Do the myths surrounding the acquisition of a firearms licence refrain you from applying for a licence altogether? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This guide to applying for a firearms licence will help you get to know about the whole process of acquiring a firearms licence with ease.

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The first step is to get a Firearms Licence application form. You will find that the forms for Shotgun and Firearms Licence applications are largely identical. However, in the case of firearms, you will be required to prove that you have a reason to own one. You can search for your local police forces website on the Internet and download the Firearms Application Form and/or the Shotgun Application Form from there. Also, to save time and cost, you can apply for both at the same time. It also makes the renewal of your certificate simpler.


To make sure that you do not forget to fulfil any formalities while filling up your application form, create a checklist of the important things. Your checklist should contain the following points:

  • Take a copy of your records.
  • Get four passport sized photos– two signed and dated on back by referees, one signed and dated on back by self, one blank.
  • Payable cheque for application fee.
  • Signed permission forms for land you will be using the firearms on, and/or a proof of membership to an approved rifle club.
  • A covering letter in case of any special circumstances regarding your health or on the demand of licensing departments seeking a well-written cover letter that explains everything.


Once you have successfully submitted your application form, you will be contacted by a Firearms Enquiry Officer in the process. Do not feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the same as they will only enquire to check your suitability to possess firearms. Beware of some organisations that will try to have you believe that they are out to get you and do not want anyone having firearms. Do not freak out if an instance like this occurs as this simply is not true.

During the interview, simply follow the basic rule– relax and be yourself. Be polite with the interviewer and answer all questions with a considered and thoughtful answer. If you do not know the answer to any question, just say so. Do not force yourself to answer. Do not get into arguments based on the knowledge you acquired from other people’s interpretations of the law that you may have read online or somewhere else. Remember that you yourself will be liable for the final outcome. If you react badly in the interview and the FEO deems you unsuitable for the acquisition of any firearms, that would be because of your own mistakes. The Firearms Enquiry Officers are trained to pick up on the people who are unstable. It is their job to not give a firearms licence to someone who cannot keep their cool and be rational.