When lifestyle is a seashore

Soak up the solar, bond with sea birds or dive into the waters at Kathadi

If you live in Madurai, you never think about kite browsing or kayaking as a journey game choice whilst chalking out an experience to a close-by destination. But a thrilling piece of information drives me to Kathadi, a little over 100 km away, in path Rameswaram. A few years in the past, I had visited Khushi and Kundakal, alongside the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The uncluttered and undisturbed stretches of sand and glowing blue-green water on either aspect of the Pamban Bridge have been a feast for the senses.

On one of the parallel roads to Khushi is Kathadi, a gap powered through winds. In Tamil, Kathadi means kite, and I parent out while the sea is your pleasant landmark, any marvel is feasible.

I pressure down from Madurai on a damp nighttime. The handiest memorable element goes over the unmanned and small railway crossing at Uchipuli, and 3 kilometers later shifting from an awesome-easy drive on the old fashioned principal road onto a slender pebbled song at Pirappanvalasai. The deeper I went, the closer it took me to the sea. I should odor it and experience the salty air. The strong ocean breeze signaled a super weekend ahead.

So at night fall, I determined myself at Kathadi North, flanked by the Palk Straits.I grabbed a few hours of sleep at the homestay cottage run by using Jehan Driver, a professional kite surfer and instructor from Mumbai. He and his younger team of experts, who’ve aced water and other journey sports activities, are synonymous with the area now.



“We are the lifestyles guards here. Beach, water, and Nature have to be on your time table whilst you are in Kathadi,” is Driver’s desirable night be aware. I listen the wind blowing through the window and spot the lanky palm timber away. The absence of aircon along this stretch of beach even in summers can be this type of big selling characteristic to any vacationer; I nod off to the sound of the waves.

When the morning mild seeps in, I awaken to a wonderful dawn. Fifteen minutes of brisk on foot and I kiss the calm green waters of the ocean. The driver follows in his car with unmarried-seater kayaks and paddle forums, encouraging every vacationer to take a lesson in browsing. The expert surfers, of course, come right here to hit the waves, however you don’t always ought to be one, and can alternatively stretch out on the fantastic biscuit-colored seaside covered with casuarina bushes, stroll for miles on the sand that looks like powdered sugar beneath your ft, comply with crab trails, construct a sand Citadel, collect sea shells, or depart your footprints at the sand.

With a few beyond revel in of kayaking, I step into the welcoming flat water. There are no waves, the water gently laps the shore and also you see small ripples while you push the kayak. The water is magically clean and allows you see the coral go with the flow. Over the subsequent hours, I take the watercraft in all instructions, paddling with the double blade in the perfectly tempered waters of the Bay. The widespread sheet of water glistening inside the morning rays spans out to infinity, as I row on without a soul in sight. There is a peculiar form of calm and the frame gets a terrific exercising.

Once the solar push itself up, you cannot stay inside the waters for lengthy. It is excellent to head returned to the cottage for a bath below the open sky. Over scrumptious parathas and bread baked by way of the hosts, Driver and his partner Upasna tell me why they stop their jobs in Mumbai and made this coast their home. Driver surely chanced upon Pamban Island in 2012. The smooth beaches, turquoise waters and winds all through the year made him see the ability for water sports and he immediately determined to set up save.

Let us pass for a force across the Pamban Bridge, he calls out, revealing his ‘little secret’. In 20 mins, we are on the alternative side, Kathadi South, inside the Gulf of Mannar, inside the liquid blue of the Indian Ocean. “From April to September, the Southwest monsoon makes Kathadi South conducive for kitesurfing, and for the rest of the yr, the Northeast monsoons do the same at Kathadi North,” explains Driver.

Undeniably stunning, the southern shoreline guarantees a brand new twist, with the resounding sound of crashing waves. It beckons surfers and all people who appreciate watching their athletic prowess at the water. I dip my toes into the nice and cozy sea, looking out at fishermen’s boats bobbing at the waters. Driver and other instructors, Govinda and Rizwan, ready their equipment to churn via the waves.