US General says he instructed YPG to alternate their ‘logo’ to assuage Turkey

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A pinnacle US popular has said that he advised the Kurdish-led YPG forces in Syria to change their “emblem” just earlier than the USA-backed organization announced the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a new alliance of Kurdish and Arab agencies in northern Syria in 2015, to combat ISIS.

“We literally played lower back to them: ‘You have got to exchange your brand. What do you need to call yourselves besides the YPG?’ With about a day’s note they declared that they’re the Syrian Democratic Forces,” General Raymond Thomas, the head of Special Operations Command told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on Friday, an annual conference that brings collectively governmental and army protection officials and professionals.

“I concept it changed into a stroke of brilliance to put democracy in there someplace. But it gave them a touch little bit of credibility,” the United States General added.

The revelations show the dynamics of the YPG willing to confirm for you to win the assist of the USA forces, mainly when Turkey considers the YPG an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and therefore a terrorist organization.


Both the US and Turkey recollect the PKK a terrorist organization, however, they range on the designation of the YPG.

Thomas said that they asked for the call trade because of Turkey, a NATO best friend, equated the YPG to the PKK.

Despite heavy losses at the outset of the struggle against the ISIS group in Syria, America widespread stated that the institution continued to combat on, after which started out to grow in number and energy under the SDF banner.

Asked how might America decide who to accomplice with at the floor, Thomas stated that occasionally it’s far a count number of “who’s to be had.”



He recollected that the United States forces came about to associate with the YPG as the ISIS institution had been on a march to the Kurdish metropolis of Kobane in Syria.

“Other Kurds added us to this problem,” Thomas stated of the ISIS offensive against the YPG in Kobane, possibly a connection with the Kurdistan Regional Government, adding that they have been asked through the Kurds whether or not “you could help them [YPG]?”

The KRG deployed loads of Peshmerga forces ready with heavy weaponry to assist the YPG on the floor at a later stage of the Kobane siege in late 2014.

He said that at the start he had no concept in which Kobane is, and needed to discover it at the map.

Thomas who said that he became in touch with the YPG forces directly in 2015, preferred the presence of America Presidential Envoy to the anti-ISIS global coalition Brett McGurk across the identical time.

He stated that at the same time as he becomes focused on the Navy information, he could not deliver the Kurd’s other matters that they desired.

He gave the instance of diplomatic illustration the Syrian Kurds desired to be a part of, along with inside the UN-backed Geneva talks or the Russian-sponsored Astana talks aimed at ending the Syrian civil conflict.

He said at the diplomatic level McGurk changed into capable of “keep them within the conversation.”

The United States advised persevered support to the SDF final month when the Defence Secretary Jim Matis stated that they’ll preserve to provide army help to the Syrian Kurdish forces even