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Adobe launches redesigned Lightroom for Android

Adobe launched an update for its Lightroom image control and editing apps on iOS and Android nowadays. In addition, the iOS app for iPhone and iPad is getting new capabilities, including help for Adobe’s selective brush, a brand new info tab, and an interface replacement for the iPad version. That’s all quite excellent. However, the most important information is that Adobe also redesigned the Android app from the ground up.

Adobe has long been an iOS-first shop, and while it now offers the maximum of its apps on Android, it frequently felt the groups spent way more time polishing the iOS apps than the Android versions. For example, lightroom on Android was usually a pretty able cellular version of the computing device experience. However, it never felt all that snappy and local.

“We wanted to provide the quality Android enjoy viably, so we redesigned Lightroom for Android from the ground up to be quicker, more efficient, and, nicely, greater Android-y,” Adobe says in these days’ declaration. “Every display screen has been redesigned to ensure a herbal, native Android revel while providing the best satisfactory, expert-grade cell picture modifying app ever.”

Sadly, new capabilities like Selective Brush, which enhances the presently available linear and radial gradients, and the Detail tab that offers you worldwide management over sharpening and noise are nevertheless coming to iOS first. So, chances are we’ll wait a touch bit longer to get these on Android.


Did Apple Do Enough With iPhone 4S to Stay Ahead of the Competition?

A few random minds after Tuesday’s big iPhone 4S assertion:

The rumors and speculation felt larger this year than maximum. Many people think Apple might pull off something big, like introducing a radically redesigned cell phone. I don’t suppose many people expected Apple to introduce a 4G model, particularly given the company’s attitudes in the direction of battery lifestyles – and the way battery-hogging the present-day 4G chips are – however, there has been loads of legitimate wish for a redesigned telephone with a bigger display screen.

When Apple failed to introduce the new cell phone in June, as regular, quite a few people felt that meant we would get something fundamental, hardware-clever, Tuesday. Why else would they postpone? We were given a few fundamental software bulletins, some of the foremost software program announcements. Still, the new iPhone is just as tiny searching as the Android competition because the old iPhone changed. It’s way beyond time for Apple to enhance the display size.

Tim Cook is not the showman Steve Jobs changed into. Scott Forstall could be, and honestly right, the “face” for Apple at these product launches if Cook were to cede a bit of the spotlight he reportedly does not take care of an excessive amount of. Instead, he appeared fearful, and given the degree and the fact that this was, greater or less, the respective changeover from Jobs’ regime to his, most new CEOs might be. It’ll be thrilling to see how he handles the iPad three presser later this year or the next 12 months or each time it’s miles. I suspect he will be less fearful and much higher.


Apple’s inventory fell from $17.15 to $357.45 in the afternoon buying and selling Tuesday. This honestly turned into associated with the general expectations there would be a larger telephone, which many customers appear to need. But that is no longer to say that Apple won’t sell five bazillions of this stuff between now and Christmas. It is available in white at release. Oh, and there won’t be any antenna troubles, right? Right??

I suppose AT&T will head tough at its opponents to tout its speed gain. This one’s a given because the new telephone supports a version of 3G, which is quicker than the usual 3G. On the other hand, Verizon and Sprint do not guide it, and each group’s 3G networks are, in fashion, slower than AT&T’s general fare 3G.

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