IOS: Mass Delete All Reminders in a List

Sometimes, you may need to recognize how to quickly delete all reminders in a list. We often use the app as a seize-concerned about matters we want to consider, whether or not it’s work-related, a new habit we’re constructing, or a group of chores that we want to do. That’s splendid and all, but what do you do about the one’s reminders once they’re executed? Here’s precisely what you need if you need to mass-delete a gaggle of reminders out of your iOS device. Do Savor

The Simplest Way to Delete All Reminders in a List
Within iOS, there’s a way to delete now not handiest the list, however also all of the reminders inside that listing. This works for belongings you’ve marked as completed, at the side of responsibilities which you haven’t tapped to reveal them as performed.

The first thing you need to do is release the Reminders app and navigate to the list you need to delete.

Deleting the Reminders in Your Old List
Now, faucet the Edit button within the pinnacle proper look of the app.

If you have got other lists in Reminders that you don’t want anymore, cross in advance and repeat that process with them.

Spring Cleaning Your Reminders Any Time of Year, From Anywhere
This doesn’t paintings simply on your iPhone, either. From your Mac, you could secondary click (proper click) the name of the list and select Delete. If you are running in iCloud.Com, you may go to a Reminders listing, click on Options, after which choose Delete.

When you delete a Reminders listing from one tool, that action will take area on every device logged into the same cloud account.

Apple iPhone Tips – five Plus One Tips For Better Use

When you got your new iPhone, you knew you can do lots with it. But how many of you’re absolutely taking advantage of all of the capabilities that your iPhone offers? Yes, you may make a phone name, serve on the web, watch a movie, and pay attention to tune with the touch of a button, but is that each one there may be to it?



Now humans, allow’s dig a bit deeper and allow’s get into some of the greater interesting things you could do together with your technological marvel. Following is a list of 10 guidelines plus one to getting the most from your iPhone’s capabilities. Some of these come from those features which can be marketed, and some of these are features that you may now not have regarded Let’s get started out.

1. Your iPhone may be used as a garage tool.

reminders-iphone-6s-plus-hero_1.jpg (1200×900)

That’s right, except simply the use of it to save your songs, you may definitely use your iPhone as a driving force. Now, you may do this directly out of the container, however, there may be software program available that lets in you to try this. The software runs for about $10 and your pc. The application is referred to as iPhone force. It is a small software from an agency referred to as Ecamm Network. What the software does is displays the free storage vicinity of an iPhone. The software is easy to apply basically it is drag and drop. It is important to observe that song documents and picture documents are not supported with this software. But it’s far high-quality for using mass statistics garage.

2. Rebooting your iPhone

Have you had the enjoy yet wherein your iPhone freezes? Essentially, your iPhone isn’t responding to some thing. Even when you try pushing the Home button your phone does not anything. What do you do? The primary tip, in this case, is to maintain the on off button for 60 seconds. Your iPhone will try and stop the ultimate software and free up the device. If that doesn’t work, attempting pressing and conserving both Home and On/Off; after about 10 seconds the Apple brand will seem. You need to be accurate to head from right here.

3. Free up area with the aid of disposing of formerly regarded videos.

It does not virtually depend whether you have an 8 GB or a 16 GB iPhone the bottom line is it takes about 1 GB of the garage to preserve one film. Now, that is lots of area for simply one piece of media. One of the neat things you may do with your iPhone is deleted videos after you’ve completed watching them. All you need to do is tap a button and the closing movie you just watched it’s going to disappear off of your iPhone. It is as simple as that.

After you and watching a film, the iPhone will ask if you want to loose up area with the aid of deleting it.

Four. Create a domestic page in Safari

On your computer or laptop, it is easy to set your homepage with your Safari browser. All you need to do is visit the settings. You visit the General tab in options and type in the URL which you want and that’s it. The problem is you can not do that together with your iPhone. There is, however, a work around. If you are the URL that you want to be your home web page on your bookmarks list then pass it to the top of your list you may simulate your property page. Now, this is technically no longer a home page preference, it does take a further faucet, but it nevertheless facilitates to streamline and make matters greener.

5. Use the Favorites and Recents listing for more than simply phone calls

Now, the favorites setting is a set of your maximum regularly referred to as telephone numbers, whilst the latest listing is a collection of folks who just known as or whose calls you’ve got neglected. Now, there is more to those functions. Assuming that the telephone numbers within the listing came from a cellular smartphone, you may actually use the feature to text message. Just tap the ahead arrow button subsequent to the contact call or phone number and then faucet the textual content message button at the bottom of the contact listing.

6. Save email messages as drafts

If you need to keep a message you’re operating on so you can come returned to it later, faucet Cancel. When you Cancel the iPhone will not automatically delete. It will ask you if you need to save, send, or cancel. Tap Save and the message is placed in your Drafts folder. If your account doesn’t presently have a Drafts folder, Mail will create one. Sometimes there’s a postpone in getting your drafts folder to show up. Just deliver your iPhone some extra seconds and the folder will pop up.