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5 Best WordPress Site Builders for the Technically Challenged

As an entrepreneur or innovator, those fantastic ideas are uncommon and time-touchy, so you probably don’t have the time to wait weeks or even months to release your campaign or business’s internet site. Luckily, several excellent technical minds have engineered WordPress website builders that take even the maximum amateur internet user to internet site constructing pro in days or even hours.

Much like WordPress issues, developers are in delicious abundance and range even more so in fine, which is why this article proposes to dissect the five excellent WordPress internet site builders and a description of how you can use them to construct an elegant, custom, and completely functioning internet site speedy.

1. Divi

Divi is arguably the most famous WordPress builder in the marketplace right now. With its appealing design and an amazing variety of capabilities, it’s miles no marvel it has made the listing. But in its middle, what makes it so attractive?

The subject is meticulously up to date, and new functions are released very frequently.
It’s a front-end developer tool, meaning anything you build is what your tourist sees.
It uses a drag-and-drop builder, making it perfect for non-technical website online builders.

Some WordPress builders are plugin-based, and others are subject matter-based. Divi is subject matter-based, meaning you get a subject matter for your WordPress website and a builder for the fee of 1.


Divi comes with a mess of layouts and, as such, can vary from being an eCommerce store, an agency internet site, a photography portfolio, a weblog, an information website, and more. It may be just about whatever you dream up.

The Divi Builder has a first-rate UX, which makes it smooth to navigate and easy to apply. You would create a page like you generally do, but instead of beginning the editor to start messing with HTML and CSS, you will click the massive pink button aptly labeled “Use The Divi Builder.”

2. Layers

Layers is another plugin-based WordPress builder with a drag-and-drop capability, making it perfect for max customization and a consumer-pleasant revel in. The creators of Layers sought to create a builder so intuitive that you could be “seasoned” the primary time you used it. Beyond the plain, why do Layers stand out inside the crowded WordPress builder area?


Behind the scenes of the Layers subject, you get an intelligent HTML structure that optimizes your website online for excessive search ranking results. Layers are good for shopping websites because they come prefabbed to play nicely with WooCommerce, the most famous eCommerce platform on the market. It has a factor-and-click interface, just like its pinnacle tier opposition, making it noticeably easy for a beginner to construct formidable and delightful websites.

It’s easy to download and use for your WordPress subject matter.

Layers make it easy and low-priced to stand up and stroll quickly with their low-value themes. Combine one of their themes with their loose builder, and you have the recipe for an extraordinary internet site. To take advantage of similar capabilities, you must spend roughly twice the fee for their Layers Pro bundle, which gives you top-rate alternatives like resizing your brand, sticky headers, more shade customization, and extra (see underneath).

Page Builder using SiteOrigin is every other crowd preferred for WordPress web page developers, and rightfully so. It is a plugin-primarily based builder, and for an unfastened option inside the market, it boasts a huge form of widgets you may drag and drop to customize your website to the fullest.

The painting’s location in Page Builder isn’t the most visually attractive of the alternatives outlined in this text, but this is using the layout. The plugin utilizes an SEO-pleasant code that is lightweight and ain’t overwhelm your web page’s velocity or search engine rankings with pointless visual effects inside the builder itself.

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