RSS to Blog Pro – A 6-month Review

Search engines are particularly interested in websites with constantly up to date, relevant content. Websites that appear static without a supply of clean content material can be viewed as dormant and in their pressure to offer the trendy, most applicable seek results to users, search engines can also rank this type of website decrease than a website that is updated often.

What Is It?

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RSS to Blog Pro is a completely automated blog posting device presenting self-updating websites. It’s a PHP script that is mounted on a single net web hosting account. From this centralized installation, more than one blogs can be maintained with clean content from diverse sources. Also available is an earlier, non-seasoned version, which has the identical simple functionality, however, calls for a separate install for each weblog it keeps.

What Problem Does It Solve?

Adding sparkling – and importantly, applicable – content material to websites can be a resource consuming mission. Either you spend time finding and developing new content material or you pay a person to do it for you. Without sparkling content material, your websites can appear stagnant and drop off the search engines radar. This influences your internet site rankings in seek effects and in the end, has an unfavorable effect on any free traffic coming from the engines like google. If your websites rely on search engine traffic then this may suggest their downfall.

What Are The Benefits?

RSS to Blog Pro tackles the hassle of wanting to often update website content material with the aid of automating the whole method from finding relevant content based upon keywords that you offer through to posting content on your website weblog. In the eyes of engines like google, updating a website with beside the point content material is not nearly as precise as having relevant content. The tighter your area of interest, the higher the chances you’ve got of rating higher as you will be competing with a smaller variety of websites. Using a scattergun approach to internet site content can mean you turn out to be competing with websites across a huge quantity of niches.

If you are constructing content material websites with the goal of incomes AdSense earnings then you will understand that the commercials proven are established upon the encompassing content for your web pages. Irrelevant content material effects in commercials that are inappropriate in your internet site traffic, this means that they may haven’t any hobby in clicking on them and your generated income can be negative.

Since August 2005, I’ve been the use of RSS to Blog Pro on more and more blogs in numerous niches. I’m pleased to have the ability to say that my income from AdSense has accelerated month upon month when you consider that then. With the software set up on my digital personal server (VPS), I presently manipulate round 50 blogs, posting relevant new content material every day or two. I’d recommend which you don’t install RSS to Blog Pro onto a shared server because if you’re updating a massive quantity of websites or you’re strolling the script often (each couple of minutes) then your host is in all likelihood to take a dim view on it. Considering how inexpensive and how much more dependable a VPS is to perform there simply is not any reasonable justification for risking a shared server. A VPS is like having your very own server, completely isolated from any other peoples websites so that you can’t have an effect on them and they cannot affect you. There is the exception of disk IO, however, that isn’t something that needs to be of any actual issue.

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The problem of relevancy is simply what makes the distinction among an effective vehicle content material era device and one so that it will by no means do something to your backside line. I cannot stress it enough; without applicable content, engines like Google may not be capable of categorizing your area of interest and might not be capable of rank you pretty amongst your peers. That approach you may not do nicely in searches to your subject area. It also may want to imply your internet site will serve commercials for tennis equipment when your area of interest is canine care. Visitors seeking out data approximately canine care are enormously unlikely to be interested in tennis gadget whilst they arrive for your internet site as it’s not something which is relevant to their wishes at that time.

There’s absolute confidence that this facilitates to preserve those websites looking clean and my internet site stats display a consistent circulate of visits to my weblog pages each month. And of direction, plenty of targeted traffic and masses of the centered content material method a lot of clicks on centered commercials!

Support-wise, Michelle (creator of RSS to Blog Pro) has answered my email queries directly and there’s an energetic user discussion board for peer guide. Michelle also visits the forum to provide assistance even though a few queries can take multiple days for a reaction, but the user base, support discussion board, and software program is mature enough so that it will address almost every commonplace question a new user might have.

Fortunately, the software program is straightforward to put in and set-up so you can assume to be jogging within an hour or two.

One function that I have not used is the potential to ping blog directories from inside RSS to Blog Pro. The motive for this is that if I pinged those websites for each submission made to every one of my blogs then I’d absolutely emerged as pinging up to 50 instances a day from the equal domain (the area on which RSS to Blog Pro is hooked up). Rather than threat being blacklisted for pinging an excessive amount of and hogging the resources of the directories, I use the ping facility from with my WordPress blog software program instead of in order that the character pings come from the individual domain names. Again, this can appear to be a lot more herbal and it also facilitates RSS to Blog Pro to paintings greater efficiently by using decoupling a number of the work far away from it.


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After 6 months of consistent utilization, I’m pretty happy with RSS to Blog Pro’s overall performance. And might actually recommend it to absolutely everyone who is wanting to have self-updating websites that entice targeted site visitors. Care wishes to be taken while deciding on a number for the script, but once mounted, the operation of the script is straightforward and reliable. An exquisite script within the toolbox of AdSense earners and associate entrepreneurs alike.