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Key activities in OJ Simpson’s fall from sports hero, movie star

O.J. Simpson’s story represents one of the most dramatic falls from grace in the records of American popular culture. In the 1960s and ’70s, a beloved football hero transitioned effects to movie superstar, sports commentator, and T.V. pitchman within the years he observed.

1967- Simpson leads all University jogging backs in dashing in his first season at the University of Southern California.

1968- Simpson wins the Heisman Trophy, university football’s pinnacle honor.

1969- The first pick in the pro draft, Simpson, goes to the Buffalo Bills and spends the next nine seasons with the team.

1973- He turns into the first NFL player to rush for 2,000 or greater yards (2,003) in a season.

1979- Simpson retires, having rushed for eleven,236 yards, the 2nd maximum in NFL history.

1985- Simpson is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


1988- Simpson appeared in T.V. shows and commercials because of the late Nineteen Sixties, co-stars in the first of the “Naked Gun” crime comedies, possibly his most famous function.

February 1992- Nicole Brown Simpson files for divorce after seven years of marriage. It will become the very last Oct. 15. June 12, 1994- Nicole Simpson and a pal, Ronald Goldman, are stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles domestic.


June 17, 1994- Ordered by prosecutors to surrender, Simpson flees with a chum in a white Ford Bronco. It’s a nationally televised gradual-velocity chase across California freeways till police convince him to resign.

June 1995- During Simpson’s trial, a prosecutor asks him to position a pair of gloves believed to be worn by the killer. The gloves seem too small, main defense attorney Johnnie Cochran famously kingdom in his ultimate argument- “If it doesn’t in shape, you ought to acquit.”

Oct. 3, 1995- Simpson is acquitted of murder.

February 1997- After an ordeal in a civil suit filed by way of the victims’ households, a jury unearths Simpson responsible for the deaths and orders he pay survivors $33.5 million.

July 2007- A federal financial disaster chooses to award the rights to a book via Simpson, in which he discusses how he could have dedicated the killings to Goldman’s own family as a partial price of the judgment. The circle of relatives renames the book “If I Made It- Confessions of the Killer.”

September 2007- Simpson, observed through five men, confronts sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas resort room, angrily telling them that most memorabilia they may be planning to promote are rightfully his.

Oct. 3, 2008- A jury finds Simpson and co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart guilty of kidnapping, armed theft, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, and conspiracy charges. The other accomplices had taken plea offers and received probation.

December 2008- Simpson is sentenced to 9 to 33 years and sent to Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada.

October 2010- The Nevada Supreme Court denies Simpson’s attraction; however, it offers Stewart a brand new trial. Stewart takes a plea deal and is released.

July 25, 2013- Simpson asks the Nevada Parole Board for leniency, saying he has tried to be a version prisoner. He wins parole on some convictions but is left with at least four extra years to serve.

July 20, 2017- A four-member parole board unanimously presents Simpson’s parole, powerful Oct. 1. The board cites the low hazard he would possibly commit some other crime, his network guide, and a release plan to transfer to Florida, wherein he has a family.

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