Signs of Frozen Pipes That You Should Not Ignore 

As the winters are here, there are some property maintenance concerns that you as a homeowner must be aware of. One of the major issues that you can face is a frozen water pipe. Frozen pipes not only create a lot of inconveniences and but also causes damage to your property.

Frozen pipes are dangerous as they can shut the access to water, and in the worst cases, they can burst. The pipes explode because of the water that freezes inside the pipe. Such situations can prove to be terrible and messy. You then had to expend a considerable amount of money to fix the issue.

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However, costly expenditures can be saved to a great extent if professional plumbing services are hired at the right time.

Now, let us look at what are the signs of frozen pipes.

  1. You hear unusual sounds – When you use the sink or flush the toilet, air that is unable to escape creates a bubbling noise. It can be an indication of a broken pipe and thus should be inspected at the earliest. Other noises that you should look for are banging, gurgling, whistling, or clanking. If the pipe is damaged or dented, then a portion of the pipe becomes smaller for water to pass and this leads to whistling sounds. Furthermore, if you hear a whistling sound suddenly, then get it checked immediately by the plumber. If not paid attention, increased water pressure on damaged pipes can cause the pipe to burst, thus intensifying the problem.
  2. You sense odd odors – One of the potential signs of a blocked pipe is a weird smell coming from toilets, drains or sinks. Experts suggest that any unpleasant odor in the kitchen or bathroom should not be ignored and should be checked by an expert as soon as possible. Paying attention to the problems when they are minor can save you from their major damages later.
  3. You have access to no or little water – If the water freezes inside supply pipes or in the faucet, then the water pressure is affected to a great extent. It can affect the amount of water you get, or it may stop entirely in one or more taps.
  4. You see damp drywall – Leaking pipes lead to damp drywall because of water seepage. It is a clear indicator that something is wrong and should not be ignored.
  5. There is wet or iced pipe – On inspecting exposed pipes such as those under the sink, you may notice that frost has accumulated on the exterior of the pipe. This also serves as a warning sign that your pipe is frozen.

Hire Plumbing Services At The Earliest 

Once you are sure about the frozen pipe, then act quickly to thaw the pipe. Contact the nearest plumber to inspect the issue and get it repaired immediately.


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