Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 16 pointers and tricks

We gave an Editor’s Choice award to the Galaxy S5 for its vast variety of functions, however, you still want to learn how to use all of them. Luckily although, we’ve got come up with 15 key hints that will help you get the fine from your S5, overlaying everything from customisable capabilities to little-recognised methods of creating it run faster and more efficiently.

More than three years after the S5’s launch, our friends over at IT Pro’s sister identify, Expert Reviews, additionally consider it still has a lot to provide if you have the time to test out its capabilities. Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 higher than the S6? Head on over to Expert Reviews to discover and allow us to realise if you disagree!

Enable fingerprint protection
In the past, unlocking your smartphone changed into a piece exclusive to the biometric security improvements we’ve got these days. One of the first gadgets to trial biometric authentication turned into the Galaxy S5, scanning your fingerprint to liberate the tool. This amazing era offers a handy manner to unencumber your cell phone quickly however additionally gives customers with improved telephone protection.

However, this accessible authentication isn’t always available mechanically; rather you ought to activate it inside the settings menu. Once you’ve completed this, the cell phone will ask you to scan your finger 10-20 instances to construct a correct map of your fingerprint. Depending on your preferences, you could carry out the system on multiple fingerprints if you need, so you don’t usually have to use your thumb.

Scanning several distinct fingerprints does provide you with the advantage of making certain get right of entry to the device with multiple sets of hands. It’s additionally useful to sign in the equal fingerprint two times, upright and sideways, so you can keep away from sensor confusion and free up your tool without problems from a number of special angles.

Transfer your vintage information and contacts
Many customers locate that one of the maximum disturbing matters after they purchase a new cell phone, is shifting their facts throughout to their new cell from the vintage one. Contacts are very vital as, otherwise, how are you going to maintain in touch with the humans near you?

For the Galaxy S5, there may be some quick fire approaches to make sure you don’t leave out an aspect when transferring this all critical data over. First of all, you may transfer the maximum of your antique information throughout even in case you now not have your vintage smartphone. To try this, honestly download the Facebook and Twitter apps onto your new tool and in case you have already got bills, simply click on sure while you’re asked whether or not you need to merge contacts facts. And hi there presto!



However, there’s a more refined way to do that if you have your old telephone handy. In the Contacts app of your vintage handset, go to the Settings menu and look for the “merge contacts/account” alternative. This syncs all of your contacts facts with a Google Mail account so that whilst you log in on the brand new cell phone, it’ll all syncs robotically. Lovely.

Set up far flung protection capabilities
If you are some thing like us, your cell phone in all likelihood shops quite a few information on you – from circle of relatives photographs to banking info – so it’s a no brainer to set up more security features that mean you may locate, lock and wipe your cell phone if you lose it, or it gets stolen.

It’s without a doubt viable to apply another supplier for this, but Samsung does boast its personal integrated equipment for MDM (mobile tool management). The exceptional known of those might be Knox, a hard and fast of security gear aimed at enterprise customers.

It’s a breeze to set these up, and whilst palms crossed you may never need to apply them, you may relaxation smooth knowing that if you do, then it is best and simple.