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‘VecMania’: Baramulla’s car fanatics

Located on the Baramulla-Handwara dual carriageway is a glittering Auto Engineering startup that catches the eyes of every passerby. “Vecmania Auto Engineering” is the first of its kind in Kashmir.

Tell us about Vecmania.

Vecmania (Vec- cars, and Mania-obsession) Auto Engineering is a construction logo in Kashmir for petrol heads imparting the custom change of bikes and vehicles. Vecmania began with three vehicle fans: Erfaan Kirmani, Aamir Kirmani, and Omar Ayub. We offer character solutions to character instances as per the client’s request. We promise to supply pinnacle-notch products in the valley.

Our valley is quite difficult to do business in; we all recognize what conditions we live in, and during one situation, startups suffer a lot; we saved that during our thoughts, which led us to a method to overcome it. They say individuals who are loopy enough to assume they could exchange the world are the ones who do it, and Vecmania is one of the ones.

Tell us about the operation of Vecmania. How do you collect the components?

Gone are the times when automobiles have been just a mode of shipping. Today, the automobile is a lifestyle declaration. It is an extension of oneself. It is the same as what you wear: your appearance, how you speak, and how an automobile you ride also tells a lot about your character. We have dedicated national and global companions who supply most components; some are assembled from the factory. We have to paint on becoming them into modules; however, principal components are made at our garage.

How did you enhance your capital?

This type of commercial enterprise wished a heavy Capital: Investment for showroom, funding for the garage, investment for merchandise, advertising, and payment for personnel. A total of 20 lakh capital needed to be invested in Vecmania, so we needed to method EDI. Out of universal money, EDI provided a half-off; we arranged relaxation from our savings and assisted our households.


How did your family react to your concept?


Ours isn’t always a conservative family. We have been allowed to make our own decisions and pursue fields of our desire from the start. Throughout the adventure, they had been our spine. They believed in our idea or even invested in Vecmania. AllhumdulilahVecmania is a brand new idea in Kashmir, and Kashmiris normally take time to take in something new.

What type of reaction do you usually get from human beings?

We had expected a maximum of Rs 1 lakh income in the first month. However, we crossed Rs 2.5 lakh, which changed into more than double. We don’t get time to sit all through the running hours as clients pour in. As the client sets foot into the showroom, his face illuminates with a vivid smile, and this is our pleasure. Beyond that, we are getting several orders for the protection tools we have supplied. The helmet, for example, is designed in this way; the biker likes to put on all of it all day. That is the sort of response, and it’s fulfilling. (Courtesy: Gyawun.Com)
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