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Free Static HTML Website Templates, 2019 Updated

Let’s admit it: We like fast solutions. Static website builders of numerous types, in addition to loose static website templates, are everywhere. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, static HTML internet site templates may be an excellent answer. Even though they do not have an interface in which you may create a webpage with drag and drop, they’re nonetheless intuitive to edit and use. They don’t concede in phrases of design, functionality, person revel in, or responsive conduct. They go through steady improvements to meet current necessities as nicely. They are preferred for a lightweight and rapid-operating website because they contain the best vital files.

Simple solutions are shown to be quite green. They are an exquisite alternative to online website developers. Let’s keep in mind some super examples of loose static HTML templates.
Home Screen Template is based on an image history. This is barely dim to give foreground factors the best comparison and ignite interest with the help of clever visual fabric.

The tagline is so big that it comes into awareness properly. As it befits an amazing call-to-movement button, this one includes vivid coloring. Navigation is minimal yet proper to the point. This template is an ideal answer for growing superb one-display websites that communicate volumes.

Business Theme exudes a businesslike enchantment. Combined with simplicity, the theme looks serious and authoritative yet intuitive. It skillfully balances text and visuals, giving every area. There are numerous regions where you can upload facts and one large space for displaying a photo, video, or animation.

Website Templates

Full-Screen Website Theme

Full-Screen Theme no longer includes something redundant. There is a photo of the historical past, a notably huge phase for showing an app, buttons, and headlines. A generous amount of free area brings content into the spotlight naturally, which certainly appeals to the target audience. It is honestly one of the first-class loose website templates to exhibit a future mobile application.

Subscription Webpage

Like the previous example, the Subscription Page has sufficient area to deal with content elegantly and look fresh and neat. The first element you see is a vital part in which the advent and sign-up forms are located. They are skillfully arranged. The navigation is neatly hidden behind a hamburger button, and the logotype takes its rightful vicinity in the middle of the top bar.

Slider-Based Website Template

The main gain of the Slider-Based Template is the total-display horizontal slider that lets you make an effect with a series of superb pics. It has a conventional shape with neat and subtle two-arrow navigation. In addition to the logotype, the foremost menu also holds a low profile to fit the ideology of the template.

Subscription Page

The subscription Page targets a broad market with an impartial layout and serene atmosphere. The consciousness of this amazing, unfastened static template is placed on an eye-catching sign-up shape. Tons of whitespace, a barely muted historical past, and a seamless top header also contribute.

Static Website Templates Available with Premium Subscription

If you need more than only a folder with HTML and CSS documents, search for a few greater functionality, a unique layout, and steady aid from the dev team. You want to remember internet site HTML templates available with a top-class subscription in Slides.

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