. Unique products or services which can be in demand properly now. Various splendid compensation plans, innovative health merchandise, miracle skin solutions, juices, and pills exist. Still, your product has to have something to maintain human beings returning for the greater month-on-month for your business to succeed. Find out from your enterprise the average amount of time human beings stay in your business earlier than leaping in.

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