Things to Consider When Installing Elevators and Escalators

These days, escalators and elevators have become an indispensable part of modern buildings. As the spine of a building, lifts and escalators provides structural support, as well as ensure easy access to the building. Escalator, a power-driven moving staircase, is designed to transport passengers up and down over short vertical distances. Be it escalator or elevator, the primary purpose of these machines is to keep people moving in all areas of public life.

Lifts and escalators have become a common sight in shopping malls, metro stations, airports, and hotels to move pedestrian traffic. However, installing and maintaining escalators requires technical know-how. Lifts installation is a complex and precise process which must be carried carefully. Proper installation is necessary to ensure optimum efficiency and compliance with all health and safety standards. So, if you’re planning to install escalator or elevator in your office or building, you need to consider a few things. Check out factors to consider before installing a lift system.


Depending on your specific project requirements, you need to think about your capacity needs. You should have a clear idea of the expected capacity of your building, as well as likely passenger waiting times. Your estimated capacity need will determine your overall lift requirements. To calculate your expected capacity requirement, consider how many employees and visitors you have and how they are distributed throughout the building. For instance, buildings with more than 10 floors need multiple lifts to avoid congestion during rush hours of the day.


Safety is paramount when it comes to installing a new lift system. It is necessary to choose the right type of lift that can bear the weight of people when at maximum capacity. To ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, you should invest in an elevator with a functioning alarm system. This alarm is important in the event of lift break down. The lift or escalator you choose should meet the legal and industry guidelines. It is an important consideration as it ensures that the lift is examined and meets the required specifications. Moreover, once installed, it should also be regularly inspected by authorized technicians. To prevent accidents, routine maintenance is crucial. When all equipment of lift is properly maintained, it ensures the longevity of the system and safety of people.

Lift Design

The best lift is not just functional but also has a great aesthetic appeal. While choosing an elevator, you need to focus on functionality and safety. However, besides these factors, the design and style of lift are also important. If you’re planning to install a new elevator in your office, make sure it complements the overall design and décor of the building. To pick the right design, you need to first take accurate dimensions of the area and consider the site layout. These details will help you in selecting the right size, style, and design of the product. The most stylish option these days is glass lifts. Some people have a misconception that glass elevators require more maintenance. However, glass lifts not only look attractive but also require some level of maintenance as a brick shaft product.


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