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Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Review

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is BitDefender’s new pinnacle-of-the-line safety product that leaves little to be preferred in phrases of functionality it gives. It combines all of the services of the organization’s Antivirus Plus and Internet Security products with the most effective additional capabilities.

If you’re already a Bitdefender consumer, you’re likely thinking about what the company provides in phrases of recent capabilities or upgrades of their 2013 lineup. We are going to study that element afterward within the article. Before that, shall we test the setup of the program first?


You download a small setup program from the Bitdefender internet site that downloads the final information from the web for the duration of the installation. The setup is easy and no-hassle, even for green users. If you need to, you can customize the area on the nearby power, enter proxy settings, or turn off application modules you are not interested in. If you are most effective using webmail, you may, for instance, need to turn off the antispam module.

The software runs on autopilot through default, making existence easier as you are not bombarded with dozens of protection prompts and signals immediately. If you want, you can turn off autopilot to manipulate each trouble and set it off manually. The principal software interface presents the four vital regions: antivirus, antispam, privateness, and firewall using the default, with Tune-up, Safebox, Update, Safego, and File Encryption available either with a click at the proper arrow or the slider. This is displayed below the listing.

You can rearrange the show by clicking the all-modules button in the interface. Here, you could regulate it so that the four application modules you are most interest in are displayed without scrolling. Most modules show an on and stale activate display, which you can use to turn them on or off absolutely or turn off some of their computerized capability. Here, it’s far as feasible to show off the automated scanning of files or the firewall. Often-used powers, like scanning or updating, are available immediately from that interface as nicely. Lastly, the settings are also a click away from the main interface.


The antivirus module is one of the central components of this system. In terms of capability, it has masses to offer. The auto scan characteristic, as an example, scans the system for threats while performance isn’t needed somewhere else. It also functions in real-time safety that scans documents. At the same time, you try to get admission to them, options to run numerous quick, complete, or custom scans, and a vulnerability module that checks for Windows and application updates or vulnerable user account passwords.

Scans are moderately fast even though that depends largely on the speed of the difficult force, the number of files and their sizes, and the PC performance in fashionable. A quick scan took much less than 2 mins to complete on a test gadget; a full gadget experiment was about 15 minutes, with the time estimate displaying 1 minute left for approximately five minutes.

The Vulnerability Scan is specifically useful as lacking updates and patches is one of the key reasons why Windows PCs get infected via malware. It tests for essential and non-obligatory Windows Updates that have not yet been hooked up, utility updates for crucial plugins and applications like Skype, Java, or internet browsers, and, in the end, vulnerable user account passwords. If something isn’t always right, it offers to fix the problem or install updates to remedy it. It should guide additional applications, although.

You may also need to test the firewall’s settings first, as many of its capabilities are disabled by default. This includes the intrusion detection gadget that protects against the setup of malware drivers, Internet Connection Sharing, and the tracking of Wi-Fi connections (also, this will be disabled because the system had no Wi-Fi adapter).

If you jog on autopilot, you do not worry much about the firewall. You are no longer aggravated via alerts while another one of your normal programs tries to connect to the Internet. Users who need greater control can configure the whole lot manually within the settings and with the help of activities. The paranoid mode can be exciting, which signals you whenever new packages try to set up a connection on the Internet.

As a long way as utility rules pass, there are lots that you may configure here. Test the screenshot beneath to see what you could configure while adding a new direction for an application to the firewall ruleset. Bitdefender Safepay is one of the core new features that Bitdefender included in Total Security 2013. It intends to make transactions and different vital operations on the Internet more cozy by running them in a browser separated from the relaxation of the environment.

That’s right. It protects from potential threats, e., G. Keyloggers. It is no longer so top because it’s displayed in separate surroundings where you can no longer access computer apps and applications. If you are using a password manager, for instance, you can’t employ it to check in on websites.

Safepay may be commenced manually or robotically in line with Bitdefender. Manually labored excellent throughout assessments. However, I could not get the automatic function to work irrespective of which browser I attempted and whether I explicitly introduced websites to the list of Safepay websites.

The program’s parental controls have been upgraded. They do require an account at Bitdefender to utilize them, although. You can both create a brand new account or sign up with Facebook or Google instead. From right here, you can reveal and configure many functions, together with the monitoring of Facebook and internet browsing is well known, and even smartphone calls if an app is installed on Android telephones.

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