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Eight of the Most Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016

If you’ve been looking for a subject matter or want to build a topic from scratch, you’ve most likely seen the words’ Theme Framework’ appear someplace for your travels. These frameworks have become increasingly not unusual, and in this text, I’ll cover the various most popular options.

What Are Theme Frameworks?

It would help if you recognized what a WordPress subject matter framework is before choosing the proper one. I might describe a topic framework as the core or basis of a topic, letting users create their baby issues even though they have little or no revel of coding. In this article, I’ll cover eight of the most famous WordPress theme frameworks, which include premium, paid options, and loose frameworks.

The Genesis Framework is the most popular Framework for WordPress. You may additionally have to stumble upon this name earlier than because of its recognition. It’s designed by way of StudioPress and charges about $60. It’s regarded as being relaxed, customizable, and cellular responsive. Its brilliance in Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) is the cause many customers transfer to this Framework.

Coupled with an infant theme, the Genesis framework sticks out from the relaxation. It caters to every person, allowing advanced users to create their baby subject matters and novices to pick out one from the StudioPress baby topics that perfectly fit their wishes.

WordPress Theme


DIY Themes develop the Thesis Framework and is another pretty famous framework amongst users and developers, given its easy-to-use customization capabilities and Search Engine Optimisation. It keeps things easy by focusing on its primary abilities: Skins, Site Tools, and Boxes.

Here’s a short rationalization of these functions:

Skins – allow users to, without problems, customize the look of their website immediately from their dashboard with the use of a drag-and-drop interface.

Site Tools – The thesis presents you with one-click tools to help you rank better within engines like Google. So, the attempt wished out of your side is substantially reduced, making search engine marketing less difficult.

Boxes – This is corresponding to ‘Widgets’ in WordPress. It’s wherein you could add objects to regions like your sidebar, including an e-newsletter signup shape.

All of the above may be executed with no coding. The Headway Framework differentiates itself from others by providing a theme builder interface. It’s only an unmarried file, which you set up just as you install a subject. It gives a clean subject matter or canvas that customers can edit using its Drag and Drop Editor, making your subject matter specific.

If you need greater customization, you could use its live CSS Editor, suiting the extra advanced users. If you don’t have the time to lay out a theme from scratch, you may pick out one of Headway’s ready-made templates.

All issues designed with the aid of Tesla Themes use the Tesla Framework. The Framework is contained in the Theme documents, so it’s an all-in-one framework. The themes developed on this Framework are constructed specifically for individuals who don’t intend to alternate the theme’s code, making it ideal for those new to WordPress. The drawback is that it lacks some customization alternatives of the opposite top-class frameworks, so it’s no longer perfectly suited for extra advanced users.

WooFramework powers all of the themes created with the aid of WooThemes (now rebranded as WooCommerce), the developers of the famous WooCommerce plugin. It’s considered an actual competitor to its rival frameworks because of some of the capabilities it gives. Themes created using this Framework are WooCommerce-prepared and customizable, attracting many developers.

Rocket Theme furnishes Gantry. It’s a famous framework is considered a severe competitor to some top-rate frameworks. It’s frequently updated (faster bug fixes), which enables it to differentiate itself from different premium frameworks, which could take months to release new updates.

Previously, Gantry turned into a touch extra complex to use. Still, lately, they have some clean-to-apply gear to their Framework, drag-and-drop functionality, different panels, a menu editor, and so on. Using the Framework entails downloading the Gantry 5 Plugin and putting in a Gantry-supported Theme from their Web site.

The Beans Framework is every other popular subject framework that’s Open Source and unfastened to use. Because it’s Open Source, any developer can contribute to its development (e.g., fixing supply code of mistakes) and tweak it to their liking. This lightweight and fast Framework comprises the UIkit API, which affords distinctive customization alternatives.

Using this Framework is similar to how Genesis works, with you putting in the Framework as you will deploy a subject. They offer a Starter Child Theme on their website, and you may then choose to make your subject matter in case you wish. A few ready-made child issues are available on their internet site for people who don’t have the time to make one from scratch. Detailed documentation is also available to help the ones who have never used this topic framework before.

The Unyson Framework, developed with the aid of Themefuse, is also any other Open Source framework. The Framework is installed through their plugin. The plugin allows all people to create top-rate issues fast. It contains many accessible capabilities, including a Drop Page Builder, Form Builder, etc. It’s an effective framework that can allow even someone with the simplest touch to enjoy WordPress to make an exquisite searching theme.

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