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Maintenance Tips for your Inflatable Boats

Purchasing inflatable boats is big hype these days. The trend is no longer restricted to elite-class people but has now entered an average consumer’s list. Spending the weekend coasting along the shoreline, cruising in the open water, or wakeboarding across the surface – the concept of enjoyment seems to have been reinvented by those with a passion for boats.

Inflatable Boats

Whether it is a yacht, sailboat, powerboat, or now rigid inflatable boat (RIB), there seems no end to discovering new thrilling ways for water enthusiasts. The thought of power, performance, and exploration possibilities are exciting, provoking them to go beyond their comfort zones. The best part is that inflatable boats require less maintenance to retain their good looks and life expectancy. With a few precautionary measures, you can sustain their smooth riding and enhance their life duration up to 20-30 years.

Let us discuss some easy inflatable boat maintenance tips

Thorough Cleaning

It is important to carry out a proper cleaning process of the boat right from the first day of its purchase. However, be careful with the cleaning products you choose because a very harsh cleaner might weaken or damage the inflatable boat. Refrain from using abrasive scrubbing pads or products with solvents, acetone, bleach, and ammonia, as these may result in scratches or affect the inflatable material. Opt for mild dish soaps or dedicated boat cleaning products only. Ensure you rinse off the boat thoroughly with water after using cleaners and keep a vigilant eye on the mold formation.

Appropriate Storage

Build a sturdy and safe shed for storing your inflatable when it is not in use. Please keep it away from sharp and dull objects such as oars and ropes that can cause abrasion. Don’t let anything rub against the boat’s material, or it will cause long-term damage to the material. Besides, always store your boat partially inflated because otherwise, a deflated boat will be prone to much damage. However, if you feel you have minimal space and increasing the ship is impossible, dry the boat completely and follow the storage instructions.

Keep the Sharp Objects Away

It might sound hard, but keeping your inflatable boats away from sharp objects may be unavoidable. Knives and fish hooks are common things people tend to carry in their inflatable boats. There are also barnacles and jutting wood at the docks and pointed rocks and shells at the beaches. These objects cannot be completely ignored while riding, but enough precaution can be taken to mitigate the risk to the boat.

Protection against UV Rays

UV rays emitted from the sun, excessive heat, and other foreign contaminants are big threats to the material of inflatable boats. So, never leave it lying in the sun when you are not using them. Get a good quality sun cover in light color tones to block UV rays and mildew formation. You can also use “sunscreen for inflatables” like “Protectant 303” once every three weeks.

William J. McGoldrick
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