Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

With time and rising economy, people are preferring to buy a new car. But buying a used car is also a good alternative if you know what to look for while choosing it.

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The following are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid while buying a used car.

1. Buying a car based on looks and not on needs –

Before making any choices or going to the seller, you need to be clear with what specifications you want in your car. Don’t for a vehicle that is just attractive; otherwise, you have to regret later if your primary needs are not fulfilled. First, understand what you want and then go for any decision. Be a smart investor.

2. Not negotiating the cost –

Don’t just pay what you are asked, because if you do so, then you are paying too much. Ask yourself if it is worth that price. If the dealer doesn’t agree on lowering the price, then the possibility is there that other customers have lined up to buy it.

3. Ignoring financing terms –

Don’t forget that the profit of the dealer is hidden, even if he offers you the best loan for your money. So do check the options that you can get from the bank. Choose the financing option after studying it properly.

4. Not having many options –

Don’t just go for the car because it is cheapest. It can be worse even. Have three to four options to select from. List down the pros and cons of all the selected cars and then finalize the best one after making comparisons.

5. Finalizing the car at the first time –

You need to inspect the car twice and not once. If possible, take an expert having adequate knowledge along with you. Prefer taking a mechanic, he can suggest better because of his experience. Remember! The seller will not tell you about the problems of the car if any so be attentive in finding them.

6. Not getting the deal in writing –

For selling the car, the dealer speaks many good things and features about the car. But at the later stage, he can deny accepting by saying, “you misunderstood us,” or “we never said that.” So to avoid any kind of trouble and to be on the safer side, you should get everything in writing.

7. Neglecting the history of the vehicle –

Get the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) of the car and check its history. Things you can check are – vehicle’s accident history, service history, and ownership. It is obvious that you will never buy a car having bad records in history.

8. Forgetting the paperwork –

Once you have decided to buy a car, check the documents. Don’t overlook the formalities related to paperwork, it the essential task to be done. Check the transfer certificate as it proves that you are the new owner of the car. Don’t forget car insurance papers and warranty on different parts of the car. Warranty papers can save you from expenditure at the time of repair.

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