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Uber drivers can now gather tips in Alberta, Ontario

Canadians can now tip their Uber driver if they stay in pick towns in Ontario and Alberta. Uber rolled out a model of its app that permits tilting in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Windsor, and Kingston. The characteristic is already available stateside in most towns wherein Uber operates. It will be to be had in the relaxation of the land Canada by using the end of July.

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Riders have the choice of selecting from a pre-set gratuity of $1, $2, or $5 or deciding on a quantity on their very own. A spokesperson for Uber Canada said each driver and rider had welcomed the trade.

“It’s something that drivers were soliciting for a long term, and riders as properly have requested for the possibility to tip drivers after a remarkable enjoy,” stated Susie Heath, the senior communication marketing consultant for Uber Canada.

Uber stated it had no longer offered clients a “tip option” through the app earlier than drivers already acquiring a large portion of the ride fees. When asked if that would change now that drivers can get hold of suggestions, Heath said it’s not. She said the option to tip is also to be had on Uber Eats.

Heath stated that is the primary reason for some changes being rolled out over the coming months, including shorter cancellation windows, driving force safety insurance, and accelerated driving force locations.


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Uber has been running to restore its image following a sequence of arguable incidents. A recent internal investigation uncovered a couple of times of sexual harassment and bullying in the company, which caused the firing of more than 20 personnel. The corporation’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, resigned in June.


Heath said the business enterprise has been operating on approaches to “enhance the driving force and rider revel in” over the past few years and has seen a fantastic response from both parties in cities wherein it has already delivered the new features.

Looking To Become An Uber Driver? Here’s Why You Should Use A PCO Rental Service

If you live in a busy town, using a PCO-registered automobile can be a flexible and profitable professional choice. Uber is quickly becoming superior to conventional taxi firms regarding their affordability and convenience for clients. Now is a better time to embark on your skilled driving profession with an agency you could accept as true.

Uber was founded in 2009 in the States and is considered to be becoming immensely successful globally. In recent years, Uber has moved with a unique ‘faucet to experience’ service, available to users via a telephone App.

Uber makes public vehicle services green and cost-effective for each driving force and the customer. The organization uses a smart mapping system to locate you when someone requests a taxi, depending on how close you are to the consumer. Uber’s philosophy is to hyperlink a motive force to their client in less than five minutes, which means you may never be out of labor.

At the cease in their journey, Uber payments the client’s credit card and then feeds the price back to you using a new online gadget. So, if you’re a current taxi motive force seeking to paint for Uber, you’ll be pleased to realize there’ll be no greater fare-dodging!

Working for the Uber method, you will be your very own boss, capable of painting as little or as an awful lot as you want at any time of day. And with inflated Uber fares throughout mainly busy durations, you’ll get paid more for operating on weekends or public vacations. But, if you’re looking for paintings and need to join Uber, you will want to have your personal PCO registered car – which inside the cutting-edge financial weather can be high priced.

Owning the right automobile is a snag that regularly occurs when skilled drivers become Uber workers. The preliminary outlay for a healthy vehicle for public offerings can be high priced. Perhaps you cannot get a PCO license in your present-day car. Or maybe it’s a vehicle you percentage with your accomplice or own family, and you cannot apply it while you need to paint?

This is in which an Uber PCO rental vehicle provider could offer the solution you want to release your freelance riding profession. An Uber PCO apartment service will give you a beautiful, completely PCO-registered, and insured car of the best pleasant and style. Better, but any of these executive hire vehicles come at an affordable month-to-month rate, with flexible finance alternatives to suit your budget.

It’s great to find PCO rental offerings affiliated with Uber, as they will often provide Uber drivers with better deals and prices. For example, the main Uber PCO apartment offerings are now providing rent-to-buy schemes as an incentive to get budding drivers on the road.

This way, now not handiest, will you be able to hire an impressive, trendy vehicle from a relied-on source; however, sooner or later, it will likely be yours – making an Uber PCO condominium service a worthwhile investment. Plus, the PCO registration and coverage may be handled for you using specialists inside the industry. So, all you’ll do is apply and get yourself out on the road.

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