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Why Laminate Your Floors: Here Are The Main Reasons

Flooring is one of those fundamental features that form the bones of any well-designed home. The right floor will provide long-lasting durability, comfort underfoot, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal to your space.

Laminate floors are becoming trendy because they are solid, stable, and have moisture-proof HDF panels. They comprise four layers- the robust base and backing plate below, which guarantees that the core cannot warp or collapse. On the top of it is the HDF panel and decor panel with a high-resolution photo of authentic wood planks or tiles.

The top layer is finished with transparent resin and wear-resistant resin to provide the ultimate protection for the floor. It gives you a look of real wood or natural stone, but it does come with some advantages:


Suitable for Every Room:

Laminated floors can be used in any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom; there are waterproof floors with extra protection. The seamless click system and anti-static surface prevent dust and dirt from collecting on or between the planks. You can even use laminate flooring for your staircase.

Choice of Colours and Textures:

Various on-trend color and texture options are available in laminate flooring, from replicas of exotic hardwood floorboards to a more contemporary whitewashed finish, a rustic-inspired distressed grey wood lookalike lighter wood tone.

Extremely Strong:

Laminated floors are exceptionally durable and hardwearing because of solid core panels and the patented scratch guard upper layer. The laminate floors can cope with scratches, the shock of heavy, falling objects, playing kids, stiletto heels, and even scorch marks. You need not worry about the spilling of water and other liquids since you can mop the floor with a damp cloth, which won’t even penetrate deep down.

Quick and Easy Install:

A laminate floor can be installed quickly, but it is better to contact a professional to install it. You do not require special glue to stick them together; all you can do is snap them together above your wood, plywood, concrete, or even existing vinyl flooring.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

They are easy to clean and can last longer. They do not require varnish, wax, polish, or special cleaning chemicals. Use an anti-bacterial microfiber mop for cleaning the dirt and pet hair. Then, vacuum or sweep to clean heavier dust particles. There is no need to use harmful chemicals to keep the floor clean, making it ideal for kids to play or roam about barefoot.

Supreme durability:

They are made up of high-density fibreboards, which are incredibly durable materials. They do not contract or expand like hardwood floors. If they trap moisture or any damage occurs, they are easy to replace and remove.

Value for Money:

They are more affordable as compared to wooden floors. They add value to your money and house. You can save for the long run since it doesn’t require expensive cleaning.

William J. McGoldrick
William J. McGoldrick
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