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A Chinese blogger turned into poisoned after live streaming herself eating an ‘aloe’ plant

Health and health bloggers are known for subjecting themselves to the diffusion of ludicrous experiments. But this week, the exercise took a risky flip while a Chinese girl was poisoned after consuming a plant she had turned into aloe vera.

In her video, titled “Aloe Vera Feast,” the 26-year-old, known online as Ms. Zhang, may be seen keeping two large inexperienced stalks that appear aloe vera and biting into one of them. In one clip, she says, “Now not bad,” after her 2nd bite, she exclaims, “Wow. Very sour. So bitter,” before reducing out.

What she became, in reality, biting into became a leaf from the agave American plant, which is poisonous. According to reviews, Zhang said her mouth was numb, and her throat changed into “on the hearth.” She then rushed to the medical institution with burns and sores in her mouth and throat and had her stomach pumped to cast off any lines of the plant. Agave America’s sap is very toxic and causes burning upon touch, and if ingested, it can have intense kidney and liver outcomes.

Eating raw aloe has become a popular wellness fashion and especially took off in China over the past month, with numerous women streaming videos of themselves consuming the plant. It’s considered beneficial for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to be powerful in diabetes prevention and remedy. Some well-being bloggers also accept that it’s a superfood that can “halt the growth of cancer tumors.”


“The underlying assumption is if it’s herbal, it’s wholesome and more secure than matters produced by using human beings. But that isn’t the case. So it’s a fallacy,” Tim Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy at the University of Alberta, said Vice.

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Ingesting raw aloe has been recognized to set off belly cramps and diarrhea. “You couple the parable of ‘herbal is higher’ with the myth of ‘chemical substances are awful,’ and it creates a dichotomy that permits this behavior to appear practical,” Caulfield said. “You layer on a pinnacle of that market forces, where those ideas are getting used to selling products, giving those ideas even greater cultural traction.”


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