Cyber improve: New running machine will improve Navy computing power

With support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Dr. Binoy Ravindran, an engineering professor at Virginia Tech, has designed a gadget that would revolutionize how the army and commercial computing systems carry out.

It’s called Popcorn Linux—an working system which can collect distinct programming languages into a single cyber tongue.
“By applying Popcorn Linux to longtime, legacy Navy and Marine Corps laptop systems, we are able to enhance software program with out requiring thousands of guy-hours to rewrite thousands and thousands of traces of code,” said Dr. Wen Masters, head of ONR’s C4ISR Department. “This may want to yield tremendous financial savings in renovation expenses.”
Crunching huge amounts of records for complicated applications like battlespace focus and artificial intelligence calls for extremely effective processing. Unfortunately, some of the processors capable of this talk their very own specialized software program programming languages—and need to be programmed to engage with every other.
To growth computing speed, microchip manufacturers in current years have located a couple of processing devices on character chips. Take the iPhone 7, as an example, which has 4 processors—two high-strength (consider a Ford Mustang) and two low-energy (consider a Toyota Prius)—to simultaneously dial cell phone numbers, open net pages, take a look at textual content messages and take pix and motion pictures.
That includes designating specialized “heterogeneous” processors to carry out precise tasks, like showing snap shots or web surfing. Each processor may be committed to one strong point, rather than divided among several functions, ensuing in a lot higher, faster overall performance.
“Before, each processor was like one handyman remodeling your entire lavatory,” said Dr. Sukarno Mertoguno, the ONR software officer sponsoring Ravindran’s studies. “Heterogeneous processors, by way of contrast, represent a real plumber installing the pipes and an actual painter painting the walls. Each processor has a uniqueness.”
But this specialization has troubles—a “language” barrier. Each processor has its personal set of instructions that simplest it understands. To address this, software builders must manually regulate code to determine which tasks need to run on which processors—a tedious process, as greater features and updates are brought regularly.



“This is particularly genuine for Navy and Marine Corps software structures,” stated Ravindran. “Many of these legacy structures were constructed in the Nineteen Seventies or earlier, have several security patches and tens of millions of strains of code, and constitute a huge investment of money and time. How can Navy developers revel in the advantages of next-generation heterogeneous processors without rewriting applications from scratch?”
Ravindran’s answer is Popcorn Linux, which can be used with any laptop or device, and serves as a translation device—taking everyday coding language and translating it into a couple of specialized software languages. From there, Popcorn Linux robotically figures out what pieces of the programming code are had to carry out particular obligations—and transfers those training “kernels” (the “popcorn” component) to the perfect function.

While Popcorn Linux continues to be an evidence-of-concept prototype created by way of Ravindran and his students, the system is about to enter a new section of improvement.
“In our lab and educational setting, we’ve got demonstrated that Popcorn Linux works nicely with appreciate to overall performance speed and power utilization,” said Ravindran. “Later this year, we’re going to work with industry companions to create a model of Popcorn Linux that may meet the strenuous business standards required through the Navy and Marine Corps.”
“We’re already listening to exceptional enthusiasm from industry for Popcorn Linux,” said Masters. “We look forward to seeing how Dr. Ravindran and his crew similarly develop this thrilling gadget.”

The Chakras – Understanding and Balancing the Major sixteen Chakras

A chakra system is an ancient gadget, acknowledged to many cultures for hundreds of years. Chakra (mentioned CHUK-ruh) way wheel or circle in Sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism, the centers are referred to as channel wheels. Taoist yoga is a complex area based totally on the control and stream of those essential energies visible as vortexes.

Chakras also are known as lotuses, which gives us a few idea of the nature of the chakras. The lotus with its outstanding plants blooming at the floor of the water, beneath the mild of the Sun (spirit), has its roots buried within the muddy darkness of the depths (the physical). Just like the lotus blossom, the chakras can be closed, in the bud, opening or blossoming, active or dormant.

The historical western alchemical tradition used the chakra system, with metals and planets being assigned to the chakras in a complex system of correspondences, which fashioned the premise of the alchemists’ quest for spiritual transformation. With the decline of alchemical arts, understanding of the chakras diminished also. Interest within the chakras re-emerged inside the west with the arrival of the Theosophy movement inside the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The chakra machine is an energetic records storage device, very just like a computer, which many healers feel or see. It is the spiritual interface between the physical body, via the frightened machine, our spirit frame & the holographic internet. The frightened device is our bodily interface, speaking with all aspects of the physical, giving data to & receiving from the chakras. The chakras function as transmitters of electricity from one degree to another, distributing qi or prana to the bodily body.

While there are numerous minor chakras in the frame & at our joints, it’s far recognized that there are 7 most important chakras between the groin and pinnacle of the head, with 2 others which are of predominant significance positioned about 18 inches above the pinnacle of the top, known as the Soul Star, the Earth Star, positioned about 18 inches beneath the feet. There are differences of opinion as to in which some of the minor chakras are. I work with & balance 16 major chakras, from the Earth Star all of the manners to the Monad: Divine connection, a number of which are not recognized with the aid of other healers or structures, making my recuperation work particular.

Personal revel in is an important a part of western acceptance for the whole lot, or, “I’ll trust it once I see it” syndrome, & limits humanity’s multi-sensory reviews. There are many reported incidences, however, where humans have had physical pain, inside the heart as an instance, without a physiological purpose observed, even after full-size scientific checking out. When those humans went directly to have a crystal healing & chakra stability, the healer discovered that their pain to be connected to a past existence damage & the ache resolved after the rebalance. Many healers consider that physical ailments have their root in mental & emotional imbalances & so that you can heal the physical frame one should also cope with the mental & emotional our bodies as well.