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The 5 Best WordPress Themes for search engine marketing Visibility

Theme choice to optimize your internet site’s search engine marketing is more important than you would possibly think. Poorly written subject matters can negatively strike search engine optimization. Specifically, the subsequent points can hurt your search engine marketing or the consumer experience, causing you to seek engine ratings to go through:

The inability to get rid of spammy hyperlinks. Too frequently, unfastened or low-value WordPress subject matters are given away in some campaigns to generate leads and include code and hyperlinks that can harm your organic search visibility.

Poor usability can result in better bounce rates. Non-cellular pleasant designs will suffer from Google’s SEO scrutiny. According to a page that tells Google your content material isn’t relevant, poor design will result in a lower average time, decreasing ranking. Slow loading time from a bloated them may even pass towards Google’s quality practices for SEO.

Regular updates and ongoing guide. Few unfastened or low-cost issues are patched for protection functions or upgraded while new variations of WordPress are rolled out. This leaves your website open to all sorts of vulnerabilities, from hacking to bad search engine marketing performance. These all contribute to the overall person’s enjoyment and will, therefore, affect your SEO. With that expertise as a base, we discovered the top five WordPress issues for search engine marketing visibility. This listing will define our top 5 and develop insights into how they’ll make your website’s search engine optimization performance stronger.



According to Brian Dean, a renowned search engine marketing professional, SEO WP is his top recommendation for search engine optimization optimized WordPress subject matters. What makes it so special?

From the minute you download it, you get a blazing speedy topic load time of only 3 seconds, significantly improving the search engine optimization of the internet site and the general user experience. Your website is completely responsive and will appear extraordinary on any website. They validate every web page with a Google cell-pleasant take a look at.

Consistently updated each month to have the satisfactorily written code for SEO and make certain it is free of all known insects. Lightweight design and code cut the average size of your website in a third. In addition to a stable search engine marketing Foundation, the topic comes with an unfastened live composer web page builder, which lets you personalize the theme to any layout you choose.


BoomBox is a stable subject preference proper out of the container. It turned into designed especially for SEO because its motive is to cater to developing viral content material and constructing famous websites that generate a huge amount of site visitors every day.

Like Reddit, BoomBox has a neat front-stop submission characteristic constructed so traffic can submit content for vote casting without traveling the again-cease admin segment of the website. You additionally get the option to vote on posts based on your favored emoji response. This characteristic is, of course, non-compulsory.

How Blogs And RSS Boost Your Search Engine Visibility

Marketers have found that blogs are exquisite tools for communicating with their audience. Anyone with something or an idea to sell can benefit from using blogs. Search marketers particularly favor blogs because they have some of the features that cause them to be the darling of serps.

1. Fresh, Updated, Relevant Content

When you write a good weblog about a subject matter that you’re obsessed with and publish regularly, you’re creating sparkling, keyword-wealthy content material that engines like Google love.

2. Natural, One-Way Links

Search engines view links on your web page as a recommendation of your website content. More hyperlinks pointing to your website online or weblog boosts your visibility and search engine scores. Google gives greater weight to natural, one-manner incoming links, and blogs make it clean to get forms of one-manner links on your web page.

3· Similarly Themed Blogs

A nicely written, authoritative blog with unique content is probably linked to some bloggers writing on similar subjects. These herbal links might be considered excessive and given more weight via engines like Google.

4· RSS Feed Syndication

Blogs and the RSS feed constructed into them assist you in building treasured, one-manner links for your web page by syndicating your content online.

5. Get Indexed Within Hours

When you publish to a weblog, it “pings” some offerings listing blogs. This notifies the provider that your blog has been updated. Search engines like Google provide more weight to blogs that are up to date regularly. It is possible to get your pages indexed in Google and different machines within hours of writing your first weblog. Compared to the time it takes to index an internet site (days, even weeks), you can see why blogs are better search engine optimization gear than static websites.

Indirect Search Engine Marketing Benefits of Blogs

Besides the search engine marketing blessings, a properly written, authoritative blog can also create exposure and branding for you, encouraging even more people to read and link to your weblog.

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