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Online Lives: Meet blogger Rosie Connolly

I turned into always-on social media to hook up with friends; however, it changed after I became pregnant with my son that I noticed my following grow unexpectedly,” said the 27-year-vintage Dubliner, who these days has over 140k Instagram fans. “I become documenting my being pregnant style, as well as makeup and splendor.”

The interest in her style brought about Rosie growing her makeup masterclasses and an accessories brand, in addition to becoming a complete-time blogger. “I am a full-time style and beauty blogger, touring the United States of America with my makeup masterclasses, collaborating with a few awesome manufacturers and author of LUXE.I.e., my add-ons brand,” she said. She guarantees she shares the content material her fans are looking for regularly.

“I typically stick to the style, beauty, lifestyle, and everyday lifestyles as a Mum.” However, her online presence has been extremely beneficial to Rosie, permitting her to control her existence and spend more time at home with her two-month-old son, Harry.

“It has given me a choice to work for myself, be my boss, beat domestic with my son as much as feasible. It has brought me to a few great people each in the enterprise and the maximum critical human beings: my fans.” Rosie, who prefers photo-heavy social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, says she has noticed a massive alternate in what human beings want online in recent years.



“It has changed plenty. There is more recognition of imagery and video content material now than ever. Audiences need rapid content; they want to see behind the curtain. It would help if you adapted to what your fans want. “Snapchat didn’t exist once I started blogging, so I needed to adapt to video content material while it was released. It is now one of my most powerful social media channels.”

Despite her success, Rosie admits she has had to conquer some challenges – specifically finding piece-existence stability and dealing with online trolls. “The larger you’re following, the extra danger you’ll have of being centered using online bullies. I have constructed up to such thick pores and skin through the years that it doesn’t segment me anymore, but that turned into a hard adjustment for certain,” she stated. “The other mission is locating a balance between painting and domestic life. Knowing to exchange off and be a gift inside the second has taken a few practices.”

Blogging and Its Types

A blog is a sort of internet site wherein gadgets are published on an ordinary foundation, usually arranged in chronological order from the most current post at the pinnacle of the page to the older posts toward the lowest. The term blog is simply a shortened form of the blog. Adding an editorial to an existing weblog is called ‘running a blog.’ Individual article on a blog is known as ‘weblog posts,’ and the individual who writes and posts these weblog posts is called a ‘blogger.

Blogs are regularly written on a particular topic about which the bloggers are probably involved. It may be from recipes to photography, books, journeys, style, beauty, lifestyle, or any of the blogger’s pastimes. It may be something that a person can think about and is probably curious about sharing their perspectives with people with comparable hobbies and views. This way, humans can examine, share ideas, make friends, or do commercial enterprise with humans with similar pastimes.
A weblog usually consists of text, hypertext, photographs, and links. There are numerous varieties of blogs. Let’s have to examine some of them.

• Personal Blogs- A personal Blog is a diary or a statement written and maintained using a character. These normally appeal to only a few readers. But now, personal bloggers have grown to a huge quantity, and many people read their content. These individual bloggers have come to be famous, each inside the virtual international in addition to in the actual world.

• Group Blogs or Collaborative Blogs- This is a blog in which the posts are written, maintained, and posted by multiple authors. It is often set through already mounted bloggers who share the same view for you to lessen the stress of retaining a popular website and attract a larger variety of readers.

• Corporate and Organizational blogs- These blogs are mostly non-public and used for enterprise, non-earnings companies, or authorities functions. Blogs that may be used internally by employees are called corporate blogs. These are commonly used to speak News about employer policies or techniques. The corporation may additionally use publicly available blogs for advertising functions.

Blogs in recent times are the perfect medium to express one’s views. If you are enthusiastic about something and want to share your perspectives with a larger target audience, blogs are ideal.

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