The Problem With Freelance Web Design

Until fairly lately I worked as a contract net dressmaker and developer even though now I especially recognition on associate advertising. After many years of operating in useless-cease jobs, I determined that I wanted to be an internet designer, as many human beings do. What attracted me to the role become that the task had each creative and technical factors and I felt adore it became something I ought to excel at. Not best that however I desired an activity wherein there would be a possibility to paintings freelance. I had an imaginative and prescient of a super job. Now, after several years I have realized how a whole lot strain can be worried about running as a freelance internet clothier. Every day I’m having to cope with ignorant, self-important and unprofessional clients that lack any feeling of integrity.

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I spend a maximum of my time hustling, negotiating, quoting, running for mates-quotes, chasing payments, expecting content material, clarifying poorly applied briefs, reluctantly providing unfastened technical help, anticipating customers to return from unscheduled tenting journeys so as hear their feedback on a design. I have many customers with actually no innovative talent but insist on concerning themselves in every step of the layout procedure. Sometimes there are customers who have messed around with software such as Dreamweaver or Photoshop and therefore suppose they are able to do my process. When I try to give an explanation for the importance of things including layout flexibility, usability, accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, seo and so forth. They make diffused insinuations that I am seeking to “pull the wool over their eyes” with a purpose to make a few extra quid.

Some customers have recommended that running on their “interesting” mission could be a very good opportunity for me as it will offer exposure for my offerings in addition to appearance accurate on my portfolio. It is as though they think I’m a university student looking to get my foot within the door. They will then try to tell me that If all is going properly there need to be plenty more paintings to be had. By that, they imply uploading some photos to their website as soon as a month or perhaps they realize a chum of a pal who’s taking into consideration having an internet site built for his or her band.

Often clients will technique many internet design groups inquiring for now not simplest an in-depth quote but also a ridicule-up of the layout earlier than they make a selection. This is comprehensible if they’re a reputed enterprise with large finances to work with. However more often than no longer the contractors have finances of around £500 and assume anyone to gladly knock-up a few design thoughts within the event that they may get the once-in-a-existence-time possibility to paintings on their so referred to as “exciting” undertaking.

I actually have clients that need to set-up online stores for promoting products. However, they make the assumption that it’s entirely the internet designers job to make choices approximately transport, packaging, taxes, refund and go back policies, privacy statements, and many others.

I’m sure it is not best designers and developers who revel in these form of problems. I expect that lots of this kind of lack of knowledge are tolerated in all technical professions. I will additionally be given that some of the troubles I face are due to my loss of widespread enterprise enjoy. It is frustrating none-the-less.

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After some time of running lengthy hours for the little reward, I decided to start looking at methods in which I could reduce prices, boom productiveness and basically earn a dwelling from being a freelance net dressmaker. Of path, the usage of content material management systems and numerous improvement frameworks have helped speed things up over a previous couple of years.

Although I am a ready Joomla template developer, I determined to begin messing around with a number of the economic Joomla templates available. I prepare a website for a customer who was on totally tight finance and I instructed him that I might use a template. After a small time messing around with one of the Rocket Theme templates known as Crystalline, I commenced realizing how powerful these templates were. I actually have tried customizing templates in the beyond and despite the fact that they do cut the development time to a volume they may be often very rigid.

Rocket Theme templates, however, are a lot specific. Rocket Theme has developed a specialized framework known as the Gantry Framework which cleverly implements the 960 grid CSS framework and is quick to be to be had for distribution beneath the General Public Licence (GNU).

Previously I had avoided the usage of the 960 CSS framework due to some of the possible design restrictions. However, while used along with each the center Joomla templating framework and the Gantry framework it opens up many doorways. The Crystalline template has many functions to be had for tweaking the layout and layout of the web page.

I began to sense that my job as a web clothier became in jeopardy seeing that these templates may be customized with minimal technical or innovative competencies. In reality, I, in reality, gave my client the possibility to play around with the template parameters. This appeared to work well and also alleviated me of the painful challenge of pouring my creativity into something handiest to be compelled into making changes against my judgment.

Since discovering those templates, It has not simplest helped me speed up the layout process however it has also inspired me to slip into the arena of associate marketing and sell their merchandise. Affiliate advertising and marketing is a sluggish process of course. However, the satisfactory component about associate advertising is that I do not need to speak to customers! They’re now not my problem. I do now not without delay promote products or make any form of transactions via my site.

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Basically, my conclusion is that this. Forget approximately spending countless hours handling cross-browser compatibility issues. Forget about sending your carefully crafted design mock-up to a patron most effective for them to tell you that they need the colors to “pop out” a bit greater. Give your customers the enter and manipulate they need without you looking to pull your hair out!