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PropUrban ventures into ”Property and Rental Management” services

New Delhi: In its enterprise to emerge as a one-forestall answer for whatever that is `Real Estate,` PropUrban, the online-to-offline funding advisory firm, has widened its horizon by way of venturing into Property and Rental Management Services (PRMS).

Under the PRMS version, the organization’s goals are to offer trouble-unfastened belongings portfolio control to all discerning customers and provide end-to-stop solutions, including asset preservation, restoration, and, last but not least, tenant control. We can also assist tenants in scouting for apartment residences and hand-preserve them through the complete circulate-in and documentation procedure.

Currently, the Indian condominium residential market is pegged at USD 20 billion, with USD 13.5 billion in city areas, USD 0.8 billion in rural, and USD 5.7 billion across vacant NRI assets brokerage. However, these numbers are developing quickly, with more and more Indians opting to rent an area rather than shopping for it. As such, PropUrban plans to be a critical part of this increase story in the rental markets.

Under PRMS, the agency will assist both proprietors and tenants, from scouting for the right houses/tenants to belongings inspection to any repair work to sign the rental agreement to the tenant pass-in procedure. That’s not all! The business enterprise offers many services and submits settlement closures as well. For example, there might be devoted dating managers to assist in asset renovation and preserve the vigilance of the belongings even once the tenant moves in. So, what units of PRMS, apart from the opposite gamers within the market, will pay proprietors the monthly lease on time, even if the tenant defaults?

Thus, ensuring regular coins go with the flow-Owners want not to signal the rent receipts-Security deposit is paid to the owner by PropUrban. Each time a tenant vacates the assets, the proprietor wants not to return to the warranty so long as the settlement is valid. Restore, paint, and smooth the residence when the tenant moves out. Out-owners are loose from coping with unprofessional plumbers, electricians, and painters.


PropUrban has impaneled expert and certified companies to ensure fine home care; through the powerful use of generation, we plan to address the developing concerns inside the residential condominium space and provide an everlasting revel in all tenants and owners through cost-powerful measures. The PRMS model is operational in Bangalore at the onset, with 250 gadgets already on board within a fortnight of its operations.


Silicon Valley can be observed through Pune, where we intend to start operations within August 2017. Continuing its growth pressure, the PRMS group of PropUrban is concentrated on having onboard nearly 4,000 devices in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai by the FY 2017-18. Our PRMS model, on my own, will help contribute a lot as 15 percent of the full revenue target of PropUrban in the present-day fiscal.

Getting the Most From Property Rental Management!

Commercial belongings are luxurious to shop for and high-priced to preserve. So ideally, the industrial landlord will search for great assets at the proper charge, spend just what is wanted to appear after it, shield its value, and then place it within the appropriate tenant and commercial hire. It sounds simple, so why are not all people doing it? That is because some distance from being a license to print money, it is a completely excessive hazard area of enterprise that calls for getting entry to capital and persevering with delivering money to preserve one’s role within the marketplace.

To live to tell the tale inside the industrial assets enterprise and to expand a successful belongings condo portfolio, a commercial landlord wishes to realize exactly what is occurring to money shifting in and out of the enterprise in each the quick-term and the long term. This knowledge that the industrial landlord can collect via investing in and using a perfect first-rate tenant software bundle.

Tenant software has many advantages for professional landlords, and most landlords use it. It reduces the extent of office work and saves time on repetitive and mundane obligations. With a piece of education, everyone can input the required statistics into the device. As soon as this has been achieved, it is safe, secure, and equipped to be looked at in various approaches within the shape of flexible and precious management reports.

Just think of what you need to recognize about your tenants and your houses to manage your houses and cash flow. There are reviews to help you with these records. To ensure that you get an appropriate product for your property enterprise, there are some floor regulations you should not forget and rent earlier than committing to an assets condo control software bundle.

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