Are WordPress Themes Killing Web Design?

Every so often, anyone writes a submit claiming something is dead. Email is lifeless. Search engine optimization is useless. Facebook is lifeless. Web Design has now not been spared, and we’ve visible ambitious claims of the upcoming loss of life of internet design on Mashable. They declare that equipped-made topics are killing the enterprise:

“Most of the content that you see on the internet nowadays is run through some framework or service — WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, you name it. Frameworks provide you a foundation and shortcuts so you spend less time struggling with the creation of an internet web page, and more time creating content material. As an outcome of the ubiquity of those frameworks, an entire global of loose and paid templates lets you get started with a professional-searching design in mind.”
They feel threatened through the sheer quantity of subject matters available. Since it is “smooth” to setup an internet site and a ready-made theme – each person can do it.

If you’re threatened via systems like WordPress and prepared-made themes, I hate to break it to you – but you’re doing internet design wrong. You’re lacking an essential piece of offering any provider. You’re not presenting sufficient cost to the purchaser.

WordPress Theme Companies and Marketplaces
While there’ll constantly be a want for custom design and improvement, it’s clear from the 2015 WordPress Business Revenue Statistics by Scott Bolinger, you’ll see that topic centered businesses are thriving.

Companies such as themes are making greater than 1,000,000 dollars 12 months. WooThemes (recently received through Automattic) used to make greater than $10 million according to 12 months. Envato does not launch sales figures, however, some records are available. Up to 2014, they’ve paid extra than $224 million to authors considering that 2006. They have more than 50 Elite authors making more than a $75K in line with 12 months. 30 of those make extra than one million dollars 12 months.



It’s secure to say that the top class subject matters market is alive and kicking.

Embrace Premium WordPress Themes
Old school internet designers and builders pleasure themselves at the work they do. They strongly feel that a task nicely was done is a task that is started out from scratch and advanced as vital for a client.

The ideal answer in a perfect global could be growing a custom subject matter for the exact desires of a client. This path though costs lots of time and money and will rate you out of maximum web site design budgets. We live in a quick paced global, and whilst cash might not be a trouble for some clients, you’ll find that time is a problem. Most of my clients need matters to be equipped the day gone by – so going with a custom solution may be shooting your self in the foot.

1. Give Your Client Added Value from the Start
One of the biggest challenges we meet while working on internet initiatives is getting the patron to apprehend or consider the very last product’s visuals.

You are probably questioning one issue, however, you can in no way fully apprehend what your purchaser is imagining from what you’re describing.

An equipped-made topic can work wonders for the very last result. Once you have mentioned some ideas with the patron, move and look for some feasible templates you could use. Then go to the customer with a preference of templates which could match their requirements pleasant. These themes are all operating demos so that you can already provide the patron an awesome sense of what they’ll be getting.

Let’s take Avada as an example – if you take your patron via one of the stay demos, you’re much more likely to win the mission.

Both you and your consumer will recognize what the cease product will seem like. You’re already placing your self up for fulfillment and awesome consumer pleasure.

Participating within the desire of the end-result offers the customer that experience-correct thing. Of direction, it’s far your task as a web designer to nudge them inside the proper course.

2. Turn Sites Around Faster (and Hence Become More Profitable)
Whilst it may be extra amusing and sense of a better fulfillment whilst you create a website from scratch, the use of a premium WordPress subject matter is greater profitable. The basis and maximum of the paintings have already been carried out the use of a subject matter so you are going to spend tons much less time common. This lets you do two matters:

There are different elements to the website which we gained point out, however, all of us recognize that the layout and development time of a custom topic will spike significantly.

There’s a distinction of 36 hours which charged on the price of $60 could be a difference of extra than $2000.

If you don’t rate for those greater hours, you’ve were given a leeway of $2000 to work with whilst giving the final fee.

If you could get away with charging $1500 out of those $2000, a right good fortune to you – you’ve made a totally good-looking profit. Even in the case, you rate just $500 of the $2000, you’re already higher off.

You’re spending less time running and incomes greater.

3. Charge a Premium for Fast Service Rates
Using inventory images and an acquainted WordPress topic – you should be capable of turn around a remarkable website in 1 to two days.

That permits you to rate splendid fast provider charges as a way to allow you in a flip to provide yourself a piece of a bonus.

Can Anybody Do Your Job?
Using an equipped-made top class subject matter might also make it appear easy to create a tremendous looking internet layout. Once more, I beg to vary.

If your end result is only as proper as that of someone who isn’t always an experienced internet dressmaker – you’re no longer doing an amazing enough of a process together with your net design.

It is feasible to create a great looking web site with a top class topic. But you – a skilled net clothier ought to not settle for a “good” web page. The stop end result of an internet design assignment from you must go away no stone unturned, and the stop end result needs to be notable, no longer just right.

You have to understand that there are numerous backstage things that you need to do.

You want to in shape colors and tones.
You want to find the adequate typography and fonts.
You should have observed all most appropriate person enjoy pointers.
You ought to have optimized the web site for serps out of the box.
You realize a way to create a responsive web page which seems precise whatever tool you notice it on, no longer just at the laptop and browser in which it is being designed.