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7 Smart Tips For Smooth EV Road Trips In 2024

7 Smart Tips For Smooth EV Road Trips In 2024 1
Smart planning leads to a successful EV road trip. You will already cut your fuel costs and carbon footprint in half using EVs. To make your trip even more smooth, we have covered some vital tips that will not only help to maximize your EV’s efficiency but also help you enjoy the experience of your road trip in a stress-free manner. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

7 Tips To Follow For Best EV Road Experiences

Go through the guide given below for the right planning and packing so that you enjoy your vacation perfectly.

1. Conduct Proper Planning Of Your Trip In Advance

When you are planning a vacation on your EV with your loved ones, it is better to plan and plot everything in advance. The charging process of an electric vehicle takes a longer time than re-fueling a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle. You can plan the route that revolves around stops where you can relax, eat, and charge your EV. With this strategy, you can take a break to relax and charge your EV side by side. You will waste less time and reach your destination without any stress. Moreover, you can explore and pick the facilities where you can eat, drink, or explore some activities with your loved ones on the way.

2. Download Useful Apps For Your EV

Always download and install essential apps like weather, maps, etc., to get useful information while you travel to a destination on your EV. Make sure you always download an app to find the nearby station according to your current location. The GRID app allows you to find the nearby station with several filters to ease your search process. You can find the desired one according to your current location without going through any unnecessary hassle.

Besides this, you can install other apps that will make your trip more comfortable and safe while you explore the world on your EV.

3. Yes To Short Charging Sessions

By opting for shorter charging sessions, you can relax your legs after a short interval and make the whole journey more comfortable. It is one of the best strategies to avoid fatigue on a long journey on your EV and charge your EV without burdening your body. You can charge your vehicle for 20 mins after every 2 to 3 hours. This will allow you to use the bathroom facilities, stretch your legs, and get some snacks while your vehicle charges at the station.

The best thing is that you can reach your destination quickly without wasting a lot of time changing your vehicle. This is because, in most electric vehicles, the time to charge the battery from 0 to 80% is equivalent to 80% to 100%.

4. Always Charge Your EV At Your Accommodation

With the expanding EV charging network, most hotels and other accommodations offer EV charging facilities. So, you can use them to charge your vehicle when you are staying there on your vacation.  You can charge your EV in the night while you rest and make sure that the vehicle is charged the next morning so that you can explore the attractions of your destination. With overnight charging, you can save some bucks and time on your vacation.

5. Always Follow EV Etiquette While Charging

Here are some things that you should remember while using the EV charging facilities.

Always remember that all the EV owners have the right to sue the public charging stations. So, if you don’t need to charge your EV, then never park your vehicle at the charging bay of the station.

In case you want to unplug a vehicle to charge your EV, make sure that the charging process is completed for that vehicle.

If you are charging your EV at a bay, then always come back to the station before the charging process ends. Never be absent for a long time which can cause delays for other drivers and owners.

6. Pack Your Backup Cables

It is always better to stay prepared when you are going to explore the world on your EV. While EV charging infrastructure is expanding, unexpected situations like a faulty charger or an unforeseen detour can arise. Having spare charging cables ensures you’re ready for any eventuality, whether it’s charging from a standard outlet or using a different charging station type. These backup cables provide peace of mind, allowing you to explore remote destinations without worrying about finding compatible charging options.

7. Explore The Complete Range Of EV Chargers

There are several types of chargers like Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charger, that you can use to charge your vehicle while you go on a vacation with your family or friends. You will get Level 2 charges at most of the locations that you can use to charge your vehicle. In case you are in a hurry and want to charge your electric vehicle in a matter of 15 to 20 minutes then you can opt for a DC fast charger. They will cost a little more, but you can get back on the road in a matter of some time.

However, if you have time, then you can use Level 2 charges that will not add stress to your pocket and you can explore the facilities of your stop.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are well aware of all the useful pointers, it is time to start planning your EV trip, charge its battery, and hit the road. Just remember to have knowledge about your EV charge rate. Also, always note that driving uphill, rapid acceleration/deceleration, or speeding will affect your vehicle’s mileage. It is better to drive safely and keep your Grid app handy for hassle-free routes and charging.

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